Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I AM The Witness

August 27, 2014

Today's experiences are so magnificent for me!

When I first started my day this morning, I was very aware of my feelings of LOVE for everyone and everything.  In fact, I posted the following on my Facebook status:
Maybe it is this delicious Virgoan New Moon, and maybe it is my Self LOVE challenge, and I just want each of you to know, as I think of you individually, my Heart swells in Love for yuo. I LOVE all of you. Please carry my LOVE for you in your Heart with you today!
And, just now,  as I was doing my Jharra session,  I received an even MORE expansive experience of [Self] LOVE! (Jupiter in Leo in my 1st house today.)  Is it any wonder that I have initiated a Reflection of Self LOVE Challenge?!?!  By the way, I invite you to join me!

(For those of You who understand astrology, allow me to share a few details about my personal chart, right now, which I believe are manifesting so beautifully in these ways for me:  Our New Moon at 3 degrees Virgo was situated in my 2nd house, conjunct my natal Uranus, conjunct my progressed Ascendant, and embraced by my progressed Regulus by a degree on one side and my progressed Uranus by a degree on the other side.  Meanwhile, the current Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio is transpiring in my 5th house conjunct my natal Neptune.  Also, my personal portal to my Infinite Self is through the Moon, ie. Divine Mother.)

Getting back to my story, this is what unfolded during my Jharra session:  Because today is Wednesday, I was doing a "prosperity" session.  I am doing prosperity sessions by beginning my sweeps with a Ganesha mantra, and then I am transitioning into a Sri Mahalaksmi mantra for completion.  Most people that have discussed Sri Mahalaksmi with me have limited Her to generalized ideas around prosperity and abundance, and specifically to money.  For me, I believe that She provides ALL of the resources (of any kind) that we require and desire to create our Heart's desires and our Spiritual Passion.

So, as I was sweeping and chanting Ganesha's mantra, I was looking at His picture very intently.  Suddenly, I felt a shift within me.  My awareness shifted from perceiving Him as being external from me to clear my obstacles for me to being within me.  Rather, my perception was now shifted to Ganesha being an aspect of my Self, resident in my Heart, and that MY Ganesha aspect is clearing my obstacles from within me, from my Heart.  This was a HUGE paradigm shift for me!  I clearly knew that I had shifted from being an unmindful observer to being The Mindful Witness.  I have had experiences of being The Witness in the past, and I was unclear as to how to describe what I was "doing" to allow the shift.  Today, the pieces fell into place for me, and NOW, I am clear. As always, it is not about "doing," it is about being, as you will see.

To help me describe this shift, I will share with you a teaching that my Breath of Love™ teacher, Julia Mikk, told us in one of our workshops.  Julia said to us, "Keep 90% of your awareness in your Heart and 10% of your awareness in your surroundings."  I had made many conscious choices to practice her recommendation. I never felt, in the past, cancel clear, that I was "doing" it quite right.  Today, I realized I have been BEING just exactly that when I suddenly shift from doing the unmindful observer to being The Mindful Witness.  I AM NOW (and You ARE NOW) consciously Being The Witness in ANY moment we CHOOSE to BE MINDFUL of where we place our awareness.

Once I realized I was BEing The Mindful Witness, by consciously shifting 90% of my awareness into my Heart, I chose to consciously BE with Sri Mahalaksmi when I began chanting Her mantra in my Jharra session and as I was gazing at Her picture with my awareness in my Heart.  Suddenly, as before, I was aware when the shift occurred; this time the shift came much more quickly than the last. This shift was also profound for me.  I realized, and I could FEEL, Sri Mahalaksmi's connection with me as an aspect of my Self residing in my Heart.  I became aware that I AM an aspect of Sri Mahalaksmi, and I AM providing for my Self all the resources I require and desire to create my Spiritual Passion.  I felt Oneness with LIFE, and I felt the Power of LIFE, coursing through me.

