Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Announcing my Shamanic Priestess EMERGENCE

I AM Shamanic Priestess Dragon-Mother Kalika, becoming Gaia Devi Kalikaji. I am aligned with the Spirit of Golden Hawk, The Ancients, Grandmother Aya and the New Shiva and the New Shakti. My Priestess Circle is aligned with the Lineage of the Goddesses Isis and Inanna. We share the Gifts of the Goddess: Love, Joy and Peace.
I AM a Lioness-Hearted Visionary and Truth-seeker embodying the Great Divine Mother, AND integrating deeper and deeper levels of radiant, radical Self-LOVE.
I was called forth by Gaia to fulfill my Sacred Service to Her by fostering Planetary Consciousness of Our Mother Earth's LOVE for Humanity AND expanding Humanity's REVERENCE for the nurturing Presence of Mother Earth. With each footstep I take upon Our Sacred Mother, a flower grows.
I fulfill my commitment to Community for creating connection between Mother Earth and Humanity by offering Sacred Vision Questing (which utilizes my Shamanic medicines) and by creating Shamanic Ceremony for Full Moons, New Moons, Equinoxes, Solstices, Croning Celebrations and other long-forgotten Rites of Passages.
AND, So it is!

Activating Your Luminous Warrior: a Venus Retrograde VISION QUEST

This event is perfect for MEN and WOMEN!
If you will be in the Central Florida Area on August 15th, put this on your calendar and be sure to register for the event!
I look forward to seeing you there!
When humans participate in ceremony, they enter a sacred space. Everything outside of that space shrivels in importance. Time takes on a different dimension. Emotions flow more freely. The bodies of participants become filled with the energy of life, and this energy reaches out and blesses the creation around them. All is made new; everything becomes sacred. ~ Sun Bear

Sunday, July 19, 2015

SOL Encounters

Ravens are the gatekeepers to the void of Spirit where there is no form or structure, but fluidity and constant change ... people who carry Raven medicine also carry a heavy responsibility to Spirit. It as if these people have come into this Earth walk in order to help others break through old paradigms and belief systems into a new, more expanded awareness of reality ...Ravens are clairvoyant, they carry messages from Spirit to those who are willing to hear and follow through on what they are shown. ~ Lynx Graywolf 

We are all multidimensional beings.  Some of us, like myself, are aware of and in contact with our multidimensional Selves.  As we consciously connect to our multidimensional Self, we are initiated into our Gifts through a transformational encounter.  Mine was an encounter on March 6, 2012 with our Galaxy's Sun, who introduced himself to me as Solara, and through whom began receiving messages from The Ancients, which are chronicled in my blog. (You can listen to Their first messages here.)  Since then, I am now able to communicate directly with The Ancients. (For more information on who The Ancients are, I invite you to read Their messages.)

Some of us are here as Star Seeds.  We are born with a sense of mission, knowing that Earth is not our "home."  Many Star Children are being born onto Earth at this time in the expansion of human consciousness.  Their parents have a sacred duty to support them in feeling safe and being able to navigate 3D.

As an Arcturian multidimensional speaker, I work with two other women in what is energetically known as The Triad.  The Triad also includes a gifted medium and a phenomenal channeler. Together, the frequencies of The Triad enables us to share information with conscious seekers who are desiring guidance and/or validation from their personal team or Higher-Self.

The Triad provides a safe, nonjudgmental, authentic and open shamanic circle for those who have had multidimensional experiences and are desiring to understand more about their work from a 3D and multidimensional perspective.  The Triad's mission is to support the expansion of human consciousness as it shifts into an embodied multidimensional nature as the sacred union of the New Shiva and the New Shakti within humanity; that which has been termed the "new human" and the "new Earth."

