Saturday, November 14, 2015

I Declare WORLD Peace

The next 72 (9) hours are CRITICAL for Humanity and the Planet! As Sovereign Individuals we must protect our CIVIL RIGHTS NOW by standing STRONG and CENTERED in the frequency of LOVE.
We must act QUICKLY, so that the frequency of LOVE can dispel the growing fury and fallout from the ‪#‎ParisAttacks‬. WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER. MORE DEPLOYED TROOPS ON THE GROUND IS NOT THE ANSWER. We must prevent anger from being vented through this means.
The Paris attacks were only a trigger to allow world leaders to jump onto a GLOBAL bandwagon from which they can attempt to further restrict humanity by elevating and maintaining "security."
We must protect Syria from further attacks by sending LOVE to the UK so that they will not vote to bomb Syria. We must protect against no fly zones. The skies are OUR skies. The Babylonian Brotherhood has created the "Syrian refugee/migrant crisis" via destabilization policies of increased antagonistic pressure between ethnic and religious groups which have been implemented by NATO and Western countries in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. We must not allow the disinformation and demonization of Russia (Putin) to continue.
We must not allow the tightening of Europe through extremist nationalism. We must protect ourselves against the implementation of mandatory biometric ids ("mark of the beast") and the ending of freedom of movement.
We must not allow the Global Leaders to use the ‪#‎ParisAttracks‬ to distract us from letting go of and "forgetting about" Iraq War queries (Tony Blair and GW Bush) and ending unlawful surveillance.
Let us stand together UNITED IN LOVE to dispel the unrest amongst Humanity that has been created and exacerbated on our planet.
Thank you to geo-political analyst Patrick Henningsen for having the courage to call it all out! Thank you for standing in your Sovereignty.
This is the solution: ‪#‎SOLevolution‬ and ‪#‎love‬

Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday the 13th Paris Terrorist Attacks

Two Babylonian Brotherhood (BB/Cabal) symbols of masculine energy (phallus).
The GREAT Feminine arrived on our planet on 11/11.

Thus, the masculine and feminine energies can no longer be malevolently used by the BB.
The BB can no longer suppress the balanced (lunar & solar) high
er expression of the Sacred Feminine.
By focusing on these 2 masculine symbols and holding the frequency of LOVE, we can utilize them to resonate this HIGHER frequency across the planet!


As SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUALS it is our DUTY and our RESPONSIBILITY to shift from our Minds into our Hearts. Many believe that the opposite of Love is Hate. This is not so. The opposite of Love is Fear. DO NOT ALLOW your mind to succumb to fear! You MUST stay centered in your Heart and hold the frequency of LOVE! This is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for Humanity to reclaim SOVEREIGNTY!!

One of the advantages of taking back your Individual Sovereignty is that you can see the "big picture."
BIG PICTURE: The Babylonian Brotherhood (BB/Cabal) attacks one of its THREE major centers, Paris (the other 2 are London & Vatican), on FRIDAY the 13th in a last ditch effort to restore their fear-based monopoly and control on the planet.
PROBLEM: President Barack Obama condemned the series of deadly attacks across Paris Friday as an "attack on all of humanity." (BB script reading!)
  1. "It is horrifying," (French President Francois)Hollande said in a brief statement on television, adding that a cabinet meeting had been called. "A state of emergency will be declared," he said. 
  2. "The second measure will be the closure of national borders," he (Hollande) added. 
  3. A mandatory curfew was instituted in Paris, the first since 1944, according to the Associated Press.  (1-3 are more BB script reading)
  4. Global outcry for protection and security.
NATO will be deployed as a ONE WORLD military to "protect and secure humanity."
It is not at all surprising that after the unprecedented influx of Divine Light on November 11th, the BB/Cabal responds with these "horrifying" terrorist attacks. It is a part of the game! They have not yet reached check-mate.
This is the solution: #SOLevolution and #love

As a Sovereign Individual, have you asked yourself WHY the Paris attacks were made on Friday the 13th?

Most importantly, 13 is an extremely mystical number, therefore, important to the Babylonian Brotherhood (BB/Cabal). 

Is it coincidental that Princess Diana's car struck the 13th pillar in the tunnel of the Pont & Place de L'Alma in Paris where the Merovignians worshipped (& made sacrifices to) the Goddess Diana? NO. That was a "covert" sacrifice by the BB. We must remember, "As above, so below." Thus, the BB had to balance Princess Diana's covert sacrifice in Paris with an overt sacrifice.

It goes back even further.

On Friday, October 13, 1307, the Merovignian King of France, Phillip the Fair, along with his Avignon "pope," Clement V, had all of the Knights Templars in France arrested. Many knights were tortured and killed. Sounds like a terrorist attack!

The Merovignians established Paris which was one of the dual headquarters (along with London) of the Templars. Paris was also the location of the Templars main royal treasuries.