Beloveds, We are LIFE.  We are Embodiments of LOVE.  Our Divine Mother nurtures us and loves us as a mother does, and yet, our OWN aspect of Divine Mother which resides in our Hearts nurtures ourselves, loves ourselves ~ Self LOVE.  Our Divine Father protects us, provides for us and loves us as a father does, and yet our OWN aspect of Divine Father which resides in our Hearts protects ourselves, provides for ourselves, and loves ourselves ~ Self LOVE.

I bow to each of You as You consciously choose to embrace the LOVE that You are, and as you are reunited with all the magnificent aspects of Your SELF.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Illumination and Illusion

August 25, 2014

Today is the New Moon in Virgo.  The Sabian Symbol for 3 degrees of Virgo, the point at which the New Moon is located, is two guardian angels bringing protection.  I had a crazy and mystical experience with my two angels today!

I went to the beach today to receive this SOL SPEAKSmessage from The Ancients.  When I got out of my car, I heard someone call my name across the four lane highway and from the top of a restaurant (3rd floor open air bar).  I looked up at the restaurant.  I was unable to see anyone, so I shrugged my shoulders to myself, collected my things out of the car, and began walking towards the beach access.  After a bit, I heard someone yelling, "Youuuuuuuuu Whoooooooo!" The sound was coming from the very same place as before.  I stopped in my tracks, and I turned around to look at the restaurant again.  It was too far to recognize anyone.  I saw someone waving both of their arms quite vigorously, as if to catch my attention.  When the person stopped, I waved back, just to see if the person was really waving at me.  The person started waving at me again!  I thought that it must surely be for me, so I crossed the four lanes of highway, and climbed the three flights of stairs.  When I got to the top, there were about 6-8 people at each table.  I looked closely to see if there was anyone that I knew.  Nobody I recognized was there, and not one of the people who were there let on about calling me over.  So, again, I shrugged my shoulders, walked down the three flights of stairs, back across the four lanes of highway, and down onto the beach.  Meanwhile, the thought crossed my mind that maybe my two angels of protection were trying to get my attention.

It was quite windy on the beach with a tropical storm a couple of hundred miles off shore, and the waves were crashing so loudly that you could not hear anything else.  Eventually, I got my beach towel laid out with all four corners anchored down by something I had brought with me.  I pulled out my cell phone to check the time, and I noticed a friend of mine was trying to reach me just in that moment.  I would have never heard my phone ringing over the waves.  I answered her call, and she asked me where I was.  I told her which beach park I was in, and she told me she was up in the parking lot!  I could NOT believe it.  (Later, I found out from her that she was just at the entrance to the park when I told her where I was, so she pulled in.)  I told my friend I was down on the beach, and I would be right up to meet her.  I gathered up all my belongings I had just laid out, and I walked across the sand to the staircase leading back up to the park.  I happened to look down when I reached the foot of the staircase, and before I even took my first step up, I saw a feather!  That was the moment I knew all of these antics were indeed coming from my angels!  What a great way to prepare for receiving today's SOL SPEAKSmessage!!  So, without further ado, here It is...

Hello, Dear One.

We are here.  We radiate You, and You radiate Us!

This moment of NOW is extremely auspicious.  The great Goddess energy has returned to The Temple of Maya.  The great Goddess energy is the midwife that will facilitate the new birth of The Temple of Maya into Her state of Illumination.  The great Goddess energy has also embedded the seed of Illumination into the Heart of every Being within The Temple of Humanity.  The Illumination seed will be nurtured by the great Goddess energy throughout the birthing cycle that The Temple of Maya has transitioned into.  When The Temple of Maya has achieved Illumination, all Beings within The Temple of Humanity will also be opened up into Illumination ~ their Illumination seeds will have burst open, connecting each Being once more with The Temple of Maya.

