Thursday, May 28, 2015

COSMIC Initiation

This week of May 25, 2015 - June 2, 2015 is one of a Great COSMIC Initiation for The Temple of Humanity (Collective Consciousness), for those Beings who have ascended into The Temple of LOVE and for all other Beings within The Temple of Maya.

To discover how this COSMIC Initiation is activating your Self, look to your astrological chart in the houses holding the signs of Virgo and Pisces!  [NOTE:  If you require assistance with this, I invite you to schedule a Shamanic Astro-mapping reading with me.]

For me personally, I became aware of this Cosmic event as I realized  that at least TWO of my previous postings regarding experiences I have had on the Inner Planes were currently being grounded in this dimension (3D):

The first experience was that of Sacred Marriage that I shared back in February.  That initiation coincided with my Shamanic Priestess circle's ceremony for honoring our maternal lineage.  The initiation became fully grounded on this past May 17th, the New Moon in Taurus, when our Shamanic Priestess circle held our own personal Sacred Marriage ceremonies.  I felt like a new bride! It was an amazing feeling for me, which all new brides can attest to, particularly since I have not been married in this lifetime.  What an auspicious timing!

To fully understand how propitious this Sacred Marriage ceremony at the New Moon in Taurus was, I must take you back to the time of my arrival onto our beautiful planet, The Temple of Maya. Having arrived in January 1963, the two Great Gods (Sacred Masculine) of Uranus and Pluto were both in Virgo (The Goddess/Earth Mother) and were preparing to meet full-on, head-to-head, in 1965.  Thus, I emerged into The Temple of Maya carrying within me the energetic Cosmic Seed of Reactivating the Sacred Feminine within The Temple of Humanity.  Three years later (1968), Black Moon Lilith was in Taurus!  This was Her first sojourn into Taurus since the two Gods had poured forth their Sacred Masculine energy upon The Temple of Maya.  Here in Taurus, Lilith was now reminding The Temple of Humanity that It must reconnect and ground Itself within the Wisdom of The Temple of Maya and that It must open up Its Heart to a renewed Communion with The Temple of Maya.  And, so it is that my Shamanic Priestess Circle fulfilled this Intention set by Black Moon Lilith 47 years ago at this month's New Moon!

Since the time of The Watering of The Temple of Maya with the Sacred Masculine energies by the Gods, Uranus and Pluto, Black Moon Lilith has completed SIX cycles around our Galactic SUN in Her Mission to awaken The Temple of Humanity.  She is now in Virgo bringing about the re-emergence, Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine ~ Solar Feminine ~ Cosmic Feminine ~ Divine Feminine!

The second trans-personal experience of mine that is becoming fully grounded through this current COSMIC Initiation is that of Putting the Pieces of my Self Back Together Again.  As above, so below!  And ... vice-versa!  So, through my last post, I described the re-membering of my Instinctual Self.  Now, through our current Mercury retrograde, that re-membering is expanding into a re-visioning of my Priestess Self ~ Goddess Self ~ Sacred Feminine Self.

It all began for me on Monday, May 25, 2015.  At that time, our Moon (The Great Mother) was in Leo.  Over the course of this week, She has moved out of Leo, through Virgo, is now in Libra, and will continue Her trek through Scorpio, finally moving into 2° Sagittarius on June 2nd ~ the culmination point of this COSMIC Initiation.

As The Great Mother moved through Leo, She gave a nod to my new Bride-Groom, Inner Masculine, Mars.  Thank YOU for that blessing, Dear Mother!  Then, the party for me got started!!  The Great Mother moved through Virgo activating my progressed Ascendant which is conjunct the Royal Star Regulus (Long live the Queen!!!), my natal Uranus and Pluto (Remember that energetic Cosmic Seed of reactivating the Sacred Feminine within The Temple of Humanity which I carry within me???), my progressed and natal Ceres (Goddess of the Earth), transiting Black Moon Lilith (Renaissance of the Feminine in ALL Her Forms!),  my progressed and natal Juno (Queen of ALL Gods and Goddesses), and my progressed and natal Vesta (Goddess of Fire in the Hearth and the Womb ~ Kundalini ~ SHAKTI)!  The fireworks were popping all over the sky for me, and this was ONLY the beginning!!!