The Knights Templar is one of the 3 most significant secret societies, and the secret they held was the BB agenda.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Now, we know WHY the BB attacks were in Paris.

Notre Dame is one of the Knights Templar gothic churches, also on a site of BB Goddess Diana worship.

Hold it in your heart and immerse it in the frequency of LOVE, so that LOVE will resonate forth from its womb throughout Paris and the world.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Realignment of Spirit with Matter

Hello, Beloveds!

This posting is unique in that I have a message from The Ancients related to this month's New Moon and Full Moon as well as my own intuitive sharing about these two events.  I will begin with my intuitive "reading" as I believe it will provide a deeper understanding into the message that The Ancients are sharing with us.

The overall theme that I see between the New Moon in Scorpio (November 11, 2015) and the Full Moon in Taurus (November 25, 2015) is the Realignment of Spirit with Matter.  I was aware of this theme before receiving The Ancients' message, which They expand upon in more detail.

The theme of Realignment of Spirit with Matter is supported in a variety of ways upon which I will elaborate.  First, there is the New Moon on November 11th.  Many people are aware of the 11/11 (11:11) phenomena, and there are many interpretations of what this energy represents.  For me, this energy is the embodiment of the theme, Realignment of Spirit and Matter. Eleven (11) can be understood as the Sacred Union of the Masculine and Feminine energies. The representation of the number eleven as 11/11 and 11:11 clearly demonstrate a correlation between that which is ABOVE (Spirit) and that which is BELOW (Matter).  Thus the phrase, "As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul" - Hermes Trismegistus

The New Moon in Scorpio occurs on 11/11/2015.  This date is highly significant because its numerological value is three (3).  Likewise, the date of the Full Moon in Taurus, 11/25/2015, is as significant because its numerological value is six (6).  Here we have the two basic components of Nikola Tesla's quote:

If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.  

Similarly, the New Moon is Dark whereas the Full Moon is Illuminated (Light). We have the unmanifested (Spirit) becoming manifest (Matter), and with 3 + 6 = 9, we also have the unmanifested (Spirit) becoming manifest (Matter) through the "key to the Universe" (nine [9] being the number that is identified as God in all of our world religions).

Let's dig a little deeper into the theme of Realignment of Spirit with Matter.  Fittingly, the sign of Scorpio (New Moon) is a Water sign, representative of the deeply unconscious (dark).  The sign of Taurus (Full Moon) is an Earth sign, often representative of being stuck in a rut or mud, certainly an image of that which requires "realignment."  And, Scorpio and Taurus represent much more than these basics for the energies that are at play.

Scorpio is a sign that can be symbolized by Medusa.  (Now, it will get a bit more interesting!) Medusa was a beautiful virgin maiden who was a Priestess of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom.  Medusa was  literally "in service to Wisdom" in Athena's own temple, The Parthenon.  Horrifically, Medusa was raped by Poseidon, the God of the Sea (Scorpio's deep waters).  For me, this rape of Medusa was not pure carnal lust as it has been made out to be.  Poseidon was not satisfied with being the ruler of all oceans (emotions, unconsciousness - more Scorpio references).  He desperately desired to be ruler of the earthly (Taurus) realms too.  In fact, Poseidon was in competition with Athena in an effort to take over the patronage of Athens, the city named for Athena.  Their contest for Athens is legendary, and yet, I believe that the rape of Medusa is also related to this conflict.

Medusa the beautiful virgin maiden Priestess, who has been raped by Poseidon, goes to Athena for motherly comfort.  However, having no mother of her own, Athena has no such compassion or comfort to offer Medusa.  Instead, rather than blaming Poseidon for violating Medusa's innocence, Athena judges, blames and shames Medusa! (A theme that woman have been experiencing for thousands of years.)

It was not unusual for Athena to side with the male power structure.  Actually, it was quite common for Athena to support patriarchal principles over maternal matters.  In her rage, Athena turns Medusa into a monster with the body of a dragon and a head of snakes.  Medusa is banished to the marshes to suffer from the loss of her innocence and to fester in rage and bitterness over her plight, as those who once adored her for her beauty now feared her.  Medusa was betrayed by Poseidon AND by Athena.

In the Greek tradition, the Goddess of Love was Aphrodite.  Athena never felt Love.  She never fell in Love.  She never married.  She never knew first hand the matters of the Heart.  The Roman name for Aphrodite is Venus.  Venus, the Goddess of Love, is the Ruler of Taurus (Full Moon)!