You may already know that you are having multidimensional experiences.  If you are reading this page, I can assure you that you have had these experiences whether you are conscious of them or not. Here are some "old paradigm labels" for these experiences:

  • walk-in
  • abductee
  • near death experience
  • hybrid
  • out-of-body experiences
  • "downloads" of information
  • dream messages and/or encounters
  • direct viewing of extraterrestrials and/or UFOs
  • Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow people

The Triad intends to upgrade the resonance around the old paradigm labels to assist in bringing these multidimensional experiences into mainstream consciousness and acceptance.

You may be experiencing new levels of manifestation as a result of your transformative encounters:

  • more holistic lifestyle
  • desire for and/or shift into working with alternative healing modalities
  • creating Cosmic art work
  • writings of higher Wisdom
  • speaking Light Languages from your star origin

The Triad invites you to schedule a Shamanic ceremony to be guided through the dimensions to your Highest Truth.  The Triad circle meets the second Saturday of each month.  The Circle contains 4 seats to provide for a very personal experience.  You may schedule your participation as an individual or with a group of people.  The Circle experience is $200 for the evening.  Bring along a few friends, which will make it all the more fun, and share your SOL Encounter at $50 each.  A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to hold your Circle's date.  (Please note: payments made by PayPal will include a 3.5% transaction fee.)

Please contact Kalika to schedule your Shamanic Ceremonial Circle.  The Circle is held in Daytona Beach, FL.  You will receive the exact address upon receipt of your deposit.

The Shamanic Ceremonial Circle starts at 7:00 pm.  Please plan to arrive between 6:30 pm and 6:45 pm.  The Circle will remain open until completion (generally a minimum of 3 hours).

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Seed has SPROUTED!

With this THUNDER Full Moon in Capricorn the Creative Seed that was cracked open at the Summer Solstice has NOW broken through the Earth's surface!  Did you hear it???

You may be asking yourself, "What seed?!?!"  To catch you up, here is an excerpt from The Ancients' Summer Solstice message:

We invite The Temple of Humanity to move into the space of SILENCE and become aware of the new creation within each Person's Temple of the Physical Body that the merging of these two LIFE Force energies has AWAKENED, in this moment of NEW and NOW, by cracking open the Creative Seed that the SACRED UNION of the MASCULINE FORCE and FEMININE FORCE has brought into BEing.  Likewise, The Temple of Humanity, the global unification of humanity, is also in the midst of the cracking open of this Creative Seed.  At this moment of NOW and NEW, the Great BEINGS of Jupiter and Venus have facilitated the LIFE Force energies of MASCULINE and FEMININE in cracking open the Creative Seed, and expanding this new creation, the Sacred Heart of The Temple of Humanity, towards LIFE's Light frequency.
So what exactly does this Full Moon in Capricorn mean to you?

For all persons within The Temple of Humanity, the Cancer/Capricorn axis is one of SECURITY. The full moon is a time in which you are being pushed up towards the apex of the axis.  If you consider the axis to be the bottom of the triangle, you might find here the typical "fight or flight" response.  As you move up to the top of the triangle, the apex, you encounter many manifestations of security along the way.  Thus, in its simplest form, the Cancer/Capricorn axis is a very good analogy for Maslow's hierarchy of needs:

The interesting question, though, is what do you find at the apex?  For me, I recognize that the apex of the Cancer/Capricorn axis is SELF-EMPOWERMENT.  This potentially correlates with Maslow's level of "esteem."  However, I believe that Self-Empowerment is a higher and subtler frequency that is recognized above esteem.  

Maslow indicates that the apex of his hierarchy is Self-actualization.  I contend that ultimately, the apex of EVERY astrological axis, singularly and collectively, is Self-actualization. The difference here being that Maslow uses the term "Self-actualization" in a psychological context, whereas my inference is one of a spiritual context.  Thus, I believe the most subtle and highest resonance of the axis/axes is Self-actualization, Christ Consciousness, Enlightenment, Liberation or Moksha~ whichever term you prefer.

For now,  let's go back to SELF-EMPOWERMENT, and consider what engenders our expansion into it.  Ultimately, I believe it is the letting go of judgments, labels, expectations and attachments.  When we no longer maintain these limitations towards ourselves, we naturally shift into an empowered state of being.