From here, The Great Mother moved into Libra to shine Her Light on my energetic taproot (IC) ~ my creative lineage ~ my Heart lineage  (right where the transiting North Node is making a PERFECT conjunction) ~ AND my natal Black Moon Lilith!  It is time for me to celebrate all of  the Shadow I have acknowledged and embraced for myself and The Temple of Humanity! It is time for me to celebrate my interconnectedness with all Beings as I move into WHOLENESS! It is definitely time for me to celebrate the abundance and manifestation of my Inner Goddess!

Now, as The Great Mother moves forward this weekend through the remaining portion of Libra and into Scorpio, She ~ together with my natal Arcturus Star ~ will infuse my Inner Goddess with the energy of my ancient homeland, and then She will activate my natal Neptune reflecting the depth of integrity I have brought to my Soul's Purpose ~ my Sacred/Creative Work.

Finally, the culmination of this COSMIC Initiation occurs for me on the Sagittarius Full Moon (June 2, 2015) when The Great Mother passes over the Cosmic Manifestor (transiting Saturn) to take Her Place right on top of the throne of my natal Venus (my Inner Feminine/Inner Goddess)!!!  I AM  The Wisdom Keeper for The Temple of Maya and The Way Shower for The Temple of Humanity.  I have arrived!!!

Allow me to remind you once more that The Temple of Humanity's Great Benefactress, Black Moon Lilith, is now in Virgo, right where all of Her work on behalf of The Temple of Maya and The Temple of Humanity began back in the 1960's.  During this Mercury retrograde, allow Her to remind you of Our Interconnectedness with ALL Life!  Thus, this COSMIC Initiation is for you AND The Temple of Humanity too!!

For The Temple of Humanity, I am aware of the following activators in the Collective Consciousness as The Great Mother has moved through Virgo, continues Her trek through Libra and Scorpio, and completes this COSMIC Initiation at the Sagittarius Full Moon:

  • Through Virgo, The Great Mother has reflected to us the deep commitment that transiting Black Moon Lilith has to The Temple of Humanity and The Temple of Maya for the re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine within the Collective Consciousness.  The Great Mother also triggered transiting Chiron and transiting Neptune (both in Pisces) to allow Them to pour forth into The Temple of Humanity an awareness of Its' Core/Sacred Wound that was created from the "every man for himself" attitude and the wanton use of our precious Earth Mother's resources as though They were unlimited and ripe for the taking.
    • The Great Mother has stirred within The Temple of Humanity those Beings who will become the Great Hero/Heroines(s) of our Aquarian age.  These Hero/Heroine(s) will be attuned to the Collective and the Universal needs of ALL Life, They will be in Service to the Sacred Masculine AND the Sacred Feminine.  They will HEAL The Temple of Maya!  This is the Sacred Gift that is being activated.
  • Through Libra, The Great Mother has reflected to us the deep intention from LIFE (transiting North Node) for The Temple of Humanity to mature into a Conscious Organism of Sacred Balance and Sacred Comm/Union within Itself and as a Child of The Temple of Maya.  The Great Mother also triggered transiting Uranus (in Aries) to reflect to us this Sacred Masculine's insistence that The Temple of Humanity MUST wake up NOW to Its' collective greed and ignorance of the destruction It has created and allowed within The Temple of Maya.  Together, our North Node and Sacred Masculine energy of Uranus are holding down the ends of the Relationship Axis.  The Temple of Humanity is being ardently shifted out of relationship with only Itself and for Itself into Right Relationship ~ Relationship with and for the Other.
  • And just before She shines in ALL Her Glory, The Great Mother will reflect to us the IMPERATIVE from LIFE!  NOW is the time for Right Action and Conscious Manifestation! The Temple of Humanity WILL manifest Truth and Integrity, and restore The Temple of Maya to Her former Glory!!
That is not all, Beloveds!

