Wednesday, January 18, 2017

ATTENTION: Vigilant Mindful Awareness is Necessary NOW

Hello, Beloveds!

I have been asked to provide you with this CRUCIAL ALERT.

Today, I participated in an online conference with a group of women who are Divine Feminine Leaders and are doing essential work for Humanity and Our Planet.  I made a critical mistake that you need to know about so that you do not fall into the same "trap" that I did.

I joined the online meeting about 20 minutes before the scheduled start time.  During those 20 minutes, I was online with the presenter and other participants.  We were experiencing A LOT of "technical problems" with the teleconference system. Just before we were scheduled to begin, I grounded and saged myself with the intention of creating Sacred Space.  As I was saging myself, I begin to have waves of hot, prickly energy flow over me.  I could feel my head start to feel spacey.  At one moment, I could feel my body was nearly ready to faint.  I dismissed the experience, and chose to "shake it off."  During the hour that we were in conference, on numerous occasions the presenter mentioned that she too was feeling lightheaded like she was going to faint.  She could feel something wonky (my word) was going on with her energy, and like me, she was attributing the phenomenon to something else.  Throughout the conference, I was aware that A LOT of resistance was coming up within me.  Again, I dismissed it.

After the conference, I called the presenter to talk to her about her work.  I noticed significant interference on the call, and was having difficulty hearing her.  During our phone conversation, I again began to feel the hot prickly waves of energy, AND I could feel my Heart Chakra tightening! This got my attention!

I began to contemplate on what I had experienced to discern what it meant for me.  This is what was revealed to me:

The mistake that I made was that I did not ground, sage and call in Sacred Space BEFORE connecting online.

Our planet is currently in the midst of a volatile time.  We know globally that President-Elect Trump will be inaugurated on Friday, January 20, 2017.  What many are not aware of is that there has been a concerted effort to stage a coup d'etat to prevent President-Elect Trump from taking office.  The Elite (Babylonian Brother, Khazarian Mafia, Cabal ~ whichever name you know them by) has begun an unprecedented mode of encroachment towards this end.  They are utilizing our electromagnetic grid to assault us through our technology: wireless anything, cellphones, radio, television, internet connections.  Consider the myriad devices that we utilize: smartphones, androids, bluetooths, tablets, laptops, computers.  Consider the myriad platforms that are available to connect us: FaceBook and Messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom, FreeConferenceCall, etc.

This is not a psychic attack!  Be clear ... it is a GRID attack.  They are utilizing our planetary infrastructure.  You will physically feel this attack, just as both the online meeting presenter and I did. You will also experience "technical problems" similar to those that we encountered online and during our phone call.

Vigilant Mindful Awareness is NOW necessary.  Ground, sage and call-in Sacred Space BEFORE connecting with the grid through your devices and the platforms you use.  In addition, as an example, if you use Skype on your computer, do not walk away from your computer and allow Skype to remain idle.  Sign out of everything when you are done using it. Close out all apps; do not allow them to continue running in the background.  This is particularly relevant to FaceBook usage.  Above all, make sure you turn off your WiFi when you go to bed.  If you have been having relatively new sleep issues, this may be the contributing factor.

I must also provide caution around the Women's March on Washington scheduled for the day after the Inauguration, January 21, 2017.  This event will be a phenomenal presence of a Divine Feminine energy wave around our planet. There will be women gathering around the world in solidarity with those women in Washington.  Currently, there are 616 Sister Marches with an estimated 1,364,000 women.  This is a remarkable FOCUS of Creative Energy.

I ask all women participants to engage Vigilant Mindful Awareness.  Do not use your devices.  If you have them on you, keep them turned off.  Gather your sisters to ground and call-in Sacred Space BEFORE you start your march.  Hold a pure intention of Standing in Sovereignty throughout your march.  Those who are not marching can participate by connecting with the Divine Feminine energy and holding the Sister Marchers in Sacred Space with the intention for their Sovereignty to be sustained.

Fortunately, as soon as I received this clarity and understanding around what had happened to me, I was able to take proper action to clear myself from the energies of the attack, re-balance myself and restore my Sovereignty.  To do this, I used my shamanic medicine of Jharra™ Shamanic Luminous Energy Body Cleanse.

When I have done Jharra™ cleanses in the past, it has always invoked a graceful, meditative sweeping motion. Today, I was very surprised when the sweeping manifested as an extremely powerful motion.  I could feel the energy of a Samurai Warrior, and the sweeping was reminiscent of the slicing motion of a Samurai sword.