So ~ here is our play of energies:

  • Spirit - Light - Consciousness - Love
  • Matter - Dark - Unconsciousness - Fear

And, we have the theme of Realigning:
  • Spirit and Matter
  • Light and Dark
  • Consciousness and Unconsciousness
  • Love and Fear

For Humanity, the New Moon (Dark) in Scorpio (Medusa) represents every person's loss of innocence (purity of Spirit).  Humanity has been struggling with the pain and sadness of this loss for eons. Humanity has been struggling with the fear, rage and bitterness that has resulted from keeping the pain and sadness of the loss of innocence in the Shadow ~ the Darkness of Unconsciousness.

The time has come for Humanity to resign Itself to, and thereby accept, this painful loss.  From this place of acceptance (no more resistance), Humanity can then let go of the fear, rage and bitterness. Letting go of fear, rage and bitterness allows Humanity to develop a sense of humility from this experience, and begin to move forward out of the dark, out of the Shadow, and into Light.  Humanity can move from Fear into Love.  It takes a tremendous amount of courage to be able to look deep into the Unconscious (Scorpio/New Moon).  We can do this directly through Self-introspection, and we can do this indirectly via Self-reflection (Lunar) through the people who come into our lives.

The value of this experience takes us from ignorance (darkness) to knowledge.  From Self-knowledge, we can gain Wisdom (Athena - Light).  The Truth of Wisdom sets us free.  When we are free, we become like children again (the Maiden Medusa).  We are renewed (Pluto - realigned), and are once more beautiful, innocent, trusting and unafraid.  There is no purer Source of Love (Venus - Spirit) on Earth (Taurus) than a child (Matter).

During our New Moon in Scorpio, the Moon (Dark Moon = Absent Mother) will be conjunct Mercury (Mind), sextile Pluto (Capricorn - Highest Expression of Matter) and trine Neptune (Pisces - Highest Expression of Spirit). It is through the Light of our Conscious Mind that we can reach deep into the darkness of our Unconscious Mind.  Pluto and Neptune are standing by each of us as Cosmic Powerhouses to bring in (Neptune) Pure Spirit (Pisces) and realign it (Pluto) within ourselves and the Planet (Capricorn).

During our Full Moon in Taurus (Illuminated Moon = Divine Mother), the Moon will be in a loose Grand EARTH Trine with Pluto (Capricorn) and Jupiter (Virgo).  Virgo is the Sign of the Goddess ruled by Mercury, who was supporting us at the New Moon.  The Goddess is a manifestation of the Sacred Feminine.  The Sacred Feminine is being fully grounded into Humanity and the Planet at this Full Moon.  Jupiter is standing sentry to ensure the most expansive reach of the Sacred Feminine within Humanity and upon the Planet.

The Full Moon in Taurus will also be in a semi-sextile aspect to Uranus (Aries).  This is HUGE!!!!

Over the years of 2012-2015,  there were SEVEN (7)  Pluto/Uranus squares that occurred to prepare Humanity and the Planet for this theme of Realignment of Spirit with Matter.  Pluto is, and has been, in Capricorn, the HIGHEST energetic expression of Earth (Matter) in our Sky.  Uranus is, and has been, in Aries, the sign of the Creative Spark (Shakti - Sacred Feminine) coming out of Unmanifested Source (Pisces - where Neptune was in support of the New Moon).

The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of War, also known as Ares by the Greeks, who is the sister of Pallas Athena, known as the Warrior Goddess (as well as the Goddess of Wisdom, as I shared).  Remember Athena???  She's the Goddess who judged, blamed and shamed Medusa!

With Pluto and Uranus' support during this month's New and Full Moons, it is quite evident that we continue, even NOW, to be influenced by Ares and Athena's Creative FIRE (Shakti) via Uranus and the Transformative (realigning) energies of Pluto. It is IMPERATIVE for the Realignment of Spirit and Matter to occur.  This is a necessary transition for the Reemergence of the Sacred Feminine. Pluto and Uranus signed onto this mission back in the early 1960's.  You can bet they will be with us for quite some time!  This IS happening!!

Now, from The Ancients:

Hello, Dear One!

We, The Ancients, are here with You.  Solara, too, is present.  

We all desire to share with You the role that Solara is playing within Your Galaxy at this time for the instream of Feminine energies, for which The Temple of Maya has long been awaiting arrival.

Solara is the catalyst for the anchoring of the Feminine energies that are pouring forth.  These Energies have been travelling for millenia from deep within the Source Point of LIFE.  Having finally made Their way to Your Galaxy through Its Galactic Center, the PURITY of these Feminine energies are magnetized by Solara to be merged with the ElectroMagnetic Frequencies that Solara generates.  The Union of the Solar energies with the PURE Feminine energies then reach forth to ALL Beings withing Your Cosmos.

It is only through Their Energetic Union that ALL Beings are able to Receive and Realign with the PURITY of the GREAT Feminine.  With this realignment, many GIFTS of the GREAT Feminine which have been lost through time are restored: INNOCENCE, TRUTH, BEAUTY, WISDOM, and most importantly, PURE LOVE.