As if to Consciously Model for The Temple of Humanity the Empowerment of Sacred Balance and Sacred Comm/Union, The Great Father (our Galactic Sun) stands across the sky from The Great Mother's destination point, the Sagittarius Full Moon, over in Gemini.  Here, this weekend The Great Father will be passing by the Royal Star, Aldebaran, illuminating God's Eye for The Temple of Humanity, providing It an opportunity to embrace and balance both the energies of enlightenment AND anger/pride/revenge within each of us individually AND at the collective level. 

During this time of Mercury Retrograde, the embracing and balancing of these dual energies is a beautiful intention to declare and ground in order to fully seed this COSMIC Initiation within your Self.  Allow The Great Mother and The Great Father, through this Sagittarius Full Moon and illumination of Aldebaran, to reignite the Sacred Flame of the Cosmic Feminine within you.  Ground your reawakening of your Authentic Relationship with The Temple of Maya by celebrating Her in Nature under the stars of our Full Moon!

© SOL SPEAKS™ 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Putting the Pieces of my Self Back Together Again

Hello, Beloveds.

OMG!!!  So much has been catalyzed within me since my Mystical Mother's Day.

First, to bring you up to speed, I had a lot of Cosmic support on Mother's Day.   As such, I am personally having more realizations and awareness around my multidimensional Selves and experiences. I believe that this has a lot to do with the fact that Luna triggered the apex point of one of my Yods on Sunday. This particular Yod has Mercury in Aquarius (apex - 7th house), Luna in Cancer (12th house), and Uranus in Virgo (2nd house).  I find this Yod fascinating... the ruler of Cancer (Moon) is in its own sign, Uranus is in the sign ruled by Mercury and Mercury is in the sign ruled by Uranus. No wonder Mother's Day was sooooooo mystically amazing!!!

Yesterday was Luna's last quarter phase.  Here is what Star Sister Astrology had to say about that:
Over the year ahead, your challenge -- and mine, and that of everyone on our imperiled planet -- will be to develop a new relationship between the three-D reality of your life, and our world, and the multidimensional potentials that lie just beyond it. ~ Marcia Wade
Naturally, here in duality, when we experience the Highs we must also experience the Lows.  I have been dealing with that fallout today.

I had just had a HUGE "aha" moment right before seeing this FaceBook posting by Shaman Tube:
We are powerful beyond measure, and so deeply vulnerable at the same time. This may seem like a dichotomy, but it isn't. We have misunderstood real power. It has been something assertive, non-surrendering, pushing on through. This is not real power. This is simply willfulness. Real power is something else- receptivity, openness, the courage to keep your heart open on the darkest of days, the strength to feel it all even when the odds are stacked against you. Real power is showing up with your heart on your sleeve and absolutely refusing to waste one moment of your life hidden behind edginess and armor. ~ Jeff Brown
Art by Kirby Sattler

I have recently read The Shadow King by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone.  I am currently reading their book, Embracing Our Selves.  From their second book, I have become aware that my Instinctual self was polarized very early in my life causing me to be challenged by aggression throughout the rest of my life up until now ever since my Tiger self was buried. 

I was thinking of the various, most recent dreams I have been having where my Tiger self has been desperately trying to get my attention. Then, I realized that somehow my Tiger self got the message around the age of 2 or 3 years that it needed to save me AND my mom from my dad who adopted me when I was 4. I also realized that, while I had saved myself, I had failed in not being able to save my mom. In the moment of that realization, I was overcome by sorrow, and I started crying.

Further, I was constantly being punished for being a "willful" child.  This is how we lose our Self. My parents were taught the wrong definition of power, and when I exhibited REAL power, they couldn't recognize it, they mislabeled what they saw, and my real power was disowned when I was punished for it.