So then, how does all of this apply to you specifically?  You need to know which houses these signs rule in your natal chart.  For me, Cancer rules my first house and Capricorn rules my seventh house. Thus, I consider how self-empowerment is supported in the first house of the Self through the lens of Cancer.  I see that one of the ways for me to engender self-empowerment is through Self-Love. Certainly, in order to embrace Self-Love, I must be willing to let go of any Self judgments, labels, etc.  Now that I have identified how this full moon axis is impacting me on the Inner plane, I can look to the seventh house to see where my ability to shift from Self-Love into Self-Empowerment will begin to show up in my external world.  I find that my Relationships (seventh house) will begin to shift to become more balanced, more empowering and more supportive.  All manner of relationships: friends, lovers, family members, co-workers, employers ~ partnerships of every kind ~ will better serve me.  Those that have not served me will fall by the wayside.  This is to be expected since Pluto is sitting right there in Capricorn!  Pluto will only allow that which serves your Highest Good to remain in your life. If it will not transform, it will be eliminated.  Another manifestation of this through the Capricorn lens could be that my relationships will become more about serving the planet, as Capricorn is the highest expression of the earth signs.

You can apply this same analysis to your own chart.  I believe the lower half of the astrological wheel (1st - 6th houses) are how the energies are working within you personally and the upper half of the astrological wheel (7th - 12th houses) is how and where you will see the result/manifestation of your expanded embodiment of the energies.  Or, if you feel more comfortable, you can always schedule a reading with me.

Now, as Emeril would say, let's take things up a notch!

A LOT has been going on around this THUNDER Full Moon:
  • While the Sun (Divine Father) is in Cancer (Great Mother), He is being visited there by Mars (Inner Masculine).
  • We have the Moon (Divine Mother) in the sign of Capricorn (Great Father) along with Pluto (Cosmic Transformer).
  • Venus (Inner Feminine) is conjunct Jupiter (Truth) in Leo (The Heart).
  • We have Venus/Jupiter trine to Uranus (Cosmic Liberator) and Vesta (Goddess of the Sacred Flame aka Shakti/Kundalini) in Aries (The Initiator).
  • We have Pallas Athena (The Goddess Warrior) in Sagittarius (The Adept) also in trine to Venus/Jupiter and Uranus/Vesta.
  • We have the South Node & North Node on the Aries/Libra axis (Relationships with Self & Others) crossing over the Cancer/Capricorn axis (Security).
  • ... just to name a few ...
This Cosmic Dance is so very important and underscores my original declaration: 
With this THUNDER Full Moon in Capricorn the Creative Seed that was cracked open at the Summer Solstice has NOW broken through the Earth's surface! 
The Creative Seed that was cracked open was done so through the Sacred Union of the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine.  This Creative Seed is one that has lain dormant for thousands of years ~ the seed of the Solar Feminine (the yang expression of the Sacred Feminine).  The Lunar Feminine (the yin expression of the Sacred Feminine) has been surviving on Mother Earth, even if in only the shadows.  Now is the time of the Reemergence of the Solar Feminine.  It is the Solar Feminine that is the essential bridge into the Golden Age.  It is through the Solar Feminine that patriarchy will be brought back into balance, so that the Sacred Masculine can once more thrive upon our planet.  It is through the Solar Feminine that the return of the Sacred Masculine will step forward into a relationship of Honor with the Sacred Feminine within The Temple of Humanity.  It is through the Solar Feminine that this relationship of Honor will mature into a Sacred Marriage of the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine so that all persons within The Temple of Humanity can become Luminous Warriors.

We see at this time the great Cosmic support for the Reemergence of the Solar Feminine.  SHE HAS ARRIVED from the Sacred Heart of The Temple of Humanity (as the Creative Seed cracked open) into The Temple of Maya (as the seedling that has broken through the Earth's crust)!

