Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Re-Emergence of the Solar Feminine

On March 11, 2015, Mars met Uranus in the Heart of Aries, the sign that Mars rules. I am of the belief that this conjunction signaled a Cosmic Rebirth of Mars as the embodiment of the New Shiva. As such, I cautiously accept the traditional astrological interpretations of Mars' influence since He has moved forward through the Signs in our Heaven.

Now, the New Shiva has entered Virgo, the sign of the Goddess, on September 26th, just in time to be Present for the Full (Blood) Moon in Aries.   The Full (Blood) Moon and the New Shiva in Virgo are supporting the Re-Emergence of the Solar Feminine in anticipation of their upcoming Sacred Union on November 3, 2015 at 24° of Virgo. When Mars meets Jupiter in the Heart of Virgo on October 18th, together They will assist the Solar Feminine with Her "final push," arriving in all Her Expansive Glory on October 19th at 9° of Virgo.

REMEMBER: Tesla and Rodin have associated the Source Field with the numbers 3, 6 and 9 - 9 Being the number that is identified as God in all of our world religions.

Over the past two weeks, and for the next week, Mars' square to Saturn in Sagittarius, the manifestation of the Highest Truth, foretells the Cosmic Dance that is bringing about the Union of the New Shiva and the New Shakti (Divine Masculine / Divine Feminine & Inner Masculine / Inner Feminine).  There is no higher truth than Love.  The balanced union of these Masculine and Feminine energies are the highest manifested expression of Love.

While all of the transits mentioned above have been happening and will be occurring, Neptune has been holding vigil for The Solar Feminine and Her Divine Partner at 7° of Pisces.  Pisces is the sign of the Unmanifest, out of which all Creation comes forth.  Neptune is the Cosmic Dreamer that allows all that is dreamed to come forth from the Unmanifest and begin to take shape.  The Solar Feminine long ago (6,000 years) returned to the Unmanifest, and She is now being Dreamed onto Mother Earth once more by the Goddess.  Neptune is standing opposite of Mars and Jupiter, creating the tension necessary, to bring the Goddess's dream of the Re-Emergence of the Solar Feminine from the Unmanifest onto the Planet, both as an individual Self-Initiation and as a global Cosmic-Initiation.

Through this Cosmic Dance, there is the Gift of Shamanic Medicine present.  This Shamanic Medicine is showing up as Chiron, the Sacred Gift, in Pisces.  The Shamanic Medicine of Pisces is being able to merge with the Divine Self (Inner Masculine / Inner Feminine) without losing your own individuality.  The magic of this Medicine shows up when you allow yourself to surrender to Divine Consciousness (Consciousness of your Inner Masculine / Consciousness of your Inner Feminine) without losing yourself.

As above, so below. As with out, so within. 

© SOL SPEAKS™ 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015

Illuminating Your FEARS at the Autumn Equinox

On the very day that Mercury went Retrograde at 15° Libra, September 17, 2015, I submitted the following post to the Priestessing in the World FaceBook group:

I invite you to NAME your biggest fear and share it OUT LOUD and PROUD here, in the safety of this group.
I'll go first ...
My biggest fear is that I will get "in trouble" with those in "authority" for being mySelf, and I will be brutally punished, over and over again, until I am finally abandoned, disowned and ostracized for being ME.
I have recreated this pattern of FEAR throughout the 52 years of my life.
TODAY, I choose to step into my GREATNESS and, once and for all, LET GO of that fear. It is an illusion. It is NOW a bubble that has been POPPED!!! Why do you think that children LOVE to blow bubbles and see them pop?
I invite you to fearlessly jump off this cliff with me, so that we can free-fly together!!!

This posting came from my own very deep experience of reconnecting through my Heart with the Energetic Aspect of my Self that has been named "Patriarchy" in this world.  When Our connection was made, my Heart was flooded with SORROW.  I could barely contain the energy of the sorrow that was moving through my Heart.  I allowed myself to dive deep into the sorrow to discover the Gift waiting for me there.  I had never before realized how POLARIZED this Energetic Aspect has become.  In order for It to exist at all, means that It exists in ALL.  We EACH hold this frequency within us.