While I am very  glad that I found the message shared above because it reteaches my Instinctual self about how to come back into balance, it triggered an ENORMOUS and unexpected grieving process for me.  I was very confused for awhile.  I was significantly aware of the feelings of sorrow that were coming up, yet I was unable to discern what exactly it was that I was grieving.

Despite the fact that I was feeling so stretched that I was certain to POP, I chose to keep diving deeper into the process.  Bits and pieces started floating to the surface.  

I was reminded of an incident that I had been told about by my aunt ~ my mother's older sister.  She had relayed an incident wherein she, my grandmother (their mother) and my great grandmother had come to visit us.  At this time, my sister was an infant and it was before I was formally adopted by mother's second husband, my sister's father.  I had gotten into trouble with him over something of insignificance, and he had gone into a rage about it.  My aunt told me that she, my grandmother and great grandmother were appalled by his behavior and confronted my mother about allowing his treatment towards me.  My aunt said that my mother physically stepped between them and me and my dad, and said very coolly to them, "He's her father now."  Recognizing the impasse my mother had created, my aunt, my grandmother and my great grandmother walked out and left me there with them.

This incident seems to tie together with the polarization of my Instinctual self, though there may have been even earlier events that contributed to it as well.  Still, it did feel as though there was more to discover around this event.  I chose to rise above the personal impact for me to find an impersonal access point.  As I made this choice, I was again reminded that I have been aware of being here on the planet for an important mission since I was at least 2 years old.

My Soul mission is very much connected to the healing of the Wounded Feminine, the Reemergence of the Solar Feminine and the Union of the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine.  For all of this to happen - the Healing, the Reemergence, the Sacred Union - underneath it lies the monumental task of bringing the Patriarchy from the past 6,000 years back into balance.  Yes, I know, it does feel very daunting at times!

Here is where it became clear to me that my dad is a full and perfect embodiment of the Extreme Patriarch. My mother is a full and perfect embodiment of the Wounded Feminine.  From the story my aunt had shared with me, It feels pretty clear to me that traumatizing experience of having my maternal lineage walk out on me, leaving me with a Wounded Feminine and an Extreme Patriarch whose rages were life-threatening, provided the "perfect storm" for my Inner Child to attach my Soul Mission to my immediate sense of endangerment from my mom and dad.  Thus, my Tiger self received the message that it needed to save me AND my mom (Wounded Feminine) from my dad (Extreme Patriarch).

Being able to move into the Aware Ego Process to discover the roots of my Instinctual self's polarization and how it has impacted my life has provided a tremendous healing for me as I regain pieces of my True Self ~ my Real Self.  Putting the pieces of my Real Self back together has helped my Inner Child to understand that it did not, nor has not, failed in my Soul Mission.  Rediscovering my Real Self gives me AND my Inner Child FULL permission to once again act from our Real Power.

I pray you, too, will find your way back to that sacred place within you.

I am available for Coaching Calls ($81/Hour) should you require some support.  You can email me to schedule a call.


My Inner Child is JOYFUL once more!

© SOL SPEAKS™ 2015

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Hello, Beloveds!

I have been so inspired to write to you today to share with you what an AMAZINGLY MYSTICAL day I have had today on Mother's Day, May 10, 2015.

The funny thing is that I woke up feeling like I had missed most of it!  I have sleep challenges depending on the Cosmic frequencies our beautiful Mother Earth is receiving.  So, last night I was awake straight through the night, and did not fall asleep until sometime after 6:00 this morning. Because I fell asleep so late, I  did not wake up until 5:00 this evening!

Of course, the first thing I did was to look at my phone to see if my son had called or if I had heard from my brother and sister.  While, my son had called, he did not leave a message, nor had I heard from my brother or sister.

