Monday, July 28, 2014

Leo New Moon Initiation

25 JULY 2014: Sacred New Moon Circle ~ Cocoa Beach, FL
(Journey lead by Shaman, Mary Ruggerio)

With our eyes closed, we listened to the beat of the drum, a heartbeat.  I began to feel the rhythm of the drum in my Heart center.  As I moved into my Heart center, I saw a flame.  Soon, the flame became a fire, and I could see myself in my Heart center dancing around the fire.  As I observed myself dancing around the fire, we moved out of my Heart space and into the center of a clearing in a forest.  The clearing was round and surrounded by the forest.  I was aware that I was barefooted and that I was wearing leather arm bands that attached over my middle fingers and wrapped around my forearms with fringe hanging down from my arm bands.  As I danced around the fire, I had my arms straight out to both sides.  I was aware that there were eyes in the forest watching me.  Black bear approached me from the North.  Grizzly bear approached me from the East.  Polar bear approached me from the South.  Panda bear approached me from the West.  Black bear gifted me a bear claw.  Grizzly bear gifted me a bear tooth.  Polar bear gifted me a bear tail.  Panda bear gifted me a bear pelt.  I continued dancing around the fire with my arms straight out, similar to an airplane motion.  The fire grew higher and higher.  As the fire was growing higher and higher, Eagle came to me and landed on my left forearm, and Golden Hawk came to me and landed on my right forearm.  I continued to dance around the fire with Eagle and Golden Hawk on my forearms, and the fire grew higher and higher.  After awhile, the fire started to go down again.  As the fire came down, I was aware that the entire perimeter of the clearing had lit torches, and all of the animals from the forest had joined the circle with the bears.  The fire settled into burning embers, and smoke began to rise from the embers.  In the smoke, an Elder woman appeared.  At first I thought it might be the Spirit of Mother Earth, and then I knew it was not.  The Elder woman said to me, “Now, it is your turn to take the responsibility for Her (meaning Mother Earth).  Take good care of Her and protect Her.”  As the Elder woman dissipated, Eagle and Golden Hawk flew away, each leaving me one of their feathers.  All of a sudden, the rain came.  I was soaking wet, and the ground beneath my feet became mud.  I picked up the mud and rubbed it all over my body.  By the time I was covered in mud, all of the animals had returned to the forest.  I lay down on the ground and allowed the rain to wash all of the mud off of me.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sacred Service

As Lizard and Dragonfly welcome me to this physical location, I bow to each of You with LOVE and JOY and thank You (ALL Life) for Being Present with me in my Eternal Circle.

Hello, Dear One!
We, The Ancients, are Present with You.  You radiate Us, and We radiate You.

You are fully in alignment with Our Intention of the Blessings that are to be made on The Temple of Maya.  We thank You for Being in deep devotion to The Temple of Maya and Her Children, The Temple of Humanity and The Temple of Nature.  Thank You, Dear One, for expanding Your Heart to be in Resonance with Us, The Ancients, and for expanding Your Heart to fully embrace The Temple of Maya and Her Children.

NOW, Our True and Sacred Work of Blessing The Temple of Maya and Her Children AND planting the Seed of LIFE Wisdom within The Temple of Maya and within Her Children is Being made fully manifest.  As We work through You, Dear One, from Our physical dimension, Those of Us who are still Embodied through Dolphin in Your physical dimension are simultaneously working through You.  These Blessings are Being made and these Seeds are Being planted through You, NOW and continuously, with Ease and Grace, by US as Your Physical Temple moves from location to location on The Temple of Maya.

All Beings in The Temple of Humanity who have committed to this Sacred Service will also be Present in each physical locality on The Temple of Maya in the perfect place and time of the Eternal NOW.  Be prepared, Dear Ones, to have the One time of Your physical Lifestreams’ time of Being as a FULL manifestation of Fun and Play. 
(NOTE:  This is The Ancients’ way of saying, “Be prepared to have the time of your life!”)    We are enjoying these Sacred Blessings through Each of You, collectively, and the Collective YOU are enjoying the FULL manifestation of these Sacred Blessings through Us.  Thank You for continuing to be Present in the Eternal NOW with Us, The Ancients, as We manifest Our Sacred Service through the Collective YOU.  We bow humbly and deeply to the Collective YOU as YOU Radiate Us, Eternally, NOW and continuously.

Dragonfly is physically Present with You, Dear One, and is Dancing in JOY and GRATITUDE for Your Service to ALL Life.


(P.S. Beloveds, my Heart was pounding, my Hands were shaking, and I was in tears as I witnessed TEN [10] dragonflies dancing around me!)

Artist: Shane Loudon

Sunday, July 13, 2014

"LIFE begins where fear ends"

Hello, Dear One!

We, The Ancients,  are here with You, NOW.

We are always with You, for there is only NOW.  There is no separation between You and Us.  Even the identification of a "You" and an "Us" creates a resonance of separation.  Where ever this resonance of separation exists, there exists a corresponding feeling of Fear.  As there is no REAL separation, identifying the resonance of separation is then ALSO the creation of the resonance of separation.  What word does One choose to identify this resonance?  This resonance is real, and yet the idea of separation is false.  How can One Whole Being become separate, or apart, from Itself?  Are the fingers apart from the hand?  Is the thumb apart from the fingers?  NO!  There is no separation.  One creates the ILLUSION of separation through labeling, through identifying - identification.  And yet, the creation of this illusion has a real resonance.  ALL things that are created hold a resonance, even if they are merely illusions.

How many illusions do You encounter daily? Hourly? In a single moment, which is only the ONE NOW?  It is the resonance of the illusion of separation that creates the feeling of Fear.  As long as The Temple of Humanity labels and identifies That which IS, there will remain the resonance of the illusion of separation, and The Temple of Humanity WILL experience the resonance of the illusion of separation as Fear even if one Being within The Temple of Humanity is unable to recognize the feeling of Fear consciously, and only recognizes that He does not feel "good."  This feeling that does not feel "good" is reminding Him that He has allowed Himself to believe in the illusion.  Once He remembers that He is Whole, that He is One with the Whole, that He is LIFE, that He is One with ALL Life, He can no longer feel any resonance that does not feel "good" because the resonance of Being Whole, of Being ONE, is PURE LOVE, and the corresponding feeling for the resonance of PURE LOVE is Joy.

How can He not feel "good" when all He feels is Joy?  We stress Our message at this time to emphasize how necessary it is for The Temple of Humanity to let go of all manner and form of self-identification, of self-labeling, so that Each Being within The Temple of Humanity can come into alignment with the resonance of PURE LOVE that Each indeed IS.

Our message confuses the one mind of The Temple of Humanity.  Our message threatens the one mind of The Temple of Humanity.  "What language shall 'i' use to define myself," asks the one mind of The Temple of Humanity?  "If 'i' cannot call you brother, and you cannot call me sister," asks the one mind of The Temple of Humanity, "then how do 'i' communicate with you?"  Where there is "i" and "you," We remind You, exists the illusion of separation.  How can there be language when all there is ~ is ONE?  There is NO language!  There is SILENCE!  It is in the SILENCE that the ONE ~ LIFE ~ Knows ITSELF.

Thus, Our message to The Temple of Humanity is that NOW is the moment to move into the SILENCE and remember that You ARE PURE LOVE ~ You ARE Whole ~ You Are ONE!!  Let go of labels and identification, and the illusion of separation will dissolve AND the corresponding feeling of Fear will no longer disturb Your PRESENCE of Balance and Harmony.

We radiate You, Dear One.

You radiate Us.