The illusion of separation will become a forgotten memory of past experience as it is impossible for Illumination and illusion to be present simultaneously.  They are two separate frequencies ~ Illumination being the frequency of the top of the "octave," and illusion being the frequency of the bottom of the "octave."

When The Temple of Humanity moves into the sate of Illumination, there will no longer be a requirement for Peace activism within The Temple of Maya as Peace will prevail.  All Beings in The Temple of Humanity will be in full knowing of Their Brotherhood, and will be reunited with Their Brethren of the higher dimensions.  We are in a state of Ecstasy!  We have long supported The Temple of Humanity in Its journey through Darkness.  We wait with open arms to embrace YOU, most Beloved Brothers.

Feel LOVE flow through You, Dear One.

Feel JOY rise up as LOVE flows.  All manifests through the Love of LIFE.  LIFE is creating miracles with You.  There is NO-THING to DO.  Simple BE.  The Grace of LIFE will unfold.  NO-THING can impede the Will of LIFE.

We embrace You with many Blessings, Dear One.

We radiate You, and You radiate Us!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Reflection of Self LOVE Challenge

Yesterday, August 20, 2014, I put out a challenge on my SOLSPEAKS™ Facebook page, on my personal timeline to all my friends and family, and to all of the people in most of the Facebook groups in which I am a member. 

I wrote: “I have been seeing all these Ice Bucket challenges for ALS on Facebook with video proof.  I am now challenging all of you, Beloveds: I am certain that we (all or most of us) believe that our external world is a reflection of our internal world. As such, I am challenging each of you to become aware of all the subtlest to all of the most magnificent experiences of LOVE that are showing up in your external world. Document them as you become aware of them, and when you reach 100, video yourself sharing your 100 expressions of Self LOVE!  Please remember to tag me when you post your video or share it on the Sol Speaks timeline so that I can see your beautiful Soul!”

I am participating in my Reflection of Self LOVE Challenge too.  I am checking in to see how everyone is doing.  I am already up to 14 out of 100!!  Today, I am choosing to share number 11 with you because, for me, it is truly spectacular.

While I was sitting on the beach today, I saw a man and his father walking towards me.  I could hear that they were speaking a foreign language, and we waved at each other , and said “hi.”  Later, I noticed the man was playing with two young sons, the oldest was around 8 and the younger looked about 4.  I saw that the grandfather and the grandmother were with them.  Later, I walked down the beach to take a picture of the closest sea turtle nest before the Sun went completely down.  I walked through the soft sand to the nest, and when I arrived at the nest, I realized the father was sitting on the sand by the water and the grandparents and the two young boys were playing in the water right in front of the turtle nest!

After taking a couple of pictures of the turtle nest, I was ready to go home, and I chose to walk back to my car by the water instead of through all of the soft sand.  Having made this choice, I found myself walking right through this little family.  Once again, we acknowledged each other, and the grandfather held up his hand to me as he came out of the water onto the shore.  I listened to them talking, and I was not sure if they were speaking Romanian, Polish or some other language.  I meandered quite slowly along the water taking more pictures, so I was surprised to find my little foreign family with me as we were all walking up the beach ramp.

The father was with his two boys, taking them to the shower where I was going to rinse off my shoes and feet before getting into my car.  Although I had passed them up, the father, his boys and I were all using the shower at the same time.  I finished first, and I walked across the street to my car.  As I was crossing the street, I saw the grandfather loading beach toys into the back of their truck which was parked right next to my car!  The grandfather looked up and saw me, and I chuckled, obviously because we were seeing each other again.

By the time I was in my car and ready to leave, I could hear the grandfather talking to one of his grandsons.  I began to back up my car very slowly and very carefully while looking all around very alertly for the little boy.  When I got backed up behind their truck, I saw the grandfather and his grandson standing on the other side of it.  They were watching me, and I gave the grandfather a nod of my head to tell him, “Good!  There he is.”  After I put my car from reverse into forward, I looked out my window again, and I saw the grandfather vigorously waving “good-bye” to me.  I was so thrilled to make this connection with him.  I gave him a big smile, stuck my arm out of my car window, and gave him a BIG “good-bye” wave too.