There has been so much increasing awareness of the resonance of Patriarchy.  And, awareness is different from Awakening.  It is NOW time to Awaken to Patriarchy.  The Rising of the Solar Feminine has first moved through the egoic-self and the mind.  This rising has brought the awareness. And, remembering that the function of the ego is to PROTECT and the function of the mind is to PROBLEM SOLVE, they have banded together to "SAVE" us from the Patriarchy.  This false belief is prevalent in many Priestess and Goddess Circles.  Their egos and minds have them so activated to "rail against" the Patriarchy, that they are unconscious about the fact that they are railing against themselves.

Rather than "unplugging" from the Patriarchy, which holds the frequency of SEPARATION, we must learn to DISARM the Patriarchy, so that It can remain Present with us while no longer wounding, controlling, manipulating and exploiting us.  Rather than burning and banishing the False Beliefs that come from Patriarchy, we must learn their Truths, and gently and compassionately reimagine those Beliefs.  By working with this Energetic Aspect of ourSELVES in this manner, we allow the Patriarchy to let go of being "on-guard."  We allow the Patriarchy to soften and become receptive to the Empowerment of the Feminine without feeling VULNERABLE to the Creative Power ~ the most powerful force of ALL ~ SHAKTI ~ of the Sacred Feminine.

This work begins by Illuminating our FEARS.  The Energetic Aspect of Patriarchy was born out of the FEAR of Shakti.  Our current Mercury Retrograde in Libra has heralded the beginning of this work!  Mercury, the planet of Cosmic Communication, ... (How does Shakti, the Solar Feminine, commune/communicate with Patriarchy to disarm It?) ... crossed just over the Heart of Libra, ruled by Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty, to activate the Heart of Libra/Venus, so that we could begin this Heart-centered, not brain/mind/ego-centered work of communion.

Mercury will journey all the way back to 0°55' of Libra where it will conjunct the North Node (Humanity's Cosmic GPS system) at 0°59' of Libra.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!  He is getting Humanity back on track!!!  

At the same time, Mercury will be in conjunction with the Goddess Vesta at the CRITICAL POINT of 29°00' of Virgo, the sign of the Goddess.  At 29°, the Goddess Consciousness, the Solar (fire) Feminine, MUST arise in Humanity's consciousness!  The Goddess Vesta is long associated with the Vestal Virgins, those beings (man and woman) who are fully Whole and Balanced within themselves. In Roman culture, the Vestal Virgins literally kept the fires burning.  Vesta is more recently associated with the home fire.  In older cultures, the community gathered in circles around the fire to connect and commune. In our culture, we see the community/family gathering around the kitchen to connect and commune. Where ever food is served, there is connection and nourishment!  In Libra, Mercury is facilitating Humanity in restoring balance between the Inner Masculine and the Inner Feminine, an expression of the external manifestation which will be seen in the New Paradigm on the New Earth of the renewed balance of the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine.

On October 10, 2015, Venus, the ruler of Libra, will move back into 0° of Virgo, the very place She began Her own retrograde on July 25, 2015!  Venus will be in a semi-sextile aspect to Mercury. They are holding hands and supporting each other!  Mercury will then go direct to begin journeying towards that point just past the Heart of Libra where He went retrograde.  He will reach 15° of Libra on October 25, 2015.  This is the day that Venus will reach the Heart of Virgo!  Venus and Her Beloved, Mars, will reach Sacred Union in Virgo on November 1, 2015 at 22° ~ the Master Number of Divine Partnership.

Are you READY to take this journey with Mercury, Venus and Mars???

If you hear your Heart crying out, "YES!!!," then you are already aware of the first step!  You must step above the Fears of your Ego and Mind and into the GREATNESS of the LOVE that you ARE in your own Heart!

I once more send forth my invitation!  I invite you to fearlessly jump into the abyss with me, so that we can free-fly together!!  Our Courage is in our HEARTS!  That is why the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz received a Heart.  The Lion and its courageous Heart is the symbol for the astrological sign LEO.  It is time to bring the FIRE of LEO into balance with the FIRE of Sagittarius, so that we can ALL soar to the Heights!