The Return of the VIRGIN is culminated as Solara meets with Luna in coupling and as a stalwart sentinel.

From this SEEDING of VIRGINAL Embodiment, ALL Hearts in Every Being withing ALL Dimensions are CRACKED open to Receive the LIGHT of The Golden Ray.  This event is of critical importance to understand.  This means that FEAR, UNCONSCIOUSNESS and DARKNESS are NO LONGER Fully Polarized.  The Polarity Point has been tipped toward the Fullness of  LOVE, CONSCIOUSNESS and LIGHT.

NOW that this Polarity Point has been displaced, those beings who have been choosing to create from FEAR, UNCONSCIOUSNESS and DARKNESS have lost hold of the power they wielded. Truly, every Being which has been held in their merciless grip and subject to their dictates has been set free by the cracking ope of their Heart.  The weak link in the chain has been sundered by the FIRE of The Golden Ray.  All that continues to be created out of FEAR, UNCONSCIOUSNESS and DARKNESS from this moment forth will continue to be rendered ineffectual as the Polarity Point continues to move closer to the LIGHT.

Soon, the One Mind of The Temple of Humanity will become infused by the LIGHT of The Golden Ray as well.  There will be no Shadow left in which to hide.  Those beings who have been creating from FEAR, UNCONSCIOUSNESS and DARKNESS will be realigned with the LIGHT of The Golden Ray and will stand exposed within Its LIGHT.  They will be TRANSFORMED by their realignment, as will ALL Beings.

When the realignment is complete, ALL Beings will be FULLY Open-Hearted, FULLY Open-Minded, FULLY Free.

We are in celebration of LIFE!

We have known this time was soon upon The Temple of Maya and The Temple of Humanity.

We invite YOU to join Our celebration.

We resonate You, Dear One. And You resonate US!!

© SOL SPEAKS™ 2015

Monday, October 19, 2015

Fifth Day of Navaratri 2012

October 19, 2012
Navaratri Fifth Day

During meditation while listening to the Lalitha Ashtotram (by Craig Pruess and Ananda), I became aware that I was in the Presence of the Divine Mother, She was, in fact, in front of me.  Then, I realized that in front of me were MahaKali, MahaLaxsmi, and MahaSaraswati.  Almost immediately, I could see that we were sitting on a gold floor and we were surrounded by large columns that were encrusted with precious gem stones.  I noticed at first, that there were more Divine Mothers present, and they were sitting in front of me in a half-moon.  Then, I became aware that I was actually surrounded by Divine Mothers ~ in truth, 108 manifestations of the Divine Mother.  They were in a circle and I was in the middle of them.  Outside of Their circle was a ring of Violet Fire.  I was connected to each of them, Heart-to-Heart, by a golden beam of Light.  As I looked up, I could see that the Place we were in was very much like a Mosque, except that it seemed to have no ceiling to it.  The columns went up as far as one could imagine, and coming down from above was a bright White Light that entered through the top of my head, went down my spine, and out my root chakra.  As I looked below me, I could see the White Light extend from my root chakra down to the Earth, surrounding Her in a beautiful Light grid.  At this point, I noticed that I was wearing clothes made of emerald green silk with gold stitching.  My blonde hair was very long, and there was a piece of gold jewelry around my forehead with a sort of diamond shaped gold medallion resting on my forehead.  There were gold band rings on each of my toes, and rings on my fingers – not on my thumbs.  The rings on my fingers starting from my pinky fingers were gold bands with a large ruby, the ring fingers had gold bands with a large emerald, the middle fingers had a gold band with a large sapphire, and the pointer fingers had gold bands with large diamonds.  The size of the stones increased from the smallest being the rubies to the largest being the diamonds.  I found that I was now sitting in the middle of a large Lotus.  The Lotus was turning counter-clockwise so that I could see each of the Divine Mothers, and as I turned, my connection to each of them through the gold beam of Light remained intact.  Then, I saw that the White Light from above was now streaming down through each of the Divine Mothers, just as it was still doing through me, and the Light that was going through Their Root Chakras was also enveloping the Earth.  Next, all of the Divine Mothers were now also sitting in the middle of a large Lotus.  As I continued to turn counter-clockwise, They were all turning clockwise.  When this began, white and pink rose petals began to “rain” down on us.  Suddenly, I was aware that Sai Baba and Babaji were present.  As I noticed them, I realized that actually Shirdi Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Baba, Prema Sai Baba, Babaji and Muktananda were all present.  They each had long black hair down to Their waists and Their hair was all in dreadlocks.  The ring of Violet Flame that had been around all 108 Divine Mothers now enclosed around me and engulfed me.  As the Violet Flame was “burning” me, all my Babas were dancing around me in the same clockwise manner as the Divine Mothers were still turning on Their Lotuses.  In my Heart center, was a large ruby with a flame inside of it.  As the Violet Flame became more and more intense, the ruby became brighter and brighter in color, and the flame inside of the ruby became brighter and brighter.  I stood up inside the Violet Flame and began to dance.  Now, all of the 108 Divine Mothers began dancing too, and all of my Babas were still dancing around me.  Suddenly, because of the intensity of the flame within the ruby, the ruby shattered into pieces.  As the shattered pieces flew out, a piece of the ruby was embedded into the Heart of all my Babas and all of the 108 Divine Mothers.  Then, the flame that had been within the ruby turned into the Sun.  My Heart Chakra was now the Sun.  The Sun expanded, larger and larger, engulfing all of my Babas and all of the 108 Divine Mothers.  We were all within the expansive Sun together, One with it and each other, and still separate in consciousness.  At this point my body began to expand.  It expanded so large that it engulfed the Sun, which remained in my Heart Chakra, and all of my Babas and all of the 108 Divine Mothers were dancing within my body.  White light was pouring out from the tips of my fingers and toes.  My eyes were now the Fire.  Within me, I could feel growing from the base of my spine (actually in the yoni area) a LARGE Shivalingam.  As the Shivalingam grew up inside of me, it consumed every space inside of me, and I even felt a little like my throat was “choking.”  Instantaneously, my outer body dissolved into ash and fell to the base of the Shivalingam.  The Shivalingam was now glowing like a hot ember.  Then, out of the pile of ash that lay at the bottom of the glowing Shivalingam, my body began to emerge again.  As my body emerged from the ash, it was once again enveloping the Shivalingam so that it was inside of my body.  I realized that my body was now very different.  I no longer had white skin.  My skin was pitch black.  My hair was no longer blonde.  It was now also pitch black and it was in dreadlocks down to my waist.  My eyes were no longer Fire.  They were a deep blue almost black color.  At this point, I came out of the meditation and my body slumped over.  It was very very weak, and I could not will it to move.  I laid there in a daze as I listened to the end of the Lalitha Ashtotram.  When the Lalitha Ashtotram completed, it took a bit more time before I had the strength to sit up.  After I was able to sit up, I still felt very weak and the top of my head was vibrating.  As soon as I was able, I sat down to recall my experience and document it.
Did this really happen to me?  Is this a true experience or is my mind in delusion?  I feel it must be true because I feel no separation and I only have the desire to hear “Om Namah Shivaya.”  It must be true.  How else can I explain the experience of my physical body?

