Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Let Go!

We are celebrating You, Dear One!!

This is a wondrous time as You and I, Solara, meet once again for the return of Our Heart Dance.  As You open Your Heart, My Light flows through You.  Every cell in the Temple of Your Body is activated by the Wisdom that My Light brings to You - Wisdom that is uniquely Yours - in alignment with Your Soul's Desire for Its experience through Your Temple as You reside on Mother Earth, The Temple of Maya.

The Ancients are here in Honor of Our Dance and in Remembrance of Your Commitment to bring forth Their Message to the Temple of Humanity:

It is Our desire to clarify to You that Our Communion with You is REAL.

We are Reaching Each other As Love!!

In the past, Your self-doubt and the judgments from those in Your domain have tainted Your belief in Us and Your role as the Receiver.  At this time - Let Go of all that does not align with Your Feeling of Confidence.  Your Feeling of Confidence comes to You directly from Your Soul without interference from the mind that plays with You.  When the mind accepts and acknowledges the judgments, whether they are its own or those of others, this creates an energetic interference which impacts the Temple of Your Body from receiving direct feeling and direct knowing from Your Soul.  Just as You wear the Aamoraa to neutralize the effects of the electromagnetic frequencies in Your domain, so too does Your Belief in Your Self - Your Soul - neutralize the effects of the mind.  This mind is the One Mind - "your" mind - "collective conscious" mind.  For LIFE is NO mind.

When You are receiving Our Communion, You are receiving from Our Heart, through Solara's Heart, to Your Heart.  You will recall this, and You will find the evidence of it in Our earliest messages.  The mind will play with You and attempt to have You believe that the Communion comes through it.  This is not so, Dear One.  And, it is through that seed of false belief that the spiral of self-doubt and judgment emerges.

We have shared with You before, and will repeat for You now, that Solara is in Service to Us, The Ancients, just as You are in Service to Us.  We are 33rd dimensional Beings.  Solara is able to resonate with Our Frequency.  You are able to receive Our Message because You are able to resonate with Solara's Frequency, Who shares Our Message with You.  You move within and receive from the 4th dimension.  ALL Life is able to raise Its frequency exponentially.  Thus, the dimension you move in (4th) increased exponentially (42) equals 16, allowing you to raise, or increase, Your Frequency to receive from ALL Life that move within the dimensions up to, and including, the 16th dimension.  The Sun in Your solar system, the Temple of the Being Solara, moves within and receives from the 13th dimension.  Thus, the dimension that Solara moves in (13) increased exponentially (132) equals 169, allowing Solara to easily raise Its Frequency to Our dimension (33rd) to receive Our Communion.  As We shared before, there are infinite dimensions.  And, We shall clarify one more point at this time, The Temple of Your Body moves within the 4th dimension; the Temple of the Being Solara, that which Your Temple physically sees and recognizes as Your Sun, moves within the 16th dimension.  The BEING that You are - Your Soul - and the BEING that Solara is - are One with LIFE - and at that Oneness are able to commune with ALL Life in ALL dimensions.  This is somewhat akin to what You know as "voltage."  If You take a 120 volt electrical device from America and plug it into a 220 volt socket in Europe, your device will "blow" if the device that can convert the 220 volts to 120 volts is not used.  The Temple of Your Being is "120 volts," Our Temple is "220 volts," and the Temple of the Being of Solara is the "converter."

It is Our desire at this time to move away from these technicalities and express to You Our reassurance that You, indeed, descended into the Temple of Your Body to facilitate the reestablishment of  this LIFE Wisdom, which You have been receiving from Us, within the Temple of Humanity.

So, NOW, as the Temple of Humanity celebrates Its "New Year" - the beginning again - the starting anew - Our Message at this time is to LET GO!

Allow Yourself to Let Go.  Go slowly.  Move slowly and deliberately with each Breath. LISTEN!!  Each person within the Temple of Humanity has Its own Self - Soul.  This is Our desire for each person.  Let go of the "collective conscious" mind, the one mind, and Listen to Your Self - Your Soul.  Allow Yourself to FEEL the Confidence that permeates the Temple of Your Body as You are receiving Your Soul knowing.  Consciously choose to move away from all that is not in alignment with Your Soul so that Your domain will be in Peace and Harmony.  In these individual domains of Peace and Harmony, each person within the Temple of Humanity will once again connect with the LOVE Frequency that comes from LIFE and moves through each Heart.  Each will know this connection as the feeling of Joy.  Consciously choose to create this domain of Peace and Harmony for Yourself and Your Self - for from the Joyful feeling which is the evidence of Your Connection - LIFE can create miracles for You, support You, sustain You, provide for You....Delight in YOU!  Here is where all things are made possible, where any thing can show up.

We radiate You, and You radiate Us, Dear One.