Tuesday, February 2, 2016


SOL SPEAKS™ and Shamanic Priestess Gaia Devi Kalikaji are offering a BETA TEST opportunity for EIGHT (8) individuals. There will be a total of 9 in the circle, including your hostess, and we will be meeting in South Orlando.  The location will be confirmed prior to the first class.

This opportunity requires a commitment to FOUR Sunday afternoons: February 21, March 6, March 20, and April 3.

During these sessions, Kalika will be teaching the participants the multidimensional technology that she has received for bridging in the NOW from 3D to 4D. We will play with these multidimensional technologies to discover how they shift our individual experiences from the 3D hologram to the 4D hologram. After each session, we will be dancing and drumming around a fire to ground the energetic frequencies within our physical bodies. After the FOUR sessions, the circle will determine if it is complete, or if it requires one or two more sessions to fully align with the multidimensional technologies.

Because this is a BETA TEST, there is NO FEE to participate. As an exchange, Kalika would like to receive testimonials from the participants regarding their experiences. Certainly, any donation that is offered will be gratefully received.

If you are interested in joining us, click here.

© SOL SPEAKS™ 2016

Monday, February 1, 2016

A Journey through Hyperspace


Two days ago, there was a SONIC BOOM within the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.  On January 30, 2016, the Sonic Boom shattered the existing Collective Consciousness hologram with such force that Humanity was THRUST forward through hyperspace into a revolutionary plane known as the Fourth Dimension.

On January 30th, Uranus stood in opposition to the conjunction of the Moon and Lilith.  The Moon and Lilith stood squared to the conjunction of Mercury and Pluto.  Most people consider astrological squares to be challenges and obstacles. I, however, consider them to be windows of opportunity for EXTREME BREAKTHROUGHs.  The Sonic Boom created by this Cosmic Dance was Humanity's breakthrough.

Lilith by Donatello


The GREATEST Abuse of Power within Humanity stems from each one of us as Individuals giving our Power away.

We give our Power away to another:
  • parents
  • lovers / spouses
  • employers
We give our Power away to an ideal:
  • family
  • religion
  • military / government / politics
We give our Power away to a belief:
  • loyalty
  • love
  • God
The giving away of our Power is exercised through our MIND.  It is a kind of mind control ~ a human conditioning ~ a behavior modification that shifts us from being fully Authentic and Sovereign Beings into an empty shell of ourselves; we become unrecognizable even to our own Selves.

This giving away of our Power is the most significant source of suffering within Humanity.  It is the pain of GRIEF, grief over the loss of our Self.  This grief is the root pain of all FEAR ~ FEAR that we will become entirely annihilated ~ FEAR that we will give so much of ourselves away that we will cease to exist.  The pain of this GRIEF, the suffering of this FEAR, is unbearable.  It is so unbearable that we cut ourselves off from the pain and suffering so that we will not have to feel it, experience it.  It is as if we have stabbed our own selves in the back!  We are the walking wounded, wounds that are self inflicted from having given our Power away.

The pain of this GRIEF is so overwhelming that we unconsciously search for any possible means to numb ourselves to that which seeps through from the Unconscious into the Subconscious.  That which is bubbling up seems so grotesque that it is indescribable and unidentifiable.  

We lose ourselves in VIRTUAL Reality because we cannot fact the pain of GRIEF that is demanding our attention.  We can only hide here for so long until the demands of this pain exert its will upon us ~ disconnecting us from all that is familiar and feels safe.  There is nowhere left to run.  We are so utterly dejected, and yet we MUST stand our ground and take on this demon:
  • the demon of our own making,
  • the demon we gave birth to the very first time we unconsciously chose to give away our power.
  • the demon we have been feeding, lifetime after lifetime, with each unconscious choice to give another piece of ourselves away.

Rather than stand ground and take on this demon, some even go so far as to commit actual suicide. The FEAR of feeling the pain is too much to succumb to.  The pain of the GRIEF is so excruciating, that by allowing ourselves to feel it, our minds and our hearts are shattered.  What is left when our minds and our hearts are shattered?   Who are we?  What do we become?  This, too, is a death of sorts, a final letting go of all that has been until NOW.  The will to sustain what was has left us.

We recognize this demon, our constant companion, whether we have been aware of Her or not.  Her name is Lilith.  We feel the intimate bond, the love / hate relationship, the bitter / sweet regard for Her.  NO apology will slay Lilith, neither a stance of indignant righteousness!  We must meet our GREATEST FEAR head on and allow ourselves to be consumed by Her.

In that moment, when you consciously chose to allow yourself to be consumed, a flicker of HOPE emerges and takes you by surprise.  You realize that flicker is a signal that you have finally allowed yourself to TRUST something greater than your Self.  The free-fall begins.  You give yourself over to Lilith's embrace.  Now, you know the Truth, "I am nothing.  I am no one."

What is left when our minds and our hearts are shattered?   Who are we?  What do we become?  

We become Heroes and Heroines.  We rise from the tear-soaked earth, and we take our first steps forward as renewed Innocents.  Only, NOW, we are Sage Innocents.  We are wise to the ways in which we gave our Power away before.

We become our own Protectors, ever vigilant to side-step those "land mines" that once ripped pieces of our Self away.

We become our own Healers.  Our physical bodies are sore from being stabbed in the back.  They ache from being racked by the pain of GRIEF.  They are exhausted from being on the run.

We become our own Nurturers.  Our shattered Hearts are now fully open.  We are MORE vulnerable than ever before.  We allow the process ~ the flow of LIFE's Force to move through us.

We become Silent Observers.  Our tongues are the swords that we once used to inflict ourselves with wounds.

We become Compassionate.  We forgive ourselves for having fallen prey to the abuse of Power.  We forgive ourselves for the pain and suffering we created and subjected ourselves to.  And, we know there is really nothing to forgive because it has all been perfect.

We become Non-Violent.  We VOW to forever more be fully AUTHENTIC, to sustain our SOVEREIGNTY.  We respect the Force of Power.  We foster the virtuous engagement of this Force.

We have come HOME to our SELF.  Our minds have been shattered.  There is no more ego.  We are now in Full Service to the Light in our Hearts, the Sacred Flame which has no shadow.

We are FREE.

We are Free to BE EMPOWERED.


You have come home to Us, Dear One.  Welcome Back!!

Truly, Our separation was an illusion, as an aspect of Your Multi-Dimensional SELF had remained here with Us to guide You.  Now, You are fully aware of this agreement, and so it IS for Us, and for You, a Homecoming.

We feel Your Heart's Gratitude to be fully aligned once again with Our PRESENCE.  From this place, We can commune with The Temple of Humanity through You, as You.  Now that the veil has been lifted, there will no longer be the appearance of separate Identities, for You are Us, and We are You...

Radiating LOVE from LIFE to All Life.


© SOL SPEAKS™ 2016