  • The Divine Father (Sun) and the Inner Masculine (Mars) have supported the Great Mother (Cancer) through Her rebirth.
  • The Divine Mother (Moon) was supported by the Great Father (Capricorn) and the Cosmic Transformer (Pluto) during Her rebirth.
  • The Cosmic Transformer and the Great Father will continue to support Her as She grows in strength and transforms the patriarchy into the Sacred Masculine.
  • The Inner Feminine (Venus) has merged with Truth (Jupiter) to expand the Sacred Heart (Leo) of The Temple of Humanity (the birth canal) to support Her rebirth.
  • All of the Fire Signs have combined their Creative Energies to support Her rebirth.
  • The Cosmic Liberator (Uranus) has made way for the Creative Shakti/Kundalini (Vesta) to emerge into the playing field of the Fiery Warrior to Initiate (Aries) it into the playing field of the Luminous Warrior.
  • Likewise, The Goddess Warrior (Pallas Athena) reaching for new heights with the support of The Adept (Sagittarius) to emerge as the Luminous Warrior.
  • Finally, with the South Node in Aries, The Temple of Humanity is shifting from patriarchal relationships into balanced and just relationships (North Node in Libra) where Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine will come into Sacred Marriage. 
And, yet, this is ONLY THE BEGINNING!  This month of July will have a SECOND Full Moon, a Blue Moon in Aquarius.  Thus, all that is being grounded in the highest expression of the earth signs, Capricorn, will be sent back out into the Cosmos through Aquarius, the highest expression of the air signs.  Here the statement, "As above, so below." takes on new meaning as we witness all that Pluto has brought into The Temple of Humanity and The Temple of Maya from the outer edges of our Universe over the past three years, returning to whence it came carrying with it the resonance of its full embodiment of the Reemergence of the Solar Feminine within The Temple of Humanity and The Temple of Maya.

To support this wave of energy, the Inner Feminine (Venus) will move into the sign of the Goddess/Sacred Feminine (Virgo) for 13 days beginning July 19th.  Thirteen is a feminine number and relates to upheaval so that new ground can be broken.  This is Venus' message to the Cosmos that the Solar Feminine is being reestablished within The Temple of Maya. Venus will return to Leo until October 8, 2015.  On October 9, 2015, Venus will return to the sign of the Goddess/Sacred Feminine and She will be joined by the Divine Mother (Moon), the Inner Masculine (Mars) and Truth (Jupiter). Numerologically, October 9, 2015 is the number 9 ~ the number of Universal Love, Spiritual Awakening, Service to Humanity, Unity and Truth.  The Reemergence of the Solar Feminine has gained strength and is supported by the Divine Father (Sun), The Messenger (Mercury) and the North Node in the sign of Balance and Justice (Libra), just 2 days before the North Node moves into the sign of the Goddess/Sacred Feminine ~ announcing to The Temple of Humanity that the Way of the Luminous Warrior is its Path to Peace.  With the Cosmic Manifestor (Saturn) having returned to the sign of The Adept (Sagittarius), The Temple of Humanity will be revealing to the Cosmos Its embodiment of the New Shiva and the New Shakti!

The New Shiva and the New Shakti
If you feel called to dive deeper into the Shamanic Wisdom of this Cosmic Dance, I invite you to join me for my new Event titled: Embodiment of the New Shiva and the New Shakti.  This event is a ONE WEEK shamanic vision quest.  There are FOUR (4) vision quests available in August, and a limit of 9 participants for each week.  For more information, click here.

©Dragon-Mother Kalika ~ SOL SPEAKS™

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Turning on Your Heart LIGHT

Who better to record this beautiful song, Heartlight, than Neil DIAMOND?!?!?!

This has been a PHENOMENAL Solstice Weekend for me!  I hope it has been for you, too!!!