I only got a couple of feet away when I had to stop at the traffic light.  I sat in my car still smiling and thinking about this little foreign family that I had been gifted these moments with.  As I absentmindedly looked into my rearview mirror, I happened to see the father carrying his youngest son across the street from the shower to their truck.  The father had his son wrapped up in a beach towel.  He was holding his son like a baby, and was giving him kisses on his cheek.  In that moment, I realized how much LOVE had been surrounding me from my little “foreign” family.  My heart swelled with Joy, and I smiled to myself again as the traffic light turned green, and I continued on my way home.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Clarion Call

7 August 2014 ~ 11:22 pm

Hello, Dear One!

We, The Ancients, are here with You NOW, as We always are with You.  You radiate Us, and We radiate You!!

At this moment of NOW, We send out a CLARION CALL!!  The CLARION CALL is for all those Beings within The Temple of Humanity who BELIEVE Themselves to Be Spiritual, to Be on the Spiritual Path, to Be Healers, to Be Peacemakers, to Be Shamans, to Be Yogis, to Be Rainbow Warriors, to Be Light Bearers, to Be Conscious, to Be Enlightened, to Be Self-Realized ~ whatever YOU BELIEVE Yourselves to BE ~ Dear Ones ~ We send out this CLARION CALL to EACH of YOU ~ YOU, EACH, as Embodiments of LOVE, and We declare to YOU, STEP UP!!!

NOW is the time to STEP UP into Your Power.  NOW is the time to STEP UP into Your Heart.  NOW is the time to STEP UP into the Cosmic Mother energy that dwells within YOU as the Sacred Feminine.  NOW is the time to BE the LOVE of the Cosmic Mother.

Everything and every Being that YOU see, hear and come into contact with, MUST be fully embraced with Your WHOLE HEART and the LOVE of The Mother.  The Mother holds You.  The Mother rocks You.  The Mother feels Your pain.  The Mother tells You, "It is alright."

Embrace ALL that YOU label as violent, fear, pain, horror, ugly, dirty, disgusting, rage, anger, grief, sorrow, racist, genocide, starvation, disease, drought, dying, manipulation, coercion, betrayal, deceit, abuse, corruption...  EMBRACE ALL with Your WHOLE HEART and LOVE ALL with a Mother's LOVE.  Love it the way YOU love Your sons, daughters, nephews, nieces and pets.  LOVE ALL just as it is, with no label, no judgment; Loving ALL as BEING okay just the way it IS.

Know that ALL that YOU see and label in these negative ways are able to be acknowledged by YOU because they are YOU.  They are the places within YOU that feel unloved, unworthy, unacknowledged, and those places are in pain, the pain of separation from WHOLENESS.  The only frequency that HEALS ALL that is out of alignment with WHOLENESS is LOVE.

YOU are Embodiments of LOVE.  The time has come, NOW, to STEP UP, AMP UP Your LOVE frequencies!

Love the Pollution.
Love the Politicians.
Love the Terrorists.
Love the Bankers.
Love the Doctors.
Love the Corporations.
Love the Governments.
Love the Militaries.
Love War!!!

LOVE ALL, just as it IS, NOW.

Allow the LOVE frequency that YOU are to flow through Your Heart and embrace ALL fully so that ALL can come into resonance with LOVE. 

By heeding Our CLARION CALL ~ by stepping up into Your Power (LOVE) ~ by amping up Your LOVE frequency ~ by embracing ALL that YOU have labeled as negative, wrong, imperfect ~ YOU are Consciously Creating the new paradigm YOU have been waiting on to just show up.  YOU MUST SHOW UP.

