Friday, January 13, 2017

Synchronicity from The Beetle of Our Lady

Hello, Beloveds!

Yesterday, I published my Full Moon in Cancer report, Shamanic Initiation from the Great Mother. Later that evening, three hours later, I found this video on my FaceBook wall:

Shared from Green Nation

I was so thrilled to see this.  It was definitely a moment of synchronicity.  I deeply appreciate this nod from the Great Mother in validating the message I shared about the significance of the Full Moon/Grand Cross.  Further, the number 3 represents the Trinity.  The Trinity is most often associated with the Divine Father ~ Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  The Trinity is ALSO associated with the Divine Mother (As Above, So Below) ~   Mother (Shakti - Mary), Nature (Prakriti - Gaia) and Wisdom (MahaDurga - Sophia).

When you read my Full Moon in Cancer report, you will understand the meaning of the Spider and the significance behind the weaving of the web in the video.

Here is some information on the Medicine of the Ladybug
Ladybug’s medicine includes carrying the golden strand that leads to the centre of the universe, past lives, spiritual enlightenment, death and rebirth, renewal, regeneration, fearlessness, protection, good luck, wishes being fulfilled, protection. ...
Though small in size the ladybug is fearless. As fear cannot exist amongst joy, the ladybug brings a message of promise, for they get us back in touch with the joy of living – we must let go of our fears and go back to our roots, to love. We are also taught to restore our trust and faith in the universe, we have to get over ourselves, our egos, and allow life to take its course going with the flow. ...
The name ladybug has its roots in the middle ages, when it was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and called the beetle of our lady.  ~ Ina Wolcott
The Virgin Mary is known as The Queen of the Universe, and thus She is a beautiful representation of the Great Mother.  This video clearly demonstrates to me the Shamanic Initiation that the Great Mother has catalyzed within us. I also feel it illustrates our journey as we "reweave our relationship with Her."  We are assured that She is always with us!

Many blessings!!

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