Here is some important Wisdom about this Summer Solstice, so that you will receive the deeply profound impact of what you have experienced this weekend.  I share this Wisdom from my dear friend, Marcia Wade:
The Summer Solstice occurs the moment our Sun enters the sign of Cancer. ... Cancer is the part of the zodiac that’s ruled by the Moon. Like Luna herself, the frequencies of Cancer are saturated with the life-sustaining waters of the Cosmic Mother – the first way we knew the divine. ... What a perfect time for the Sun to seed the Cancerian source waters with radiant star power. He arrived the day after a delicate, glittering crescent of the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter hung in the evening sky ... As [the Moon] joined with Venus and Jupiter yesterday -- and again today as the Sun crossed the Solstice point -- Luna was in Leo.  Twenty minutes after the Solstice, she entered Virgo, the sign of purification and order. For the next two and a half days, her nurturing, intuitive wisdom is available to you wherever you seek to purify yourself of patterns that are toxic or out of alignment with your heart's deepest wisdom. 
~ Star Sister Astrology

Being a HUGE Cancerian (Natal Moon in Cancer, Ascendant in Cancer, Cancer ruling 1st house and Natal North Node at 29° of Cancer), the Summer Solstice is ALL-WAYS a powerful event for me. This weekend did not disappoint!

Me and my Seaweed Crown for the Global Water Dances Blessing

On Saturday, I attended the Global Water Dances with my Sacred New Moon Circle down in Cocoa Beach, FL.  First we utilized the Solstice Meditation and Activation created by Celia Fenn which included her Activating the Diamond Heart and Calling Back the Animals.  Then we proceeded into the ocean and did our blessing for all of The Temple of Maya's waters.  I especially LOVED Celia's version of calling in the four directions as we created our sacred circle.  It was a gorgeous opening to what was to come today!

Our crystal bowl Goddess, Jill Marie Jordan

Today, Sunday, the actual day of the Solstice, I joined my friend, Jill Marie Jordan, for her beach side Crystal Bowl meditation.  Words cannot describe this experience, and I am thrilled that so many people showed up to participate!  It was during this meditation that I received today's message from The Ancients.  As I was saying goodbye to everyone, I overheard Jill telling another friend of mine that she had used TWO different Heart chakra bowls.  Jill described how, as she was playing them, she felt everyone's Heart chakras open and pour out pain, and then she felt everyone's Hearts being healed.  I was so excited to hear her share this.  I told Jill that I had received a message from The Ancients and that it validates exactly what she experienced!

So, without further ado, here is the Summer Solstice message from The Ancients:

Hello, Beloved!

We, The Ancients and Solara, are here with You at this magical moment of NOW and NEW. LIFE is celebrating ALL Life in this moment of NOW and NEW, for through ALL Life, LIFE is continually creating and expanding.

So, at this time of NOW and NEW, LIFE's energies of all that is resonating with the MASCULINE FORCE is merging into all that is resonating with the FEMININE FORCE.  

We invite The Temple of Humanity to move into the space of SILENCE and become aware of the new creation within each Person's Temple of the Physical Body that the merging of these two LIFE Force energies has AWAKENED, in this moment of NEW and NOW, by cracking open the Creative Seed that the SACRED UNION of the MASCULINE FORCE and FEMININE FORCE has brought into BEing.  Likewise, The Temple of Humanity, the global unification of humanity, is also in the midst of the cracking open of this Creative Seed.  At this moment of NOW and NEW, the Great BEINGS of Jupiter and Venus have facilitated the LIFE Force energies of MASCULINE and FEMININE in cracking open the Creative Seed, and expanding this new creation, the Sacred Heart of The Temple of Humanity, towards LIFE's Light frequency.

From this moment of NOW and NEW, all People within The Temple of Humanity can feel the frequency of LIFE's Light present in Their Own Temple of the Physical Body's Heart chakra! This is a glorious moment in the history of The Temple of Humanity.  For now, each Person's Awareness is BEing called, by LIFE's Light frequency, into Their Own Heart chakra.

