Thursday, May 28, 2015

COSMIC Initiation

This week of May 25, 2015 - June 2, 2015 is one of a Great COSMIC Initiation for The Temple of Humanity (Collective Consciousness), for those Beings who have ascended into The Temple of LOVE and for all other Beings within The Temple of Maya.

To discover how this COSMIC Initiation is activating your Self, look to your astrological chart in the houses holding the signs of Virgo and Pisces!  [NOTE:  If you require assistance with this, I invite you to schedule a Shamanic Astro-mapping reading with me.]

For me personally, I became aware of this Cosmic event as I realized  that at least TWO of my previous postings regarding experiences I have had on the Inner Planes were currently being grounded in this dimension (3D):

The first experience was that of Sacred Marriage that I shared back in February.  That initiation coincided with my Shamanic Priestess circle's ceremony for honoring our maternal lineage.  The initiation became fully grounded on this past May 17th, the New Moon in Taurus, when our Shamanic Priestess circle held our own personal Sacred Marriage ceremonies.  I felt like a new bride! It was an amazing feeling for me, which all new brides can attest to, particularly since I have not been married in this lifetime.  What an auspicious timing!

To fully understand how propitious this Sacred Marriage ceremony at the New Moon in Taurus was, I must take you back to the time of my arrival onto our beautiful planet, The Temple of Maya. Having arrived in January 1963, the two Great Gods (Sacred Masculine) of Uranus and Pluto were both in Virgo (The Goddess/Earth Mother) and were preparing to meet full-on, head-to-head, in 1965.  Thus, I emerged into The Temple of Maya carrying within me the energetic Cosmic Seed of Reactivating the Sacred Feminine within The Temple of Humanity.  Three years later (1968), Black Moon Lilith was in Taurus!  This was Her first sojourn into Taurus since the two Gods had poured forth their Sacred Masculine energy upon The Temple of Maya.  Here in Taurus, Lilith was now reminding The Temple of Humanity that It must reconnect and ground Itself within the Wisdom of The Temple of Maya and that It must open up Its Heart to a renewed Communion with The Temple of Maya.  And, so it is that my Shamanic Priestess Circle fulfilled this Intention set by Black Moon Lilith 47 years ago at this month's New Moon!

Since the time of The Watering of The Temple of Maya with the Sacred Masculine energies by the Gods, Uranus and Pluto, Black Moon Lilith has completed SIX cycles around our Galactic SUN in Her Mission to awaken The Temple of Humanity.  She is now in Virgo bringing about the re-emergence, Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine ~ Solar Feminine ~ Cosmic Feminine ~ Divine Feminine!

The second trans-personal experience of mine that is becoming fully grounded through this current COSMIC Initiation is that of Putting the Pieces of my Self Back Together Again.  As above, so below!  And ... vice-versa!  So, through my last post, I described the re-membering of my Instinctual Self.  Now, through our current Mercury retrograde, that re-membering is expanding into a re-visioning of my Priestess Self ~ Goddess Self ~ Sacred Feminine Self.

It all began for me on Monday, May 25, 2015.  At that time, our Moon (The Great Mother) was in Leo.  Over the course of this week, She has moved out of Leo, through Virgo, is now in Libra, and will continue Her trek through Scorpio, finally moving into 2° Sagittarius on June 2nd ~ the culmination point of this COSMIC Initiation.

As The Great Mother moved through Leo, She gave a nod to my new Bride-Groom, Inner Masculine, Mars.  Thank YOU for that blessing, Dear Mother!  Then, the party for me got started!!  The Great Mother moved through Virgo activating my progressed Ascendant which is conjunct the Royal Star Regulus (Long live the Queen!!!), my natal Uranus and Pluto (Remember that energetic Cosmic Seed of reactivating the Sacred Feminine within The Temple of Humanity which I carry within me???), my progressed and natal Ceres (Goddess of the Earth), transiting Black Moon Lilith (Renaissance of the Feminine in ALL Her Forms!),  my progressed and natal Juno (Queen of ALL Gods and Goddesses), and my progressed and natal Vesta (Goddess of Fire in the Hearth and the Womb ~ Kundalini ~ SHAKTI)!  The fireworks were popping all over the sky for me, and this was ONLY the beginning!!!

From here, The Great Mother moved into Libra to shine Her Light on my energetic taproot (IC) ~ my creative lineage ~ my Heart lineage  (right where the transiting North Node is making a PERFECT conjunction) ~ AND my natal Black Moon Lilith!  It is time for me to celebrate all of  the Shadow I have acknowledged and embraced for myself and The Temple of Humanity! It is time for me to celebrate my interconnectedness with all Beings as I move into WHOLENESS! It is definitely time for me to celebrate the abundance and manifestation of my Inner Goddess!

