Saturday, January 14, 2017

Introducing Sofia Mona Lisa

Hello, Beloveds!

We are still within the window of our potent Full Moon in Cancer on January 12, 2017 ~ 3 days prior, day of, and 3 days after.  So much has been unfolding for me during this time of Shamanic Initiation from the Great Mother, as I know it has been for you.

Today, whilst doing my own personal Breath of Love shamanic journey, my Inner High Priestess made it known to me that She desired to be unveiled and introduced to our 3D reality.  Thus, I humbly present to you ... Sofia Mona Lisa.  

Now that my Inner High Priestess has been formally acknowledged, I am choosing to fully embody Her Presence.  Thus, with deep humility and gratitude, I relinquish my Shamanic Priestess name, Gaia Devi Kalikaji, and welcome my Inner High Priestess designation as Sofia Mona Lisa. Hereafter, my personal social media outlets will be identified by this name. 

When my Inner High Priestess revealed Her name to me, She emphasized to me that Her first name, Sofia, is spelled with an "f" rather than "ph."  I was curious about this significance, so I looked at the numerology related to both spellings.  I discovered that this notably influenced the frequency of the Purpose as determined by the Higher Self, that which our Soul desires for our greatest evolutionary fulfillment.  Sofia Mona Lisa carries the 9 frequency related to compassion, tolerance, understanding and service as a spiritual leader, teacher or healer.

Likewise, I realized that there was a significance to Her choosing today for Her unveiling.  Once again, I looked at the numerology.  Interestingly, the frequency of 7 (today's date) aligns with my own Natal North & South Nodes at 29° Cancer & Capricorn in the 1st & 7th Houses of "learning to be alone and not lonely" (North Node) and "not insisting on partnerships" (South Node).  The number 7 also carries the frequency of spirituality and mysticism.  Its destiny is to discover the Truth from within.  With the 7th House being the house of partnership, I am now walking in conscious sacred partnership with my Inner High Priestess.

I was fascinated when I discovered the deeper harmonies prevailing between these frequencies of "7" and "9" and the current transits in my astrological chart. Just yesterday, as a part of the Shamanic Initiation from the Great Mother, Luna activated my Natal North Node.  Every time our Natal North Node is activated, the Cosmos is bringing us back into alignment with our Soul's evolutionary path for this incarnation.  

Further, right now, BOTH transiting Venus (our Inner Feminine) and Mars (our Inner Masculine) are in Pisces (Source - Abode of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine)!  

This is where it gets truly amazing!! 

Transiting Venus (my Inner Feminine) is now conjunct my progressed Neptune (OPEN pipeline straight from Source directly to my Inner Feminine) AND my natal Jupiter (Guru's Grace ~ expansion of the Goddess). The choreography of these three planetary forces allowed for the desire of my Inner High Priestess to be made known and for Her to be revealed today.

In Sacred Partnership with Venus (my Inner Feminine), transiting Mars (my Inner Masculine) is now conjunct my progressed Chiron (Sacred Gift /Shamanic Medicine).  The Shamanic Medicine of Pisces is the ability to merge with your Divine Self without losing your individuality.  My Inner High Priestess is a manifestation of my Divine Feminine ~ the Goddess. For me, Pisces is in my 9th house ~ the very same frequency of my Inner High Priestess's name, Sofia Mona Lisa! ~ so, Chiron is also infusing me spiritual meaning and purpose. With Saturn (Cosmic Manifestor) in Sagittarius, along with my natal Venus (my Inner Feminine), this spiritual purpose is related to the highest expression of my Soul's Truth (the frequency of 7).

Thus, as my Inner Feminine has been receiving through the open pipeline of Source, my Inner Masculine has been activating the unveiling of my Inner High Priestess.  Truly, this is a spectacular and beautiful expression of the Cosmic Ecstatic Dance of Shiva and Shakti that is being played out on both stages of the As Above, So Below and the As Within, So Without!

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Many blessings to you!

©SOL SPEAKS™, 2017