Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Activating Your Luminous Warrior: a Venus Retrograde VISION QUEST

This event is perfect for MEN and WOMEN!
If you will be in the Central Florida Area on August 15th, put this on your calendar and be sure to register for the event!
I look forward to seeing you there!
When humans participate in ceremony, they enter a sacred space. Everything outside of that space shrivels in importance. Time takes on a different dimension. Emotions flow more freely. The bodies of participants become filled with the energy of life, and this energy reaches out and blesses the creation around them. All is made new; everything becomes sacred. ~ Sun Bear

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Seed has SPROUTED!

With this THUNDER Full Moon in Capricorn the Creative Seed that was cracked open at the Summer Solstice has NOW broken through the Earth's surface!  Did you hear it???

You may be asking yourself, "What seed?!?!"  To catch you up, here is an excerpt from The Ancients' Summer Solstice message:

We invite The Temple of Humanity to move into the space of SILENCE and become aware of the new creation within each Person's Temple of the Physical Body that the merging of these two LIFE Force energies has AWAKENED, in this moment of NEW and NOW, by cracking open the Creative Seed that the SACRED UNION of the MASCULINE FORCE and FEMININE FORCE has brought into BEing.  Likewise, The Temple of Humanity, the global unification of humanity, is also in the midst of the cracking open of this Creative Seed.  At this moment of NOW and NEW, the Great BEINGS of Jupiter and Venus have facilitated the LIFE Force energies of MASCULINE and FEMININE in cracking open the Creative Seed, and expanding this new creation, the Sacred Heart of The Temple of Humanity, towards LIFE's Light frequency.
So what exactly does this Full Moon in Capricorn mean to you?

For all persons within The Temple of Humanity, the Cancer/Capricorn axis is one of SECURITY. The full moon is a time in which you are being pushed up towards the apex of the axis.  If you consider the axis to be the bottom of the triangle, you might find here the typical "fight or flight" response.  As you move up to the top of the triangle, the apex, you encounter many manifestations of security along the way.  Thus, in its simplest form, the Cancer/Capricorn axis is a very good analogy for Maslow's hierarchy of needs:

The interesting question, though, is what do you find at the apex?  For me, I recognize that the apex of the Cancer/Capricorn axis is SELF-EMPOWERMENT.  This potentially correlates with Maslow's level of "esteem."  However, I believe that Self-Empowerment is a higher and subtler frequency that is recognized above esteem.  

Maslow indicates that the apex of his hierarchy is Self-actualization.  I contend that ultimately, the apex of EVERY astrological axis, singularly and collectively, is Self-actualization. The difference here being that Maslow uses the term "Self-actualization" in a psychological context, whereas my inference is one of a spiritual context.  Thus, I believe the most subtle and highest resonance of the axis/axes is Self-actualization, Christ Consciousness, Enlightenment, Liberation or Moksha~ whichever term you prefer.

For now,  let's go back to SELF-EMPOWERMENT, and consider what engenders our expansion into it.  Ultimately, I believe it is the letting go of judgments, labels, expectations and attachments.  When we no longer maintain these limitations towards ourselves, we naturally shift into an empowered state of being.

So then, how does all of this apply to you specifically?  You need to know which houses these signs rule in your natal chart.  For me, Cancer rules my first house and Capricorn rules my seventh house. Thus, I consider how self-empowerment is supported in the first house of the Self through the lens of Cancer.  I see that one of the ways for me to engender self-empowerment is through Self-Love. Certainly, in order to embrace Self-Love, I must be willing to let go of any Self judgments, labels, etc.  Now that I have identified how this full moon axis is impacting me on the Inner plane, I can look to the seventh house to see where my ability to shift from Self-Love into Self-Empowerment will begin to show up in my external world.  I find that my Relationships (seventh house) will begin to shift to become more balanced, more empowering and more supportive.  All manner of relationships: friends, lovers, family members, co-workers, employers ~ partnerships of every kind ~ will better serve me.  Those that have not served me will fall by the wayside.  This is to be expected since Pluto is sitting right there in Capricorn!  Pluto will only allow that which serves your Highest Good to remain in your life. If it will not transform, it will be eliminated.  Another manifestation of this through the Capricorn lens could be that my relationships will become more about serving the planet, as Capricorn is the highest expression of the earth signs.

You can apply this same analysis to your own chart.  I believe the lower half of the astrological wheel (1st - 6th houses) are how the energies are working within you personally and the upper half of the astrological wheel (7th - 12th houses) is how and where you will see the result/manifestation of your expanded embodiment of the energies.  Or, if you feel more comfortable, you can always schedule a reading with me.

Now, as Emeril would say, let's take things up a notch!