Now, as The Great Mother moves forward this weekend through the remaining portion of Libra and into Scorpio, She ~ together with my natal Arcturus Star ~ will infuse my Inner Goddess with the energy of my ancient homeland, and then She will activate my natal Neptune reflecting the depth of integrity I have brought to my Soul's Purpose ~ my Sacred/Creative Work.

Finally, the culmination of this COSMIC Initiation occurs for me on the Sagittarius Full Moon (June 2, 2015) when The Great Mother passes over the Cosmic Manifestor (transiting Saturn) to take Her Place right on top of the throne of my natal Venus (my Inner Feminine/Inner Goddess)!!!  I AM  The Wisdom Keeper for The Temple of Maya and The Way Shower for The Temple of Humanity.  I have arrived!!!

Allow me to remind you once more that The Temple of Humanity's Great Benefactress, Black Moon Lilith, is now in Virgo, right where all of Her work on behalf of The Temple of Maya and The Temple of Humanity began back in the 1960's.  During this Mercury retrograde, allow Her to remind you of Our Interconnectedness with ALL Life!  Thus, this COSMIC Initiation is for you AND The Temple of Humanity too!!

For The Temple of Humanity, I am aware of the following activators in the Collective Consciousness as The Great Mother has moved through Virgo, continues Her trek through Libra and Scorpio, and completes this COSMIC Initiation at the Sagittarius Full Moon:

  • Through Virgo, The Great Mother has reflected to us the deep commitment that transiting Black Moon Lilith has to The Temple of Humanity and The Temple of Maya for the re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine within the Collective Consciousness.  The Great Mother also triggered transiting Chiron and transiting Neptune (both in Pisces) to allow Them to pour forth into The Temple of Humanity an awareness of Its' Core/Sacred Wound that was created from the "every man for himself" attitude and the wanton use of our precious Earth Mother's resources as though They were unlimited and ripe for the taking.
    • The Great Mother has stirred within The Temple of Humanity those Beings who will become the Great Hero/Heroines(s) of our Aquarian age.  These Hero/Heroine(s) will be attuned to the Collective and the Universal needs of ALL Life, They will be in Service to the Sacred Masculine AND the Sacred Feminine.  They will HEAL The Temple of Maya!  This is the Sacred Gift that is being activated.
  • Through Libra, The Great Mother has reflected to us the deep intention from LIFE (transiting North Node) for The Temple of Humanity to mature into a Conscious Organism of Sacred Balance and Sacred Comm/Union within Itself and as a Child of The Temple of Maya.  The Great Mother also triggered transiting Uranus (in Aries) to reflect to us this Sacred Masculine's insistence that The Temple of Humanity MUST wake up NOW to Its' collective greed and ignorance of the destruction It has created and allowed within The Temple of Maya.  Together, our North Node and Sacred Masculine energy of Uranus are holding down the ends of the Relationship Axis.  The Temple of Humanity is being ardently shifted out of relationship with only Itself and for Itself into Right Relationship ~ Relationship with and for the Other.
  • And just before She shines in ALL Her Glory, The Great Mother will reflect to us the IMPERATIVE from LIFE!  NOW is the time for Right Action and Conscious Manifestation! The Temple of Humanity WILL manifest Truth and Integrity, and restore The Temple of Maya to Her former Glory!!
That is not all, Beloveds!

As if to Consciously Model for The Temple of Humanity the Empowerment of Sacred Balance and Sacred Comm/Union, The Great Father (our Galactic Sun) stands across the sky from The Great Mother's destination point, the Sagittarius Full Moon, over in Gemini.  Here, this weekend The Great Father will be passing by the Royal Star, Aldebaran, illuminating God's Eye for The Temple of Humanity, providing It an opportunity to embrace and balance both the energies of enlightenment AND anger/pride/revenge within each of us individually AND at the collective level. 

During this time of Mercury Retrograde, the embracing and balancing of these dual energies is a beautiful intention to declare and ground in order to fully seed this COSMIC Initiation within your Self.  Allow The Great Mother and The Great Father, through this Sagittarius Full Moon and illumination of Aldebaran, to reignite the Sacred Flame of the Cosmic Feminine within you.  Ground your reawakening of your Authentic Relationship with The Temple of Maya by celebrating Her in Nature under the stars of our Full Moon!

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