I quickly called my son, and he was out hiking the Santa Monica hills.  He asked if we could Skype when he got home.  He did actually wish me a "Happy Mother's Day," and yet in the back of my mind, there was a mental note that he had not asked me about receiving anything from him. Although I was looking forward to our Skype session, I could feel some energy bubbling up around having been "overlooked" by my family for Mother's Day.

However, that feeling quickly dissipated and the thoughts were disbursed when I found an exquisite FaceBook post to my page!  Before I share it, I must let you know that in the wee hours of this Mother's Day morning, before I could fall asleep, I had posted the following FaceBook message on my FaceBook page, and I had shared it to the numerous FaceBook groups I belong to:

As Mothers, we dream into Being the New Shiva and the New Shakti which is the reality we desire for all of our sons and daughters. Happy Mother's Day. Honoring the Creative Power within each of you.

Here is the following FaceBook post I received from E Ra Sunchild directly related to the FaceBook posting I have shared above:
And as if to echo the post below about the appearance of New Shakhti - I have to share my "archaeological discovery" that I have made TODAY MORNING while tending to my property ! Here is the story:
Yesterday I have just returned after seeing the Sadhguru... what a gift it was by itself arranged by the Universe! But what happened today right after that, on the Mother's Day of the celebration of Divine Feminine as Mothers of Creation of Life - is even more of a gift...
Today while I was fixing couple things on outskirts of my property, I noticed a piece of rock or cement sticking out from under the roots of the tree... This tree was there all 10 years as we live here. I am always curios, you know. So I cleared the soil around it and pushed the piece with my hand to rock it back and forth. It gave in so easily like it was ready to be found and come out! I just wrenched it out of the ground in 2 moves and.. astonishingly found myself looking at the headless statue of Buddha! Looking closer I realized that it was a FEMALE BUDDHA ! The way the garment is cut, the flower pattern on it, the way the soft folds flowing down her back and arms.. the feminine cut of sleeves and certainly feminine fingers and hands holding Sacred Lotus reflecting the beauty of feminine forms. On first pictures below you can see the darker areas of the statue covered with soil. What was appearing all these years above the ground were just shoulders and upper torso, her head was next to it and also half out of the ground but under the mulch and the heap of old leaves. 
What a timing for Her to come out of oblivion! 
Here She Buddha is ! She is due for cleaning and full restoration NOW! I will post more when She Divine Feminine Buddha is fully restored and join her counterpart Male Buddha in my House, who was waiting for her here for all these years for completion of Hieros Gamos - Sacred Union Of Love and Happiness! Well, He is inside the house:) They both are the same size!!! what a match!
Happy Mothers Day! May all women on Earth be finally recognized as Divine Feminine and restored in Love and Joy for sharing their natural beauty with this world just like our archetype Female Buddha in peace, harmony and the truth of earthly existence as mothers, daughters, sisters and wives.
May 10, 2015, Mothers Day and the Day of Restoration of She-Buddha in our hearts.

Isn't she just BEAUTIFUL???

Receiving this from E Ra Sunchild just made my Heart sing!  I felt as though the Universal Mother was letting me know personally that We were connected today, and that She IS aware of me.  Yes, intellectually, we know this stuff.  This, though, was very different.  It was NOT intellectual.  It was an internal feeling of energetic linkage.  We were ONE and AWARE of each Other!

As I was basking in the glow of my Universal Mother connection, I was distracted by a phone call with a friend of nearly 20 years and then my Skype session with my son.  I tried to explain to my friend  all of the feelings that were coming up around not being acknowledged in the way "I" expected for Mother's Day.  I told her that I couldn't figure out what it was all about.  Even her responses to me seemed dismissive.

After we hung up from our call, I chose to feel more deeply into what was coming up for me.  I started to become aware of these other, as yet unidentified, negative Selves that had been polarized from my TRUE Self: the Disapproving self, the Dissatisfied self, the Invisible self, the Invalidated self, the Dismissed self and the Anxiety self.  WOAH!!!  This was quite a bundle to handle, especially on Mother's Day.  What KIND of a gift was this????