Because of my tremendous alarm over discovering this grid attack, I feel called to offer my shamanic medicine services to help others restore clarity and balance in their energy field ~ to restore your Sovereignty.  I truly consider this to be a State of Emergency.  As such, I am offering a one-time 50% discount on a Jharra shamanic cleanse, whether you choose one session or three.  This offer will be available through the Full Moon in Leo on February 10, 2017.

NOTE OF CAUTION: Please be aware that the New Moon in Aquarius will be next Friday, January 27, 2017.  Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and Uranus & Aquarius rule our Electromagnetic Grid. Unfortunately, those in The Elite have the capability of utilizing the energies of Uranus to amplify their efforts.  Thus, I highly recommend that you take every precaution and continue to engage in Vigilant Mindful Awareness.

Many blessings to each of you, Beloveds.
Sofia Mona Lisa

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Introducing Sofia Mona Lisa

Hello, Beloveds!

We are still within the window of our potent Full Moon in Cancer on January 12, 2017 ~ 3 days prior, day of, and 3 days after.  So much has been unfolding for me during this time of Shamanic Initiation from the Great Mother, as I know it has been for you.

Today, whilst doing my own personal Breath of Love shamanic journey, my Inner High Priestess made it known to me that She desired to be unveiled and introduced to our 3D reality.  Thus, I humbly present to you ... Sofia Mona Lisa.  

Now that my Inner High Priestess has been formally acknowledged, I am choosing to fully embody Her Presence.  Thus, with deep humility and gratitude, I relinquish my Shamanic Priestess name, Gaia Devi Kalikaji, and welcome my Inner High Priestess designation as Sofia Mona Lisa. Hereafter, my personal social media outlets will be identified by this name. 

When my Inner High Priestess revealed Her name to me, She emphasized to me that Her first name, Sofia, is spelled with an "f" rather than "ph."  I was curious about this significance, so I looked at the numerology related to both spellings.  I discovered that this notably influenced the frequency of the Purpose as determined by the Higher Self, that which our Soul desires for our greatest evolutionary fulfillment.  Sofia Mona Lisa carries the 9 frequency related to compassion, tolerance, understanding and service as a spiritual leader, teacher or healer.

Likewise, I realized that there was a significance to Her choosing today for Her unveiling.  Once again, I looked at the numerology.  Interestingly, the frequency of 7 (today's date) aligns with my own Natal North & South Nodes at 29° Cancer & Capricorn in the 1st & 7th Houses of "learning to be alone and not lonely" (North Node) and "not insisting on partnerships" (South Node).  The number 7 also carries the frequency of spirituality and mysticism.  Its destiny is to discover the Truth from within.  With the 7th House being the house of partnership, I am now walking in conscious sacred partnership with my Inner High Priestess.

I was fascinated when I discovered the deeper harmonies prevailing between these frequencies of "7" and "9" and the current transits in my astrological chart. Just yesterday, as a part of the Shamanic Initiation from the Great Mother, Luna activated my Natal North Node.  Every time our Natal North Node is activated, the Cosmos is bringing us back into alignment with our Soul's evolutionary path for this incarnation.  

Further, right now, BOTH transiting Venus (our Inner Feminine) and Mars (our Inner Masculine) are in Pisces (Source - Abode of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine)!  

This is where it gets truly amazing!! 

Transiting Venus (my Inner Feminine) is now conjunct my progressed Neptune (OPEN pipeline straight from Source directly to my Inner Feminine) AND my natal Jupiter (Guru's Grace ~ expansion of the Goddess). The choreography of these three planetary forces allowed for the desire of my Inner High Priestess to be made known and for Her to be revealed today.

In Sacred Partnership with Venus (my Inner Feminine), transiting Mars (my Inner Masculine) is now conjunct my progressed Chiron (Sacred Gift /Shamanic Medicine).  The Shamanic Medicine of Pisces is the ability to merge with your Divine Self without losing your individuality.  My Inner High Priestess is a manifestation of my Divine Feminine ~ the Goddess. For me, Pisces is in my 9th house ~ the very same frequency of my Inner High Priestess's name, Sofia Mona Lisa! ~ so, Chiron is also infusing me spiritual meaning and purpose. With Saturn (Cosmic Manifestor) in Sagittarius, along with my natal Venus (my Inner Feminine), this spiritual purpose is related to the highest expression of my Soul's Truth (the frequency of 7).