Some people have trouble identifying their fears.  Others are able to speak to them, and are unsure of where to start to rise above them.  I have been helping people since this Mercury retrograde with those very issues.  I have been doing it through my Gift of Shamanic Astro-mapping.

My usual rate for a 2-hour reading is $200.

In honor of Venus and Mercury coming together to hold each other's hand, I am offering a 1-hour reading on this specific topic of Illuminating your Fears for $30!  This rate is available through November 1, 2015.

I invite you to make this commitment to yourself at this Autumn Equinox.

The Autumn Equinox is a mysterious time. It marks an essential passage in the process of Enlightenment that is often overlooked, misunderstood and mistaken as dark and heretical.  It is the time of balance between day and night...This duality between light and dark exists within humanity, and in the work of spiritual transformation. ~ Mark H Pritchard
The light and the dark that is referred to above is the Sacred Masculine (Sun) and the Sacred Feminine (moon).  The time for balance within yourself, between your Inner Masculine and your Inner Feminine, and within Humanity is NOW, so that the Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine can become reunited in Sacred Union.  It is from this place of Sacred Union that Humanity is intended to move forward.

© SOL SPEAKS™ 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Initiator of Innocence Wisdom ~ Felicia Mareels

Here is a Skype Conference that I had with Felicia Mareels on September 3, 2015!

This is a discussion between myself and Felicia, an Initiator of Innocence Wisdom, about my passion for creating safety for Truth and the Priestessing in the World FaceBook group that I was inspired to create from that passion.

This is a brief introduction to Felicia:

I am an intuitive multi-modality, integrated, energy worker whose purpose is empowered transformation in the field of psycho/spiritually. I have founded with 30 years of research and practice a profession that is called an Initiator of Innocence Wisdom. This work is dedicated to reawaken and bring to consciousness the original human blueprint. I have created a program that forms a trusted foundation for trauma release and eliminates the co-dependencies that can develop with client/counselor. It is an Integral, evolving approach that provides skills and develops capacities for growth,healing, transformation and mastery of creative freedom through perception, choice and
intuitive intelligence.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2


© SOL SPEAKS™ 2015

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Priestessing in the World

Hello, Beloveds!

I invite you to a closed group on FaceBook that I have created, called Priestessing in the World.

I did not realize when I was inspired to create this group that it was only the first step towards a much larger and greater purpose. I have been processing, transforming, clarifying and refining the vision that is unfolding from my passion to create safety for Truth. Thus, the group's "Description" has been revised multiple times since its inception yesterday. I invite you to check-in with the group's new description to determine if you are in resonance with its currently defined purpose and intention. Meeting you in the LOVE frequency! Thank you.

Priestessing in the World:

My primary intention is to support the Re-Emergence of the Solar Feminine. The effect that I envision from this is a balance between the Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine within each person on the planet to create Sacred Unity.

My second intention is to create a safe space for people to share their authentic Truth. The effect that I envision from this is the grounding and expansion of compassion which enables us to connect as individuals from a place of trust.

My third intention is to hold a safe space of compassion for pain/trauma without speaking to the pain/trauma. The effect that I envision from this is initiating us into an awareness of our Greatness by discovering the “Golden Eggs” hidden in the experiences of contrast that are wounding to us.

My fourth intention is to contribute to Conscious Awareness through Conscious Language. The effect that I envision from this is that Conscious Language will raise and expand our frequencies of Conscious Awareness, expanded Conscious Awareness will align us with Integrity, alignment with Integrity will enable us to deconstruct systems steeped in Patriarchy, so that we can Consciously re-imagine and rebuild them from a foundation of Sacred Unity.

My final intention is to redefine “Spiritual Authority” and “Spiritual Leaders” as “Guardians” and “Wayshowers,” respectively, and to focus on supporting the Natural Rite of Passage of the Elders that are currently in the roles of Guardian and Wayshower for passing their wands/sticks onto the next generation. The effect that I envision from this is that Integrity and Wisdom will become re-established in the Psycho-spiritual and Transformational field.

If your intentions resonate with mine, I invite you to join the group!

Goddess Inanna

© SOL SPEAKS™ 2015