I decided that I was going to call my mother for Mother's Day.  Whether I was disowned by her or not, I felt the real need to connect with her, and I chose to give that to myself.  I left her a message.

Then, my son and I Skyped.  As happy as I was to see him and hear his voice, I was also aware of a voice in the back of mind just waiting to see if he was going to come up with something, anything, for me for Mother's Day.  We chatted enjoyably for nearly 40 minutes, and then finally, towards the end of the conversation, he asked me if I would be home tomorrow, and told me to expect a delivery. Whew!  YES!!  I felt so much relief.  AND ... I felt so ridiculous!!!

I decided to go back and look at my exquisite FaceBook post from E Ra Sunchild again.  That had certainly made me feel good.  I really wanted to feel good, and there was a part of me that felt like my "gratitude" for what I had received was not real.  That old saying, "Fake it 'til you make it," just wasn't doing it for me.

When I had first found E Ra Sunchild's post on my FaceBook timeline, I had immediately shared it with the following message:
BELOVEDS, I am so in awe of this miraculous discovery today on Mother's Day. I bow to the Universal Mother who is making Her re-emergence known!!!

Now, as I went back to the post, I discovered that E Ra Sunchild had responded to my shared message:
Glory to the Universal Mother of All Souls and every Earthly Divine feminine Mother, sister, daughter, beloved and wife... Namaste ! hear the voice of it here: 

As I read E Ra Sunchild's message to me and listened to this music, I could feel myself become giddy again!  I was really mesmerized by this awareness of the HIGH and the LOW I was experiencing today.  (Please note that I am specifically choosing the word "experiencing" rather than the word "feeling.")

I chose to dive very deeply into this Leela (Divine Play) to discover what it was all about, and BAM! I found the GIFT!

The Universal Mother told me that the "low" experience was not my Ego; it was the feeling of dropping my energetic linkage with Her.  I had ascertained through the course of the day that my family members had been mirroring that same energetic play with me.  When I consciously chose to make Mother's Day about Her - the Universal Mother, my energetic linkage was re-established, and I felt blissful. When I allowed myself to drop the energetic linkage, Mother's Day became all about me. As much as I was choosing Gratitude, I was not in Bliss!  I was not connected to Universal Mother, and more importantly, I was NOT connected to my TRUE Self!

I also realized that Mother's Day is just as much for the children as it is for the mothers.  The Universal Mother had gifted me, Her child, for Mother's Day, and I, my mother's daughter, had desired to connect with my Earthly Mother - my first Guru - she who has stood in on behalf of the Universal Mother for me.

This has been the best Mother's Day I have ever had, and I look forward to many more.

I also look forward to receiving the gift that will be delivered from my son tomorrow.  I love you, honey bunny, to the moon and back again!  Everything that happened today, Mother's Day, was just PERFECT!!

© SOL SPEAKS™ 2015

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Transformation of Pretty Light

Part 2 of:  The Tale of Pretty Light

Life in the Clouds as a part of the Priestess Circle fed Pretty Light in ways She could never before have imagined.  As Queen of the Fairies, She had never experienced belonging, the Heart connection of Sisterhood, feeling loved for just Being Herself or being appreciated for Her Wisdom.  Pretty Light had finally come home.  She had finally found Her Spiritual Family.  All the work that She had accomplished while living in the mist was a dim memory.

Now that Pretty Light was living in the Clouds with her Priestess Sisters, She had a very good vantage point from which She could observe the mist that had engulfed her for 50 years which, in the process, had significantly impaired Her Vision.  The Light from the Sky was initially too harsh for Pretty Light’s eyes.  She could barely open her eyes without them being hurt by the Sky’s brilliant Light.