Thus, as my Inner Feminine has been receiving through the open pipeline of Source, my Inner Masculine has been activating the unveiling of my Inner High Priestess.  Truly, this is a spectacular and beautiful expression of the Cosmic Ecstatic Dance of Shiva and Shakti that is being played out on both stages of the As Above, So Below and the As Within, So Without!

If your Heart is desiring clarity as to how the Eternal Dance of Shiva and Shakti is playing out on your own unique stage, please email me to schedule a Shamanic AstroSOL™ reading.  When you mention this post, you will receive a 20% discount.  This offer expires January 31st.

Many blessings to you!

©SOL SPEAKS™, 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017

Synchronicity from The Beetle of Our Lady

Hello, Beloveds!

Yesterday, I published my Full Moon in Cancer report, Shamanic Initiation from the Great Mother. Later that evening, three hours later, I found this video on my FaceBook wall:

Shared from Green Nation

I was so thrilled to see this.  It was definitely a moment of synchronicity.  I deeply appreciate this nod from the Great Mother in validating the message I shared about the significance of the Full Moon/Grand Cross.  Further, the number 3 represents the Trinity.  The Trinity is most often associated with the Divine Father ~ Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  The Trinity is ALSO associated with the Divine Mother (As Above, So Below) ~   Mother (Shakti - Mary), Nature (Prakriti - Gaia) and Wisdom (MahaDurga - Sophia).

When you read my Full Moon in Cancer report, you will understand the meaning of the Spider and the significance behind the weaving of the web in the video.

Here is some information on the Medicine of the Ladybug
Ladybug’s medicine includes carrying the golden strand that leads to the centre of the universe, past lives, spiritual enlightenment, death and rebirth, renewal, regeneration, fearlessness, protection, good luck, wishes being fulfilled, protection. ...
Though small in size the ladybug is fearless. As fear cannot exist amongst joy, the ladybug brings a message of promise, for they get us back in touch with the joy of living – we must let go of our fears and go back to our roots, to love. We are also taught to restore our trust and faith in the universe, we have to get over ourselves, our egos, and allow life to take its course going with the flow. ...
The name ladybug has its roots in the middle ages, when it was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and called the beetle of our lady.  ~ Ina Wolcott
The Virgin Mary is known as The Queen of the Universe, and thus She is a beautiful representation of the Great Mother.  This video clearly demonstrates to me the Shamanic Initiation that the Great Mother has catalyzed within us. I also feel it illustrates our journey as we "reweave our relationship with Her."  We are assured that She is always with us!

Many blessings!!

©SOL SPEAKS™, 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Shamanic Initiation from the Great Mother

Today is the first full moon of 2017, a very powerfully transforming full moon in Cancer.  This Cancer Moon is so powerfully transforming because it is activating our Inner Feminine more deeply than She has ever been activated in our lifetime.

This Cancer Moon is one part of an astrological Grand Cross.  A Grand Cross is transformative - truly life-changing - because it stimulates, raises and expands the frequencies of all of our natural elements to provoke a breakthrough within us: Cancer (Water), Capricorn (Earth), Libra (Air) and Aries (Fire). The generation of this crucible engages the element of Spirit being invoked by Source, and in this Grand Cross, by the Divine Feminine ~ Goddess of Source, the Great Mother Herself.

This Grand Cross is truly a Shamanic Initiation of Cosmic magnitude - fully multidimensional.  It prompts our Inner Feminine (Earth-Water) and our Inner Masculine (Air-Fire) to anticipate this new spiral in the journey. The Great Mother has called in the Four Directions to create Sacred Space for Us:  East (Libra - Air), South (Cancer - Water), West (Aires - Fire) and North (Capricorn - Earth).  She has called in the powerful energies of our Solar System's planets to stand with us as allies, to align their frequencies with us and to support us in our process, and thus we have all of our planets in direct motion - "a rare astrological event."

Our relationship with the Divine Feminine ~ Goddess ~ Great Mother has been deeply wounded through the past 6,000 years of Patriarchy ~ The Great Illness.  This was when "the head was cut off of the snake."  This severed us from our multidimensional selves.  We lost connection with and forgot the Snake Mysteries.  It severed us from our Shakti leaving us no longer connected to the dynamic forces that move through the Universe.  We lost our empowerment.  We ALL lost our Mother.  Every person, man and woman, carries this deep wound.  It is represented in your natal chart by Black Moon Lilith.  It has been identified as "the mother wound" by Bethany Webster.  Every one of us must heal this wound within ourselves, so that each human being can embody the Divine Feminine power and realign with their Inner Feminine.