I am reminded that when my niece began to speak, her first word, before Mama or Dada, was Kika.  My sister and I thought she was trying to say my son’s name, Caleb.  One day when my son and I were visiting my sister, my niece was crying out, “Kika, Kika, Kika.”  We thought she was trying to get my son’s attention.  I turned to him and said, “Caleb, would you please answer her.”  My niece then responded, “Not Caleb. Eileen!!!”  That was the moment my sister and I realized that all this time my niece had been asking for ME.  Ever since then, for the past 18 years, I have been known as Kika in my family, and all children call me Kika.  I knew in the moment that my niece revealed that she was asking for me, that this name “Kika” was a name she had brought in from Spirit.  The name always felt incomplete to me, as if it was “baby-talk” for another name.  Now, I am feeling very aligned with the Spiritual name Kalika.  After what I have experienced today, I believe that is the name that my niece was trying to say, and how auspicious that it was her first word.  Also, how interesting that 18 years later, I should have this experience.

© SOL SPEAKS™ 2012

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Planting Golden Seeds of Consciousness

Hello, Dear One!

We are here with you, Now.  We are The Ancients.  We have much to share with The Temple of Humanity.  Our message is URGENT:

Each person within The Temple of Humanity MUST TAKE BACK their individual sovereignty!!

NOW is the time to understand that there can be no more divisions within The Temple of Humanity.  Each person MUST let go of all labels and all identifications with:

  • political parties
  • nation states
  • blood lines
  • races
  • religions
  • cultures
  • classes: economic and academic
This is the KEY to the Emergence of the Fifth World: UNITY IN DIVERSITY!

There will be no more revolutions!  Only EVOLUTION!!

What does it look like to take back your individual sovereignty????  You MUST monitor your thoughts.  You MUST continually ask yourself if your thoughts are even yours!  The frequencies of the brain's waves are VERY LOW.  (NOTE: The delta to beta waves range from 0.5 to 25 Hz.) Everything in LIFE is a frequency.  Your brain receives messages that are in resonance with its frequency.  Thus, the brain is able to pick up and decode any message that is being broadcast in this frequency range.  Your mind receives messages that are in resonance with its frequency. Mind is NOT brain!  A cluttered house is the sign of a cluttered mind.  Clean it up!  They say that "cleanliness is next to Godliness."  This is even more important in relation to your mind and the thoughts that are running through it.