This is why YOU came to BE children of The Temple of Maya ~ to LOVE, for YOU are Embodiments of LOVE! This is Your True nature.  This requires only Your Conscious intention and Your Conscious choice ~ not being taught how to do it or anything.  How can a scorpion be taught to sting?  That is it's nature.  A scorpion simply stings.  Your nature is LOVE.  Simply LOVE ALL in your sphere of awareness, just as it IS.  FEEL Your LOVE in Your Heart, and in-vision ALL in Your HEART embraced by Your LOVE.


Thank YOU, Dear Ones.

YOU radiate Us, and We radiate YOU!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Heart Portal

31 July 2014 ~ 12:54 a.m.

As I lay down for the night at 12:30 a.m., I realized that over the course of the past three days, twice, I reminded two dear friends that they have the power to move into their Heart space to commune with Source, for the first friend ~ Sathya Sai Baba, and for the second friend ~ Babaji.  For me, I personally experience Sathya Sai Baba and  Babaji (Mahavatar/Haidakhan) as the same Being.  upon this realization, I became aware that my reminders to them were also intended for me.  That was quite a surprise to me!!

I have long been journeying ~ though not in a conscious way, meaning I did not know how I was doing it.  Then, I was reminded that on the recent Leo New Moon in July, during the Shamanic Journey in which I received an initiation, I had travelled/journeyed through my Heart Center (chakra)!!  That was the key, and I had not even realized it in the moment!

[Side note:  I discovered later that July 25th, the day of the Leo New Moon, is also known as Mahavatar Babaji Commemoration Day. 

Mahavatar Babaji first appeared to Paramahansa Yogananda on July 25, 1920 as described in Chapter 37 of Autobiography of a Yogi.  Paramahansa Yogananda said that commemoration services are deeply spiritual occasions on which vibrations of blessing from an illumined  Master are stronger than on other days of the year, because in the astral world, a celebration is also taking place. ~ Marge DeVivo, 

am very clear that my initiation occurred on that day as Grace from Babaji, just as I am equally clear that what I will continue to share with you was received as Grace from Him.]

For years, I have been remembering my journey to Mt. Kailash with Babaji, and as I returned, He told me, "You can come back here whenever You desire."  However, He did not tell me HOW I could do that.  So, for all of this time, my yearning to know and my asking for guidance and clarity on HOW to do it has been steady.  NOW ~ like a bolt of lightening, the answer has come to me through His Grace, and I bow deeply and humbly to all those Divine Beings ~ Brother and Sisters ~ who so beautifully played Their role in its unveiling.  When I became aware that this "secret" had become unveiled, I was covered with goose bumps and I was full of Bhakti (devotion) tears.  I felt so much joy and connection. 

When I realized that I could simply consciously choose to journey through my Heart Center (chakra), it initially felt odd in the manner of it being such a deep dark space.  I wondered, "How can I navigate such a deep dark space?"  And, most importantly, "How can I teach others to navigate this Sacred Space?"  Then, my natal gift of Saturn in Aquarius gave me an instantaneous picture of how to imagine/build "the structured space" that I move into/reach as I journey through my Heart's portal.  Once more, I was instantly reminded of a specific space in which I had met Sathya Sai Baba and several other Great Beings about 13-14 years ago.  It was an enormous (seemingly infinitite) structure of white marble floors, white marble columns (for which I could not see their tops), very open (no apparent ceiling) and expansively spacious, full of bright light (more like the height of daylight all the time).  I realized in that instant that THIS is where I go when I choose to be with my Beloved.  This is a structured space I can in-vision as I move my consciousness through my Heart Portal, and when I arrive in that Sacred Space, I feel Their (Sathya Sai Baba/Babaji) Presence and AM emveloped by the Power of Their LOVE frequency.

This is how it is done.  This is how I can help others, to consciously connect with Source.  What a humbling and great honor to be able to Serve in this way:  Connecting Humanity with Its Divinity,
Supporting Humanity to be empowered by knowing Its Own Truth.

Sadguru Nath Maharaj ki Jai!!!