Saturday, August 20, 2016

Expansion of the Cosmic Feminine

SHAKTI: Cosmic Feminine ~ Divine Feminine ~ Sacred Feminine

Many of you may be aware that we recently passed through the Gateway of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which was located at 25 degrees and 52 minutes of Aquarius.  The location of this particular Full Moon is of GREAT SIGNIFICANCE to our planet, Earth, The Temple of Maya, and to Her Children, The Temple of Humanity and The Temple of Nature.  

We in The Temple of Humanity have been aware of this SIGNIFICANT COSMIC EVENT at the core of every cell of our bodies, at the core of our Hearts and at the core of our Souls.  We have felt this TSUNAMI of COSMIC ENERGY rush through us.  It has knocked us off our feet and onto our tushies. Our limbs have been flailing as we have been frantically gulping for air.  And, thanks to the effects of the Lunar Eclipse, we have been on this "joy ride" for the past month, and will continue to integrate these energies of GREAT CHANGE and UPHEAVAL for the next month.  For me personally, I have been keenly aware of this COSMIC TSUNAMI in my life over the past two weeks, and I have heard first-hand from others in the global arena of being CONSCIOUS of their own roller coaster adventure.  And yet, the probing question in my mind and in theirs has been, "WTF???". "What is going on?!"  "What is this about?!?"  "HOW is this extreme turmoil working for ME?!?!"

If you haven't already buckled your seat-belt for this bumpy ride, do so now!  It is not over!!

I invite you to join me in the discovery of "WHO" is driving our bumpy ride and why.  The clue for decryption goes back to that location of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 25°52' of Aquarius. I use the word "decryption" with Conscious Intent.  While the word "decrypt" means to unscramble a message, when we move deeper into this word, we discover that the root word for "decrypt" is the Greek word "kryptos," signifying that which is hidden or secret.  From an esoteric perspective, that which is hidden or secret is considered SACRED.  And, the most SACRED of all Knowledge is the Mysteries of the Cosmic Feminine!  Thus, it is SHE ~ The COSMIC FEMININE ~ who is the FORCE behind this COSMIC TSUNAMI!  SHE is the Creative Force, the SHAKTI, from which ALL Life is birthed.

I have been sharing much Wisdom from the Cosmic Feminine with my readers for the past several years.  Initially, I discussed the Awakening of the Cosmic Feminine.  With the Awakening of the Cosmic Feminine, HER SEED, which had been nestled deep within the Heart of each of Us, was delicately rooting Itself in this dark, moist and rich Vessel.  At that PERFECT moment determined by the Cosmic Feminine, HER SEED split open within each of Us, Awakened from Its slumber.
[A seed] is able to remain alive, although dormant, through conditions which may be unfavourable for immediate growth. When suitable conditions occur a seed will begin to germinate.  Relatively few seeds will sprout as soon as they mature. Even under ideal conditions most seeds remain dormant for what is called a "rest period", which varies in duration in different plant groups. Rest periods are thought to be necessary for certain chemical changes related to the "ripening" of the foods stored in the seed.  Seeds, though dormant, are living organisms and need favourable conditions to grow. ~ Seeds and Germination
Then, I began sharing the Re-Emergence of the Cosmic Feminine.  With the Re-Emergence of the Cosmic Feminine, HER SEED had broken through the surface of the soil, (our Heart Vessels), and had sprouted (Re-Emerged into the Consciousness of The Temple of Humanity).

NOW, what was once the SPROUTED SEED of the Cosmic Feminine, has been reaching for HER LIGHT.  The LIGHT of the Cosmic Feminine has been pouring through our Heart Vessels, nourishing HER SPROUTED SEED, and bringing All of Us within The Temple of  Humanity to this precise moment to reveal to The Temple of Humanity the Expansion of the Cosmic Feminine!

YES, Beloveds!!!  The SIGNIFICANT COSMIC EVENT heralded by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 25°52' of Aquarius is indeed the Expansion of the Cosmic Feminine!  So, HOW do we know this to be true???

We know this to be TRUE because the Gateway of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius is one of the grounding points of a YOD ~ an astrological configuration called "The Finger of God!"  Only, this time, this YOD is "The Finger of the GODDESS!"  The COSMIC FEMININE (Full Moon in Aquarius ~ and, Full Moon also represents Full Consciousness) is pointing directly at Jupiter in Virgo (Expansion of the Cosmic Feminine)!  Meanwhile, the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is lending Its Cosmic and Revolutionary energies to HER EXPANSION from the sign of Aries (now, the Sign of the Sacred Masculine ~ refer to my work on the New Shiva and the New Shakti), the third point in our Finger of GODDESS.

The COSMIC FEMININE is expanding through each one of Us, Embodiments of LOVE, within The Temple of Humanity, through The Temple of Nature AND through The Temple of Maya in an unprecedented COSMIC TSUNAMI.  This COSMIC TSUNAMI of The Finger of Goddess has completely shifted the Inner Poles of our Heart Vessels, and this is WHY we have been asking ourselves, "WTF???".  Imagine the upheaval and turbulence that would be created by the shifting of our planet's poles!  This is what is happening within everyone of Us!!

It is my intent and expectation that each of you now has a clearer understanding of "What is going on?!" AND "What is this about?!?".  If your Heart is calling you into clarity around "HOW is this extreme turmoil working for ME?!?!,"  I invite you to schedule an astrology reading with me.  The Cosmic Feminine is desiring for You to know HER TRUTH as It is being expressed and expanded through Your Heart ( Eris ~ The Goddess of Truth ~ conjunct Uranus in Aries ~ Inspired Action).


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