The words you use to communicate with have frequencies. These frequencies are built upon energetic intentions that are transmitted through your emotional system.  The power of the spoken word has long been acknowledged through the writings of the ancient cultures that have lived within The Temple of Maya.  This is the power of sound.  The power of sound has been, and continues to be, used in music, in chanting and in mantra.  The ancient Solfeggio scale is made up of frequencies from 174 to 963 Hz.  These frequencies are significantly higher than those of the human brain!

Thus, another aspect of taking back your individual sovereignty is to CONSCIOUSLY choose the words you speak as you communicate.  This can be demonstrated through a common word: brotherhood.  This word, and many synonymous to it, have had their frequencies denigrated by the intent and use of them: fraternity, affiliation, alliance, clan, confederacy, league, society, and union are examples of how these words have been usurped in your culture through political tyranny and patriarchy.  A simple word such as "defend" can be upgraded in frequency by choosing words like "protect, preserve and safeguard."  As you speak these words aloud, you WILL FEEL the differences in their frequencies.

You must begin to check, and double-check, all of your belief systems.  The key word here is "systems."  Systems, like dogma, are NOT truth.  It is time to discover your OWN TRUTH which lies inside of you.  Belief systems and dogmas change.  TRUTH NEVER CHANGES!  As such, the time for teachers, spiritual leaders and gurus is past.  NO ONE can teach you that which lies inside of you.  When you hold the mystery to LIFE within you, who can give anything to you?! NO ONE has authority over you!  If you are giving your authority to another, you have relinquished your sovereignty!

Taking back your individual sovereignty will not just happen to you.  You must take action.  With each breath you breathe, you must be vigilant.  You must actively choose!  The nature of the mind is to be a problem solver.  You must give it a task, or it (and even another being) will give it one to do.  As it is said, "an idle mind is the devil's playground."  In this way, your mind is open to being controlled by those who seek to keep you from your own sovereignty.
  1. Monitor your thoughts.
  2. Consciously choose your words.
  3. Discover and eliminate your belief systems.
This is only the beginning!  Look at how you are spending your life.  In which areas can you "clean-up" and RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY???
  • Are you eating processed foods or natural foods?
    • Do you buy your food or grow your food?
  • Are you being bombarded by electromagnetic frequencies and subliminal messages?
    • Is your television always on when you are home?
    • Are your children constantly playing video games?
  • Are you sedentary or moving your body?
    • Do you drive when you can walk or ride a bike?
    • Are you going outside to commune with nature?
These are examples of ways in which you can begin to "clean-up" how you are spending your precious life as a part of your "game plan" to take back your SOVEREIGNTY!  If you are a slave to your thoughts, you are NOT free.  If you are a slave to your television, computer, cell phone and video games, you are NOT free.  If you are a slave to your home or your office, you are NOT FREE.

How much time is spent tending to a garden?  Weeds are pulled; plants are fertilized.  This is the SAME effort that must be spent tending to your mind and raising your frequency.  If your mind is cluttered with thoughts, your garden is full of weeds!  Pull the weeds!!  Allow the thoughts of LOVE and PEACE take root in your mind.  As they blossom into beautiful flowers, their beauty will raise your frequency!

Another method for raising your frequency is by working with the GOLDEN RAY.  You can utilize your mind to imagine a GOLDEN SPHERE of Light encircling The Temple of Your Physical Body (physical and non-physical bodies).  The Temple of Your Physical Body is like the border, the boundary, of your own personal nation state.  When The Temple of Your Physical Body is fully encircled by the GOLDEN SPHERE, imagine the GOLDEN RAY piercing the top of the GOLDEN SPHERE and travelling down through each one of your chakras, starting with the Crown chakra through the Root chakra, and piercing through the bottom of the GOLDEN SPHERE and continuing into the center of your planet, The Temple of Maya.  This GOLDEN RAY will nourish The Temple of Your Physical Body from LIFE and from The Temple of Maya.  Imagine the GOLDEN RAY filling up the GOLDEN SPHERE.  Every photon in every DNA of your cellular structure will receive (absorb) the Light of the GOLDEN RAY.  Likewise, every photon will emanate the Light of the GOLDEN RAY.  Through this process, all of the DNA in The Temple of Your Physical Body will return to the resonance of your Divine Blueprint, thereby raising your frequency.

Finally, We desire to clarify a few important subtleties at this time.  The ego communicates through mind.  The Self communicates through Consciousness.  The Self is of a higher frequency than ego.  Therefore, Consciousness is of a higher frequency than mind.  Thus, Consciousness can utilize Mind as a tool.  Mind CAN NOT utilize Consciousness! Through the use of Consciousness, Consciousness RAISES the frequency of Mind until Mind dissolves into Consciousness.  This is the Secret of SOVEREIGNTY.  

