Tuesday, February 2, 2016


SOL SPEAKS™ and Shamanic Priestess Gaia Devi Kalikaji are offering a BETA TEST opportunity for EIGHT (8) individuals. There will be a total of 9 in the circle, including your hostess, and we will be meeting in South Orlando.  The location will be confirmed prior to the first class.

This opportunity requires a commitment to FOUR Sunday afternoons: February 21, March 6, March 20, and April 3.

During these sessions, Kalika will be teaching the participants the multidimensional technology that she has received for bridging in the NOW from 3D to 4D. We will play with these multidimensional technologies to discover how they shift our individual experiences from the 3D hologram to the 4D hologram. After each session, we will be dancing and drumming around a fire to ground the energetic frequencies within our physical bodies. After the FOUR sessions, the circle will determine if it is complete, or if it requires one or two more sessions to fully align with the multidimensional technologies.

Because this is a BETA TEST, there is NO FEE to participate. As an exchange, Kalika would like to receive testimonials from the participants regarding their experiences. Certainly, any donation that is offered will be gratefully received.

If you are interested in joining us, click here.

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