A LOT has been going on around this THUNDER Full Moon:
  • While the Sun (Divine Father) is in Cancer (Great Mother), He is being visited there by Mars (Inner Masculine).
  • We have the Moon (Divine Mother) in the sign of Capricorn (Great Father) along with Pluto (Cosmic Transformer).
  • Venus (Inner Feminine) is conjunct Jupiter (Truth) in Leo (The Heart).
  • We have Venus/Jupiter trine to Uranus (Cosmic Liberator) and Vesta (Goddess of the Sacred Flame aka Shakti/Kundalini) in Aries (The Initiator).
  • We have Pallas Athena (The Goddess Warrior) in Sagittarius (The Adept) also in trine to Venus/Jupiter and Uranus/Vesta.
  • We have the South Node & North Node on the Aries/Libra axis (Relationships with Self & Others) crossing over the Cancer/Capricorn axis (Security).
  • ... just to name a few ...
This Cosmic Dance is so very important and underscores my original declaration: 
With this THUNDER Full Moon in Capricorn the Creative Seed that was cracked open at the Summer Solstice has NOW broken through the Earth's surface! 
The Creative Seed that was cracked open was done so through the Sacred Union of the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine.  This Creative Seed is one that has lain dormant for thousands of years ~ the seed of the Solar Feminine (the yang expression of the Sacred Feminine).  The Lunar Feminine (the yin expression of the Sacred Feminine) has been surviving on Mother Earth, even if in only the shadows.  Now is the time of the Reemergence of the Solar Feminine.  It is the Solar Feminine that is the essential bridge into the Golden Age.  It is through the Solar Feminine that patriarchy will be brought back into balance, so that the Sacred Masculine can once more thrive upon our planet.  It is through the Solar Feminine that the return of the Sacred Masculine will step forward into a relationship of Honor with the Sacred Feminine within The Temple of Humanity.  It is through the Solar Feminine that this relationship of Honor will mature into a Sacred Marriage of the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine so that all persons within The Temple of Humanity can become Luminous Warriors.

We see at this time the great Cosmic support for the Reemergence of the Solar Feminine.  SHE HAS ARRIVED from the Sacred Heart of The Temple of Humanity (as the Creative Seed cracked open) into The Temple of Maya (as the seedling that has broken through the Earth's crust)!

  • The Divine Father (Sun) and the Inner Masculine (Mars) have supported the Great Mother (Cancer) through Her rebirth.
  • The Divine Mother (Moon) was supported by the Great Father (Capricorn) and the Cosmic Transformer (Pluto) during Her rebirth.
  • The Cosmic Transformer and the Great Father will continue to support Her as She grows in strength and transforms the patriarchy into the Sacred Masculine.
  • The Inner Feminine (Venus) has merged with Truth (Jupiter) to expand the Sacred Heart (Leo) of The Temple of Humanity (the birth canal) to support Her rebirth.
  • All of the Fire Signs have combined their Creative Energies to support Her rebirth.
  • The Cosmic Liberator (Uranus) has made way for the Creative Shakti/Kundalini (Vesta) to emerge into the playing field of the Fiery Warrior to Initiate (Aries) it into the playing field of the Luminous Warrior.
  • Likewise, The Goddess Warrior (Pallas Athena) reaching for new heights with the support of The Adept (Sagittarius) to emerge as the Luminous Warrior.
  • Finally, with the South Node in Aries, The Temple of Humanity is shifting from patriarchal relationships into balanced and just relationships (North Node in Libra) where Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine will come into Sacred Marriage. 
And, yet, this is ONLY THE BEGINNING!  This month of July will have a SECOND Full Moon, a Blue Moon in Aquarius.  Thus, all that is being grounded in the highest expression of the earth signs, Capricorn, will be sent back out into the Cosmos through Aquarius, the highest expression of the air signs.  Here the statement, "As above, so below." takes on new meaning as we witness all that Pluto has brought into The Temple of Humanity and The Temple of Maya from the outer edges of our Universe over the past three years, returning to whence it came carrying with it the resonance of its full embodiment of the Reemergence of the Solar Feminine within The Temple of Humanity and The Temple of Maya.

To support this wave of energy, the Inner Feminine (Venus) will move into the sign of the Goddess/Sacred Feminine (Virgo) for 13 days beginning July 19th.  Thirteen is a feminine number and relates to upheaval so that new ground can be broken.  This is Venus' message to the Cosmos that the Solar Feminine is being reestablished within The Temple of Maya. Venus will return to Leo until October 8, 2015.  On October 9, 2015, Venus will return to the sign of the Goddess/Sacred Feminine and She will be joined by the Divine Mother (Moon), the Inner Masculine (Mars) and Truth (Jupiter). Numerologically, October 9, 2015 is the number 9 ~ the number of Universal Love, Spiritual Awakening, Service to Humanity, Unity and Truth.  The Reemergence of the Solar Feminine has gained strength and is supported by the Divine Father (Sun), The Messenger (Mercury) and the North Node in the sign of Balance and Justice (Libra), just 2 days before the North Node moves into the sign of the Goddess/Sacred Feminine ~ announcing to The Temple of Humanity that the Way of the Luminous Warrior is its Path to Peace.  With the Cosmic Manifestor (Saturn) having returned to the sign of The Adept (Sagittarius), The Temple of Humanity will be revealing to the Cosmos Its embodiment of the New Shiva and the New Shakti!

The New Shiva and the New Shakti
If you feel called to dive deeper into the Shamanic Wisdom of this Cosmic Dance, I invite you to join me for my new Event titled: Embodiment of the New Shiva and the New Shakti.  This event is a ONE WEEK shamanic vision quest.  There are FOUR (4) vision quests available in August, and a limit of 9 participants for each week.  For more information, click here.

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