We thank you, Dear One.

We radiate You!  You radiate Us!!

© SOL SPEAKS™ 2015

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Re-Emergence of the Solar Feminine

On March 11, 2015, Mars met Uranus in the Heart of Aries, the sign that Mars rules. I am of the belief that this conjunction signaled a Cosmic Rebirth of Mars as the embodiment of the New Shiva. As such, I cautiously accept the traditional astrological interpretations of Mars' influence since He has moved forward through the Signs in our Heaven.

Now, the New Shiva has entered Virgo, the sign of the Goddess, on September 26th, just in time to be Present for the Full (Blood) Moon in Aries.   The Full (Blood) Moon and the New Shiva in Virgo are supporting the Re-Emergence of the Solar Feminine in anticipation of their upcoming Sacred Union on November 3, 2015 at 24° of Virgo. When Mars meets Jupiter in the Heart of Virgo on October 18th, together They will assist the Solar Feminine with Her "final push," arriving in all Her Expansive Glory on October 19th at 9° of Virgo.

REMEMBER: Tesla and Rodin have associated the Source Field with the numbers 3, 6 and 9 - 9 Being the number that is identified as God in all of our world religions.

Over the past two weeks, and for the next week, Mars' square to Saturn in Sagittarius, the manifestation of the Highest Truth, foretells the Cosmic Dance that is bringing about the Union of the New Shiva and the New Shakti (Divine Masculine / Divine Feminine & Inner Masculine / Inner Feminine).  There is no higher truth than Love.  The balanced union of these Masculine and Feminine energies are the highest manifested expression of Love.

While all of the transits mentioned above have been happening and will be occurring, Neptune has been holding vigil for The Solar Feminine and Her Divine Partner at 7° of Pisces.  Pisces is the sign of the Unmanifest, out of which all Creation comes forth.  Neptune is the Cosmic Dreamer that allows all that is dreamed to come forth from the Unmanifest and begin to take shape.  The Solar Feminine long ago (6,000 years) returned to the Unmanifest, and She is now being Dreamed onto Mother Earth once more by the Goddess.  Neptune is standing opposite of Mars and Jupiter, creating the tension necessary, to bring the Goddess's dream of the Re-Emergence of the Solar Feminine from the Unmanifest onto the Planet, both as an individual Self-Initiation and as a global Cosmic-Initiation.

Through this Cosmic Dance, there is the Gift of Shamanic Medicine present.  This Shamanic Medicine is showing up as Chiron, the Sacred Gift, in Pisces.  The Shamanic Medicine of Pisces is being able to merge with the Divine Self (Inner Masculine / Inner Feminine) without losing your own individuality.  The magic of this Medicine shows up when you allow yourself to surrender to Divine Consciousness (Consciousness of your Inner Masculine / Consciousness of your Inner Feminine) without losing yourself.

As above, so below. As with out, so within. 

© SOL SPEAKS™ 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015

Illuminating Your FEARS at the Autumn Equinox

On the very day that Mercury went Retrograde at 15° Libra, September 17, 2015, I submitted the following post to the Priestessing in the World FaceBook group:

I invite you to NAME your biggest fear and share it OUT LOUD and PROUD here, in the safety of this group.
I'll go first ...
My biggest fear is that I will get "in trouble" with those in "authority" for being mySelf, and I will be brutally punished, over and over again, until I am finally abandoned, disowned and ostracized for being ME.
I have recreated this pattern of FEAR throughout the 52 years of my life.
TODAY, I choose to step into my GREATNESS and, once and for all, LET GO of that fear. It is an illusion. It is NOW a bubble that has been POPPED!!! Why do you think that children LOVE to blow bubbles and see them pop?
I invite you to fearlessly jump off this cliff with me, so that we can free-fly together!!!

This posting came from my own very deep experience of reconnecting through my Heart with the Energetic Aspect of my Self that has been named "Patriarchy" in this world.  When Our connection was made, my Heart was flooded with SORROW.  I could barely contain the energy of the sorrow that was moving through my Heart.  I allowed myself to dive deep into the sorrow to discover the Gift waiting for me there.  I had never before realized how POLARIZED this Energetic Aspect has become.  In order for It to exist at all, means that It exists in ALL.  We EACH hold this frequency within us.

There has been so much increasing awareness of the resonance of Patriarchy.  And, awareness is different from Awakening.  It is NOW time to Awaken to Patriarchy.  The Rising of the Solar Feminine has first moved through the egoic-self and the mind.  This rising has brought the awareness. And, remembering that the function of the ego is to PROTECT and the function of the mind is to PROBLEM SOLVE, they have banded together to "SAVE" us from the Patriarchy.  This false belief is prevalent in many Priestess and Goddess Circles.  Their egos and minds have them so activated to "rail against" the Patriarchy, that they are unconscious about the fact that they are railing against themselves.

