©      Do your current relationships lack a sense of meaning or value in your life?

©      Do you have trouble allowing people to get to know the REAL you?  Do you feel you will be judged or ostracized because of who you really are?

©      Is it difficult for you to maintain your sense of identity or balance in a relationship?  Do you find yourself always doing for or giving-in to the other person’s needs and desires?

©      Is it difficult for you to sustain a loving, respectful and supportive relationship?

©      Are you unable to let go of a past love ~ "the one who got away?"  Is your inability to neutralize the emotional charge around your memories interfering with your ability to enjoy life right now?

©      Are you experiencing challenges at work? Are your co-workers or bosses dismissive of your input?  Do they make deprecating remarks about your skills or contribution?  Are you being passed over for promotions?

©      Are you experiencing power-struggles with your business partner(s)? When things go wrong, does your business partner "throw you under the bus?"

Hello, Gorgeous Goddess!

I am so thrilled you have found your way to my site! I absolutely believe in synchronicity, so I KNOW it is no accident that you are here today.  Believe me ... if you have said "yes" to even one of those questions, I know EXACTLY how you feel!  I have been there myself.

My first professional job after graduating from University was with a Fortune 500 company based in Dallas, TX.  One of that company's BIGGEST CLIENTS was one of the top three American automotive corporations in Detroit, MI.  I was sent to Detroit, along with thousands of other college graduates, to support the corporation's IT (information technology) requirements.  This was major high-tech stuff!  State-of-the art for that time.  I was assigned to one of the automobile manufacturing plants in Hamtramck.  One aspect of my job was to provide support to the plant for implementing artificial intelligence on the assembly line. I was talking to top management people around the world on a daily basis to get all of the resources the client's management team required. This job was no small potatoes!  I had a lot of visibility and responsibility!!

Well, you can only imagine how excited I was to share all the exciting news about what was going on at the plant when I would go home for the holidays.  And yet, something unexpected happened to me. When I would begin to tell my Dad about the innovations, he would say to me, "You don't know what the hell you're talking about."  Then, on my next visit home for the holidays, all of a sudden my Dad couldn't wait to chat me up about what I had tried to share with him before.  "Hello??  I'm a little confused!!!"  The real kicker is that the only reason my Dad was eager to discuss everything I had tried to tell him before was because he had read about it in some news source that he found "credible," like Newsweek or Time.

This didn't just happen to me once!  This happened repeatedly over a couple of years.  I would go back to Detroit on one occasion feeling completely dismissed and invalidated, only to be treated on the next visit home like I was "the big kahuna."  It was a terrible emotional and psychological see-saw for me.  Little did I realize at the time that my ability to have equitable and fulfilling relationships with men was being sabotaged by this dysfunctional "dance" my Dad and I were hooked into with each other.  This dynamic completely undermined my self-confidence.  In fact, with every blow to my self-confidence, I was unconsciously giving my power away to my Dad.

Every little girl seeks her father's approval.  I just couldn't seem to get it, or get it right.  My Goddess! I was a highly educated, professional woman earning a substantial salary, and yet, inside I still felt like a little girl because I wasn't receiving any acknowledgement or respect for my knowledge and expertise from my Dad.

I lost decades to the false beliefs that I had no credibility and that my knowledge had no value.  In fact, I got caught on the merry-go-round of taking one more workshop after another and getting one more certification after another because I felt like a fraud.  I kept waiting to feel like "the expert," and it just never seemed to take!

I am sure you have heard before that we are all inclined to attract partners that are like our mothers and fathers.  For women, we tend to attract partners that mirror our Dads because we are STILL trying to learn and resolve the lessons hiding below the surface of all the wounds.

I bet you are wondering what my big lesson was.  It was this:
The only authentic value is SELF-value, so it doesn't matter what anyone else believes as long as I believe in myself.
The reason this lesson was so important for me is because it helped me to realize that the only approval I need is my own.  Now that I am no longer seeking approval from others, I am no longer locked into the co-dependent dance.

Just to be clear, this is NOT the "blame game."  I AM GRATEFUL!  I am very grateful because I know that my Dad agreed to help me learn this important lesson.  I know it was a part of our Sacred Contract.  Because my Dad loved me enough to agree to help me learn this lesson ...

I have reclaimed my Sovereignty, and you can too!

©      What if you could STOP having relationships with men that trigger your "Daddy issues?"

©      What if you could find out what your self-sabotaging beliefs are without going through the messy relationship?

©      What if you could let go of all the bad programming and regain your power and confidence?

©      What if you could be fully respected by your family members, friends, lovers, coworkers, bosses and business partners? 

©      What if you could receive an income that represents the true worth of your knowledge, skills, talents and contributions?

©      What if you could achieve a whole new level of balance and wholeness within yourself, so that you begin to attract emotionally HEALTHY men who are dazzled by the Authentic You?

©      What would it feel like to be in a relationship with a man that truly values and cherishes you ~ "just the way you are?"
Just as you are? Not thinner? Not cleverer? Not with slightly bigger breasts and a slightly smaller nose? ~ Jude, Bridget Jones's Diary
I know in the depths of my Heart that EVERY woman deserves relationships that allow her to show up as her BEST self, that allow her to feel cherished for who she is, and I know that she CAN have them. If you are ready to rediscover your innate value and live a life of empowering relationships, then read all about my powerful and transformational program NOW!

You are always welcome to give me call (407-451-602), so that I can tell you about the amazing program I have created to help you heal the Patriarchal wound your father/daughter relationship is mirroring to you.  My greatest desire is for each of us to have the fulfilling relationships we are meant to share.

All my very best to you!
Sofia Mona Lisa

On behalf of every man looking out for every girl
You are the God and weight of her world
So, father's be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do.
 ~ John Mayer