Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I AM The Witness

August 27, 2014

Today's experiences are so magnificent for me!

When I first started my day this morning, I was very aware of my feelings of LOVE for everyone and everything.  In fact, I posted the following on my Facebook status:
Maybe it is this delicious Virgoan New Moon, and maybe it is my Self LOVE challenge, and I just want each of you to know, as I think of you individually, my Heart swells in Love for yuo. I LOVE all of you. Please carry my LOVE for you in your Heart with you today!
And, just now,  as I was doing my Jharra session,  I received an even MORE expansive experience of [Self] LOVE! (Jupiter in Leo in my 1st house today.)  Is it any wonder that I have initiated a Reflection of Self LOVE Challenge?!?!  By the way, I invite you to join me!

(For those of You who understand astrology, allow me to share a few details about my personal chart, right now, which I believe are manifesting so beautifully in these ways for me:  Our New Moon at 3 degrees Virgo was situated in my 2nd house, conjunct my natal Uranus, conjunct my progressed Ascendant, and embraced by my progressed Regulus by a degree on one side and my progressed Uranus by a degree on the other side.  Meanwhile, the current Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio is transpiring in my 5th house conjunct my natal Neptune.  Also, my personal portal to my Infinite Self is through the Moon, ie. Divine Mother.)

Getting back to my story, this is what unfolded during my Jharra session:  Because today is Wednesday, I was doing a "prosperity" session.  I am doing prosperity sessions by beginning my sweeps with a Ganesha mantra, and then I am transitioning into a Sri Mahalaksmi mantra for completion.  Most people that have discussed Sri Mahalaksmi with me have limited Her to generalized ideas around prosperity and abundance, and specifically to money.  For me, I believe that She provides ALL of the resources (of any kind) that we require and desire to create our Heart's desires and our Spiritual Passion.

So, as I was sweeping and chanting Ganesha's mantra, I was looking at His picture very intently.  Suddenly, I felt a shift within me.  My awareness shifted from perceiving Him as being external from me to clear my obstacles for me to being within me.  Rather, my perception was now shifted to Ganesha being an aspect of my Self, resident in my Heart, and that MY Ganesha aspect is clearing my obstacles from within me, from my Heart.  This was a HUGE paradigm shift for me!  I clearly knew that I had shifted from being an unmindful observer to being The Mindful Witness.  I have had experiences of being The Witness in the past, and I was unclear as to how to describe what I was "doing" to allow the shift.  Today, the pieces fell into place for me, and NOW, I am clear. As always, it is not about "doing," it is about being, as you will see.

To help me describe this shift, I will share with you a teaching that my Breath of Love™ teacher, Julia Mikk, told us in one of our workshops.  Julia said to us, "Keep 90% of your awareness in your Heart and 10% of your awareness in your surroundings."  I had made many conscious choices to practice her recommendation. I never felt, in the past, cancel clear, that I was "doing" it quite right.  Today, I realized I have been BEING just exactly that when I suddenly shift from doing the unmindful observer to being The Mindful Witness.  I AM NOW (and You ARE NOW) consciously Being The Witness in ANY moment we CHOOSE to BE MINDFUL of where we place our awareness.

Once I realized I was BEing The Mindful Witness, by consciously shifting 90% of my awareness into my Heart, I chose to consciously BE with Sri Mahalaksmi when I began chanting Her mantra in my Jharra session and as I was gazing at Her picture with my awareness in my Heart.  Suddenly, as before, I was aware when the shift occurred; this time the shift came much more quickly than the last. This shift was also profound for me.  I realized, and I could FEEL, Sri Mahalaksmi's connection with me as an aspect of my Self residing in my Heart.  I became aware that I AM an aspect of Sri Mahalaksmi, and I AM providing for my Self all the resources I require and desire to create my Spiritual Passion.  I felt Oneness with LIFE, and I felt the Power of LIFE, coursing through me.

Beloveds, We are LIFE.  We are Embodiments of LOVE.  Our Divine Mother nurtures us and loves us as a mother does, and yet, our OWN aspect of Divine Mother which resides in our Hearts nurtures ourselves, loves ourselves ~ Self LOVE.  Our Divine Father protects us, provides for us and loves us as a father does, and yet our OWN aspect of Divine Father which resides in our Hearts protects ourselves, provides for ourselves, and loves ourselves ~ Self LOVE.

I bow to each of You as You consciously choose to embrace the LOVE that You are, and as you are reunited with all the magnificent aspects of Your SELF.