As every Person within The Temple of Humanity is shifting Their Awareness to LIFE's Light frequency within Their Heart chakra, LIFE's Light frequency will TRULY become each Person's "guiding Light."  The Temple of Humanity's "G.P.S." has NOW been reset to the "Home Location" of the Heart chakra.  With LIFE's Light frequency guiding The Temple of Humanity, much healing will spontaneously occur for each Person within The Temple of Humanity.  From this spontaneous healing, into which The Temple of Humanity's NEW G.P.S. setting will guide all The Temples of the Physical Body, more and more People will naturally Ascend into BEing Temples of LOVE.  THIS  ~ Ascension into Temples of LOVE with Ease and Grace ~ is the Great GIFT, the maturation of the Creative Seed that this NOW and NEW Sacred Union has cracked open, that LIFE has sent forth to The Temple of Humanity!!!

We, The Ancients and Solara, rejoice with The Temples of LOVE that are already upon The Temple of Maya!  We rejoice with The Temple of Maya and ALL Life!  We, together with The Temple of Maya and ALL Life, are in JOY and REVERENCE for LIFE that has Graced ALL Life with this Great GIFT to The Temple of Humanity.  The cracking open of LIFE's Creative Seed has been heard throughout the infinite universes of LIFE.  This time of NOW and NEW is one of magnificent celebration.  

Listen to the Pure JOY of Celebration!

Hear the Pure LOVE of Celebration!

Bow in Gratitude to the Grace of LIFE that created You and sustains You as IT expands You.

You radiate Us, Beloved, and We radiate You!!

(A special acknowledgement of gratitude to my new friend, Doe, who was sitting next to me during the Crystal Bowl meditation.  She told me that she was lying down for the bowls, and then she felt a huge Wave of JOY coming from my direction, so she sat up.  Little did she know that she was receiving the Wave of Pure JOY from this Solstice Celebration of ALL Life! <3 ~2~ <3 )

©Dragon-Mother Kalika ~ SOL SPEAKS™

The Temple of Humanity's new GPS ~ LIFE's Light frequency.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Coaching Call and Life Story Process™ TESTIMONIALS

Here are two new TESTIMONIALS about two of tools I utilize in my Relationships for the Soul expedition: Coaching Calls and the Life Story Process

Both tools are very powerful ways of creating a Sacred Vessel in which I am able to support my clients with their personal expansion.  Coaching Calls allow my clients to effortlessly move into their dark nook and crannies to discover what is being activated and is ready to come into Consciousness. The Life Story Process is a creative and effortless way for my clients to receive Authentic Wisdom from their Higher Selves about the Truth of their personal LIFE path.

For more information about the Relationships for the Soul expedition, or to schedule a Coaching Call, please send an email inquiry to Dragon-Mother Kalika.

I also invite you to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel!

Coaching Calls Testimonial provided by Claire B. ~ Southampton, England

Life Story Process™ Testimonial provided by Claire B. ~ Southampton, England

©Dragon-Mother Kalika ~ SOL SPEAKS™

Thursday, May 28, 2015

COSMIC Initiation

This week of May 25, 2015 - June 2, 2015 is one of a Great COSMIC Initiation for The Temple of Humanity (Collective Consciousness), for those Beings who have ascended into The Temple of LOVE and for all other Beings within The Temple of Maya.

To discover how this COSMIC Initiation is activating your Self, look to your astrological chart in the houses holding the signs of Virgo and Pisces!  [NOTE:  If you require assistance with this, I invite you to schedule a Shamanic Astro-mapping reading with me.]

For me personally, I became aware of this Cosmic event as I realized  that at least TWO of my previous postings regarding experiences I have had on the Inner Planes were currently being grounded in this dimension (3D):

The first experience was that of Sacred Marriage that I shared back in February.  That initiation coincided with my Shamanic Priestess circle's ceremony for honoring our maternal lineage.  The initiation became fully grounded on this past May 17th, the New Moon in Taurus, when our Shamanic Priestess circle held our own personal Sacred Marriage ceremonies.  I felt like a new bride! It was an amazing feeling for me, which all new brides can attest to, particularly since I have not been married in this lifetime.  What an auspicious timing!