What are we "to do" to receive this Shamanic Initiation by the Great Mother?  We BREATHE.  Our breath is our most "tangible" expression of our Spirit ~ our Soul.  We ALLOW.  Allowing is how we Surrender to Her.  Our Spirit's deepest desire is to co-create with Source. Our surrender to the Goddess facilitates the co-creative process.  In our allowing, we become AWARE.  By being AWARE, we consciously experience the rebalancing of our Inner Feminine.

In our personal lives, our families and our communities, we have been in relationship with the Great Mother through Nature (Earth - Gaia) and our Elders, our Grandmothers.  It is a relationship that hangs on by a thread.  The Spider is a symbol of the Grandmother:
As the weaver of the web, the spider symbolizes the spirit of creation. In several traditions, she’s the totemic symbol of the Mother, strong feminine energy. In Ancient Egypt, the spider was used as a symbol to represent the goddess of the Divine Mother, Neith. In some American Indian tribes, it is considered as the symbol for the creator of the world and by extension is associated with the female creative energy. ~
The Great Mother's Shamanic Initiation is prompting us and inspiring us to reweave our relationship with Her.  The Grand Cross provides an exquisite foundation for us upon which we can take the frayed and lost threads to begin reweaving our new interconnection ~ where that which was once severed becomes reunited.

As we reweave our new channel to the Great Mother, we open to our multidimensional Self.  The portals to our multidimensional Self are found in our centers of spiritual power, our chakras.  The most significant chakra for this Shamanic Initiation is the Root Chakra.  The Root Chakra is the seat of Shakti.  The Root Chakra is where Shakti lies as the coiled snake.  There is a lot of fear being carried by humanity in the Root Chakra.  This fear goes back to being severed from our multidimensional selves and losing our connection to the Great Mother.  We were told to fear the snake!!  Suddenly, we felt lost, and we no longer felt safe!  We still don't feel safe. We don't feel safe being in our bodies.  We don't feel safe being on this planet.

Through the Shamanic Initiation of this Cancer Full Moon, the Great Mother Herself is healing this wound.  She is embracing us in Her arms.  Who does not feel safe in their mother's arms?  All of us long for our mother's embrace.  There is no safer place to be than in her embrace.  The Water Element of the Cancer Full Moon is providing us with an EMOTIONAL HEALING.  This emotional healing is creating a safe space within us where Pluto, ruler of the water sign Scorpio, will support us in renewing our relationship with Shakti and becoming reacquainted with the Snake Mysteries.

Simultaneously, Uranus is sending us the Fire of the Goddess into our Sacral (2nd) Chakra to reignite our Creative Life Force.  The Lamp's flame is brilliant.  This Fire of the Goddess charges us to become liberated!  We freely rebuild our Sacred Inner Temple.  This is The Third Temple!  Here the Great Mother reinstalls the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies.  Held within the Ark of the Covenant are the Sword and the Cup.

In concert, the Sun, once again with Pluto's support, is beaming its golden rays of empowerment into our Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra.

Through the Grace of Jupiter, the Spirit's urge to connect with Source, is realized as Shakti travels from the Root Chakra, through the Sacral Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra, gathering the Gifts within each, and arrives within the Heart Chakra to consecrate the Seat of the Soul with Feminine Wisdom.  Here, the Sword (Inner Masculine) and the Cup (Inner Feminine) bequeath their wealth to the Sacred Inner Temple.  Together, the Inner Masculine and the Inner Feminine join in Sacred Union to expand into New Horizons.

The New Horizons will be discovered by you over the course of 2017.  As you journey, stay mindful of your new relationship with the Great Mother.  Attune to your lower chakras to recieve Her guidance. The Root Chakra will connect you to aspects of Her as Earth Goddesses: Ceres and Demeter; the Sacral Chakra will connect you to aspects of Her as Water (fertility and abundance) Goddesses: Juno and Mata Gangaji; the Solar Plexus Chakra will connect you to aspects of Her as Fire: Pele and Sekhmet.  The Heart Chakra is LOVE.  Here is where you will feel the Presence and the Love of the Mother.  As your Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine bask in Her Love, you will co-create a Life of JOY.

Many blessings to you, Beloveds, on this amazing journey of creation and discovery.

©SOL SPEAKS™, 2017