Rather than "unplugging" from the Patriarchy, which holds the frequency of SEPARATION, we must learn to DISARM the Patriarchy, so that It can remain Present with us while no longer wounding, controlling, manipulating and exploiting us.  Rather than burning and banishing the False Beliefs that come from Patriarchy, we must learn their Truths, and gently and compassionately reimagine those Beliefs.  By working with this Energetic Aspect of ourSELVES in this manner, we allow the Patriarchy to let go of being "on-guard."  We allow the Patriarchy to soften and become receptive to the Empowerment of the Feminine without feeling VULNERABLE to the Creative Power ~ the most powerful force of ALL ~ SHAKTI ~ of the Sacred Feminine.

This work begins by Illuminating our FEARS.  The Energetic Aspect of Patriarchy was born out of the FEAR of Shakti.  Our current Mercury Retrograde in Libra has heralded the beginning of this work!  Mercury, the planet of Cosmic Communication, ... (How does Shakti, the Solar Feminine, commune/communicate with Patriarchy to disarm It?) ... crossed just over the Heart of Libra, ruled by Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty, to activate the Heart of Libra/Venus, so that we could begin this Heart-centered, not brain/mind/ego-centered work of communion.

Mercury will journey all the way back to 0°55' of Libra where it will conjunct the North Node (Humanity's Cosmic GPS system) at 0°59' of Libra.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!  He is getting Humanity back on track!!!  

At the same time, Mercury will be in conjunction with the Goddess Vesta at the CRITICAL POINT of 29°00' of Virgo, the sign of the Goddess.  At 29°, the Goddess Consciousness, the Solar (fire) Feminine, MUST arise in Humanity's consciousness!  The Goddess Vesta is long associated with the Vestal Virgins, those beings (man and woman) who are fully Whole and Balanced within themselves. In Roman culture, the Vestal Virgins literally kept the fires burning.  Vesta is more recently associated with the home fire.  In older cultures, the community gathered in circles around the fire to connect and commune. In our culture, we see the community/family gathering around the kitchen to connect and commune. Where ever food is served, there is connection and nourishment!  In Libra, Mercury is facilitating Humanity in restoring balance between the Inner Masculine and the Inner Feminine, an expression of the external manifestation which will be seen in the New Paradigm on the New Earth of the renewed balance of the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine.

On October 10, 2015, Venus, the ruler of Libra, will move back into 0° of Virgo, the very place She began Her own retrograde on July 25, 2015!  Venus will be in a semi-sextile aspect to Mercury. They are holding hands and supporting each other!  Mercury will then go direct to begin journeying towards that point just past the Heart of Libra where He went retrograde.  He will reach 15° of Libra on October 25, 2015.  This is the day that Venus will reach the Heart of Virgo!  Venus and Her Beloved, Mars, will reach Sacred Union in Virgo on November 1, 2015 at 22° ~ the Master Number of Divine Partnership.

Are you READY to take this journey with Mercury, Venus and Mars???

If you hear your Heart crying out, "YES!!!," then you are already aware of the first step!  You must step above the Fears of your Ego and Mind and into the GREATNESS of the LOVE that you ARE in your own Heart!

I once more send forth my invitation!  I invite you to fearlessly jump into the abyss with me, so that we can free-fly together!!  Our Courage is in our HEARTS!  That is why the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz received a Heart.  The Lion and its courageous Heart is the symbol for the astrological sign LEO.  It is time to bring the FIRE of LEO into balance with the FIRE of Sagittarius, so that we can ALL soar to the Heights!

Some people have trouble identifying their fears.  Others are able to speak to them, and are unsure of where to start to rise above them.  I have been helping people since this Mercury retrograde with those very issues.  I have been doing it through my Gift of Shamanic Astro-mapping.

My usual rate for a 2-hour reading is $200.

In honor of Venus and Mercury coming together to hold each other's hand, I am offering a 1-hour reading on this specific topic of Illuminating your Fears for $30!  This rate is available through November 1, 2015.

I invite you to make this commitment to yourself at this Autumn Equinox.

The Autumn Equinox is a mysterious time. It marks an essential passage in the process of Enlightenment that is often overlooked, misunderstood and mistaken as dark and heretical.  It is the time of balance between day and night...This duality between light and dark exists within humanity, and in the work of spiritual transformation. ~ Mark H Pritchard
The light and the dark that is referred to above is the Sacred Masculine (Sun) and the Sacred Feminine (moon).  The time for balance within yourself, between your Inner Masculine and your Inner Feminine, and within Humanity is NOW, so that the Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine can become reunited in Sacred Union.  It is from this place of Sacred Union that Humanity is intended to move forward.

© SOL SPEAKS™ 2015