To fully understand how propitious this Sacred Marriage ceremony at the New Moon in Taurus was, I must take you back to the time of my arrival onto our beautiful planet, The Temple of Maya. Having arrived in January 1963, the two Great Gods (Sacred Masculine) of Uranus and Pluto were both in Virgo (The Goddess/Earth Mother) and were preparing to meet full-on, head-to-head, in 1965.  Thus, I emerged into The Temple of Maya carrying within me the energetic Cosmic Seed of Reactivating the Sacred Feminine within The Temple of Humanity.  Three years later (1968), Black Moon Lilith was in Taurus!  This was Her first sojourn into Taurus since the two Gods had poured forth their Sacred Masculine energy upon The Temple of Maya.  Here in Taurus, Lilith was now reminding The Temple of Humanity that It must reconnect and ground Itself within the Wisdom of The Temple of Maya and that It must open up Its Heart to a renewed Communion with The Temple of Maya.  And, so it is that my Shamanic Priestess Circle fulfilled this Intention set by Black Moon Lilith 47 years ago at this month's New Moon!

Since the time of The Watering of The Temple of Maya with the Sacred Masculine energies by the Gods, Uranus and Pluto, Black Moon Lilith has completed SIX cycles around our Galactic SUN in Her Mission to awaken The Temple of Humanity.  She is now in Virgo bringing about the re-emergence, Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine ~ Solar Feminine ~ Cosmic Feminine ~ Divine Feminine!

The second trans-personal experience of mine that is becoming fully grounded through this current COSMIC Initiation is that of Putting the Pieces of my Self Back Together Again.  As above, so below!  And ... vice-versa!  So, through my last post, I described the re-membering of my Instinctual Self.  Now, through our current Mercury retrograde, that re-membering is expanding into a re-visioning of my Priestess Self ~ Goddess Self ~ Sacred Feminine Self.

It all began for me on Monday, May 25, 2015.  At that time, our Moon (The Great Mother) was in Leo.  Over the course of this week, She has moved out of Leo, through Virgo, is now in Libra, and will continue Her trek through Scorpio, finally moving into 2° Sagittarius on June 2nd ~ the culmination point of this COSMIC Initiation.

As The Great Mother moved through Leo, She gave a nod to my new Bride-Groom, Inner Masculine, Mars.  Thank YOU for that blessing, Dear Mother!  Then, the party for me got started!!  The Great Mother moved through Virgo activating my progressed Ascendant which is conjunct the Royal Star Regulus (Long live the Queen!!!), my natal Uranus and Pluto (Remember that energetic Cosmic Seed of reactivating the Sacred Feminine within The Temple of Humanity which I carry within me???), my progressed and natal Ceres (Goddess of the Earth), transiting Black Moon Lilith (Renaissance of the Feminine in ALL Her Forms!),  my progressed and natal Juno (Queen of ALL Gods and Goddesses), and my progressed and natal Vesta (Goddess of Fire in the Hearth and the Womb ~ Kundalini ~ SHAKTI)!  The fireworks were popping all over the sky for me, and this was ONLY the beginning!!!

From here, The Great Mother moved into Libra to shine Her Light on my energetic taproot (IC) ~ my creative lineage ~ my Heart lineage  (right where the transiting North Node is making a PERFECT conjunction) ~ AND my natal Black Moon Lilith!  It is time for me to celebrate all of  the Shadow I have acknowledged and embraced for myself and The Temple of Humanity! It is time for me to celebrate my interconnectedness with all Beings as I move into WHOLENESS! It is definitely time for me to celebrate the abundance and manifestation of my Inner Goddess!

Now, as The Great Mother moves forward this weekend through the remaining portion of Libra and into Scorpio, She ~ together with my natal Arcturus Star ~ will infuse my Inner Goddess with the energy of my ancient homeland, and then She will activate my natal Neptune reflecting the depth of integrity I have brought to my Soul's Purpose ~ my Sacred/Creative Work.