As the days began to pass, Pretty Light could feel the Love from Her Priestess Sisters embracing Her more and more.  The Strength of Their Love made Pretty Light feel connected to Her Priestess Sisters as though They were ONE Being.  Within Their Circle, Pretty Light’s eyes were being healed by the Love that bound the Circle together.  Her eyes were gaining much clarity of sight from the Circle’s Love, and soon, Pretty Light was able to fully open Her eyes.  Through their healing, Pretty Light’s eyes had become as keenly perceptive as the eyes of the Steller's Sea Eagle, the same bird whose wings were now a part of Her.  The brilliant Light of the Sky no longer hurt Her eyes.  Pretty Light was amazed by the breadth of vision that being in the Clouds provided Her, and She was especially in awe of the beauty that She was able to perceive from Her perch in the Clouds.

Gradually, Pretty Light encountered new Awakenings, some of them high hurdles, others deep pits.  Each Awakening stretched Her in ways that intrigued Her.  Now that Pretty Light was out of the mist and among the Clouds, She was able to participate with the Awakenings rather than having them happen to Her.  She enjoyed this new found manner of exploring and discovering all that desired to show up for Her. 

Each Awakening was like a new game of hide-and-seek, and Pretty Light reveled in playing the game, even when She was carried away into such depths that She wanted to squeeze Her eyes closed tightly and hold Her Breath.  Pretty Light quickly discovered that it was easier for Her to play with the heights and the depths of the Awakenings when She allowed Herself to keep Her eyes opened wide and take-in deep breaths.  The deeper She would breathe in, the more exhilaration She would experience, and the quicker She could make Her discoveries within the Awakenings.

Through each new Awakening, Pretty Light grew stronger and stronger and more and more confident.  Her radiance became brighter and more expansive.  Just when Pretty Light was beginning to feel safe and secure living among the Clouds and playing hide-and-seek with the Awakenings, She felt a deep rumbling within.  She had never experienced such a rumbling before.  The force of the rumbling scared Her.  She could feel the Power behind the rumbling, and She didn't know what to do.  Pretty Light felt as though the force of the rumbling would break Her open – split Her in two.  As the rumbling grew closer and louder, Pretty Light became more and more panicked.  The fear of the rumbling’s Power felt like it would drown Her.  Finally, in desperation, Pretty Light called out to Her Goddess-Ally.

Pretty Light had always known that Her Goddess-Ally was by Her side, ready to help Her whenever She needed it.  In fact, Pretty Light had met Her Goddess-Ally on several occasions before when She had been in the mist.  Those occasions had been joyful ones.  Pretty Light had never anticipated so desperately needing Her Goddess-Ally’s protection, especially up here in the Clouds so far away from the mist.  As soon as Pretty Light sent out the call, Her Goddess-Ally immediately responded to Her.  Her Goddess-Ally comforted Her and assured Her that the Power of the rumbling was nothing to be afraid of.  Her Goddess-Ally explained to Her that the Sound of the rumbling was Her own “Roar of Awakening” and the Power of the rumbling was Her own Core Power.

Pretty Light was in wonderment over this revelation.  Pretty Light’s Goddess-Ally explained to Her that She was feeling the Power of Her River of Fire!  Pretty Light realized what an extraordinary GIFT this was for Her.  She learned from Her Goddess-Ally that the River of Fire had always been a part of Her, and living in the mist had kept Her unaware of Its presence.  By living in the Clouds with Her Priestess Sisters, Pretty Light had been so fully embraced by Love that She had been able to reclaim Her Core Power, the River of Fire.

The force of the River of Fire was a new sensation for Pretty Light.  She spent some time on Her favorite Cloud to become accustomed to the feeling.  It was important for Her to feel the Oneness between Herself and the River of Fire, so that She would be able to move with It and create from It.  The River of Fire held much Wisdom.  Pretty Light remembered that It was the Source of Her Wisdom when She had been Queen of the Fairies.  After all that Pretty Light had experienced in the mist, the River of Fire’s Wisdom was much deeper and more sweeping than ever before. 

Looking down from Her Cloud, Pretty Light noticed for the first time that there was a trail of Light that still connected Her to the mist below.  The Light was very faint.  It was more like a trail of glowing pixie dust.  Yet, its faint presence was enough for Pretty Light to see into the mist and observe some of the details from Her time there that She had forgotten upon Her arrival in the Clouds.  