Finally, the culmination of this COSMIC Initiation occurs for me on the Sagittarius Full Moon (June 2, 2015) when The Great Mother passes over the Cosmic Manifestor (transiting Saturn) to take Her Place right on top of the throne of my natal Venus (my Inner Feminine/Inner Goddess)!!!  I AM  The Wisdom Keeper for The Temple of Maya and The Way Shower for The Temple of Humanity.  I have arrived!!!

Allow me to remind you once more that The Temple of Humanity's Great Benefactress, Black Moon Lilith, is now in Virgo, right where all of Her work on behalf of The Temple of Maya and The Temple of Humanity began back in the 1960's.  During this Mercury retrograde, allow Her to remind you of Our Interconnectedness with ALL Life!  Thus, this COSMIC Initiation is for you AND The Temple of Humanity too!!

For The Temple of Humanity, I am aware of the following activators in the Collective Consciousness as The Great Mother has moved through Virgo, continues Her trek through Libra and Scorpio, and completes this COSMIC Initiation at the Sagittarius Full Moon:

  • Through Virgo, The Great Mother has reflected to us the deep commitment that transiting Black Moon Lilith has to The Temple of Humanity and The Temple of Maya for the re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine within the Collective Consciousness.  The Great Mother also triggered transiting Chiron and transiting Neptune (both in Pisces) to allow Them to pour forth into The Temple of Humanity an awareness of Its' Core/Sacred Wound that was created from the "every man for himself" attitude and the wanton use of our precious Earth Mother's resources as though They were unlimited and ripe for the taking.
    • The Great Mother has stirred within The Temple of Humanity those Beings who will become the Great Hero/Heroines(s) of our Aquarian age.  These Hero/Heroine(s) will be attuned to the Collective and the Universal needs of ALL Life, They will be in Service to the Sacred Masculine AND the Sacred Feminine.  They will HEAL The Temple of Maya!  This is the Sacred Gift that is being activated.
  • Through Libra, The Great Mother has reflected to us the deep intention from LIFE (transiting North Node) for The Temple of Humanity to mature into a Conscious Organism of Sacred Balance and Sacred Comm/Union within Itself and as a Child of The Temple of Maya.  The Great Mother also triggered transiting Uranus (in Aries) to reflect to us this Sacred Masculine's insistence that The Temple of Humanity MUST wake up NOW to Its' collective greed and ignorance of the destruction It has created and allowed within The Temple of Maya.  Together, our North Node and Sacred Masculine energy of Uranus are holding down the ends of the Relationship Axis.  The Temple of Humanity is being ardently shifted out of relationship with only Itself and for Itself into Right Relationship ~ Relationship with and for the Other.
  • And just before She shines in ALL Her Glory, The Great Mother will reflect to us the IMPERATIVE from LIFE!  NOW is the time for Right Action and Conscious Manifestation! The Temple of Humanity WILL manifest Truth and Integrity, and restore The Temple of Maya to Her former Glory!!
That is not all, Beloveds!

As if to Consciously Model for The Temple of Humanity the Empowerment of Sacred Balance and Sacred Comm/Union, The Great Father (our Galactic Sun) stands across the sky from The Great Mother's destination point, the Sagittarius Full Moon, over in Gemini.  Here, this weekend The Great Father will be passing by the Royal Star, Aldebaran, illuminating God's Eye for The Temple of Humanity, providing It an opportunity to embrace and balance both the energies of enlightenment AND anger/pride/revenge within each of us individually AND at the collective level. 

During this time of Mercury Retrograde, the embracing and balancing of these dual energies is a beautiful intention to declare and ground in order to fully seed this COSMIC Initiation within your Self.  Allow The Great Mother and The Great Father, through this Sagittarius Full Moon and illumination of Aldebaran, to reignite the Sacred Flame of the Cosmic Feminine within you.  Ground your reawakening of your Authentic Relationship with The Temple of Maya by celebrating Her in Nature under the stars of our Full Moon!

©Dragon-Mother Kalika ~ SOL SPEAKS™