She was astonished to discover that the “escapade” had caused Her to move so far away from Her Psychic Fingerprint that She had completely forgotten Her unique Being-ness.  As She focused more closely on the mist, Pretty Light was able to discern the negative bonding patterns that had formed between Her and Her Earth Mother, Nana, as well as between Her and Her Earth Father, Pops.  Pretty Light could see how the negative bonding patterns between Her and Her Earth Parents facilitated the disownment of Her negative and impersonal energies that had dared to show themselves in the mist.  

Pretty Light began to recognize that Her negative and impersonal energies did not go away when She had disowned them.  Rather, each one had created a Self that haunted Her footsteps through the mist; they were the gang that had been creating Her heartache while She was in the mist.  There was the Spineless Cowardice self, the Bullying self, the Manipulative self, the Deceiver self, the Arrogant self, the Selfish self, the Lazy self, the False Accuser self, the Angry self, the Bad Girl self, the Inner Critic self  and the Unconscious self

As Pretty Light looked even more closely, She was able to distinguish two life-altering episodes of heartache that the gang had created for Her while She was in the mist.  Twice, Her Earth Parents had disowned Her!  The first time, when Pretty Light was about 23 years old, She had been disowned only by Nana.  That episode lasted a few years.  Later, when Pretty Light was about 38 years old, She had been disowned by both Nana and Pops.

WOW!  Pretty Light was astonished!!  

Suddenly, She remembered that She had left the mist while STILL being disowned by Nana and Pops!  Pretty Light looked intensely for the message that She was intended to receive from this discovery.  However, She knew that She would not find the message in the mist.  Pretty Light would have to use Her courage to dive into the Wisdom of the River of Fire to uncover it.  With patience, compassion and courage, Pretty Light realized that Nana and Pops had been mirroring to Her all of the negative and impersonal energies that She had disowned.  By disowning the negative and impersonal energies that She saw and detested in Nana and Pops, they (Nana and Pops) – in turn – had literally disowned Her twice: once for each of them.

Pretty Light was overcome by the sacrifice that Nana and Pops had made on Her behalf to ensure that She would progress into the Aware Ego Process.  The experience of Life in the mist through the actual experience of Her Selves, along with the Wisdom of the River of Fire, had enabled Pretty Light to surrender to ALL of Her energies.

As Pretty Light became more comfortable with the Presence of the River of Fire within Her, She experienced a huge shift within Herself.  It was so immense that it felt as if an earthquake had shook Her entire internal landscape.  From this shift, Pretty Light’s internal world began to open up very quickly.  As Pretty Light’s Inner World opened, the Wisdom from the River of Fire surged forth to fill every nook and cranny. 

The River of Fire became an Ocean of Wisdom within Pretty Light.  She began to receive sudden sparks of memories.  She remembered Her Lineage from Arcturus in the 6th dimension and also with The Ancients, who are a future version of the Arcturians in the 33rd dimension. She remembered the Sacred Contract that She had made with The Ancients who are collectively sharing LIFE Wisdom with Humanity for the first time in 9,000 years.  She remembered Her commitment to Mother Earth as a Guardian.  She remembered Her mission to reconnect with Her Priestess Sister.  She remembered Her Star Tetrahedron Crystalline Structure and ALL of Her ten (10) points of Consciousness which assist Her with conducting Her inter-dimensional work.  She remembered that Her Autistic elements help Her to disconnect from Humanity’s Collective Consciousness, so that She can perform Her Service from Love.  Most especially, She remembered the Magic of the Golden Ray that She had brought forth with Her when She had been born as a Human baby.

Through the Ocean of Wisdom within Her and the Magic of the Golden Ray that She had brought with Her, Pretty Light had been able to expand so fully that She had been transformed from being a Pretty Light into being a Bright Star.

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