Monday, March 7, 2016

SOLar Eclipse of the Sacred Help~Mate

For me, the Nodes of the Moon are most significant during an eclipse.  Tomorrow's Solar Eclipse is given significantly much more POWER from the Energies of the MahaShivaratri.  This is the Eclipse of Shiva dancing with Parvati!!!

Dancing Shiva and Parvati
From March 8th - 17th, the Sun will be moving from 17° to 26° of Pisces within a 5° orb of conjunction around the Moon's South Node at 21° of Pisces (the sign of Infinite Source - SHIVA) and opposite the Moon's North Node in Virgo (the sign of the Goddess - PARVATI). The Virgo/Pisces axis is the Path of the Sacred Help-mate ~ someone who is as equally dedicated to their Sacred Work as you are and/or supports your Sacred Work.

Shiva, as Nataraja (Lord of the Dance), and His Consort, Parvati, are such Sacred Help~mates:
Long time back, there was a demand amongst the Devas and Asuras to go in search for elixir -- the medicine that would give longevity and remove the cap-limit of death on the person who consumes the elixir. The elixir (called amrutham) was supposed to be hidden in Thirupparkadal. The questions that came before the parties were:
  1. How should we search the big ocean?
  1. What is the search weapon to use and deploy for the operation?
They decided to make use of Mount Meru to churn the ocean by tying the divine snake, Vasuki. One side of the snake-rope was held by Devas and the other side was held by Asuras whilst they started the operation of churning Thirupparkadal. When the churning operation became furious and intense, Vasuki was unable to bear it and it started vomitting-emitting the world's deadly poison calledAalakala Visham. To protect the world from being sabotaged by this highly venomous material, Lord Siva intervened and drunk the entire poison in one gulp. Lordess Parvathi caught hold of Lord Siva on His neck to ensure that the poison didn't cross the throat and enter Him. Since the poison just spearheaded on His throat, it intensified and collapsed there but producing a dark blue complexion on His neck. This gave Him the name 'Thiruneelakanta'. 'Neel' means blue and 'Kanta' means 'neck' (in Sanskrit).  ~ Deepak Vasudevan

Parvati, an incarnation of Shakti, had such immense Love and compassionate concern for the world that She prevented the poison from entering Shiva's body.  Shiva was prepared to die for the world’s welfare. Shiva took the deadliest poison upon Himself for the greater good.  We, too, are being giving the opportunity to dance the Cosmic Dance!  We must be prepared to let go of all that we once knew and believed, so that we may now discover our own Truth.  In this way, when we find our Truth, we are saving ourselves; we are saving the world; we are saving Humanity.

Shakti's Cosmic Dance
There are TWO significant energies that are weaving themselves through the choreography of our Cosmic Dance: Chiron and Jupiter:

Transiting Chiron (20PI50) is at a near exact conjunction with the South Node (21PI47).  Chiron represents our Healing Medicine and the South Node represents all that we have experienced ~ the knowledge we have gained ~ from our past lives, some even call it our Karma.  I interpret the South Node in this instance as our Egoic Consciousness.  This is related to Chiron's healing medicine in Pisces.  Chiron's medicine in Pisces involves our merging into our Divine Self without losing our individual self.  Thus, the portal for transcending Egoic Consciousness into Divine-Cosmic Consciousness stands open and ready for us!

Meanwhile, across the sky, Jupiter (18VI22) is also at a near exact conjunction; this one with the North Node (21VI47).  Jupiter, known as the King of Gods, is a planet of broader reach, expanded purpose and unlimited higher possibilites.  The North Node is our Cosmic GPS, not only for Humanity, and also for each of us ~ that place where our Soul is determined to reach. Jupiter is here to be our "power booster" ~ our own personal "Iron Man" ~ to give us the Cosmic Thrust each of us requires to reach that mark!

With Chiron standing on the opposite side of the axis from Virgo, He is electro-magnetically drawing forth His own healing medicine of Virgo to the apex point of the Virgo-Pisces axis to be blended with His Pisces healing medicine.   Chiron's Virgo healing medicine reminds us that there is a conflict between our body and spirit that requires resolution.  Will you allow yourself to let go of perfectionism and KNOW that you are PERFECT just as you are.  You are worthy ~ You are good enough.  This Virgo healing medicine is the ability to walk between the worlds of Human (Egoic Consciousness - South Node) and the Divine (PISCES).  The South Node points to all the ways in which we feel unworthy ~ feelings that have been brought with us from our past lives. Standing across from the South Node in Pisces, the North Node in Virgo is reminding us that we ARE worthy ~ we ARE good enough!

Interesting to note, Jupiter is in retrograde at this SOLar Eclipse.  How magnificently auspicious! The energy of a retrograde planet breaks through the time barrier and operates through multiple dimensions simultaneously.  For Jupiter, His energy of growth and expansion is being turned INWARD for each of us to Our Goddess within!!!  Through this SOLar Eclipse, Jupiter is fully supporting each individuals` quest towards their own Soul's TRUTH.  Jupiter seeks insight through knowledge.  The knowledge of the past (South Node ~ external Gods) has kept Humanity in a state of confusion and delusion (Pisces ruled by Neptune).  NOW, is the time to shift our search for knowledge from the External to the Internal.  This is where we find TRUTH, and the Goddess/Shakti is pouring forth Her Love and Compassion on each of us, so that we will no longer be poisoned by False Beliefs ~ False Realities.  SHE is here as your Sacred Help-Mate to discover your own Truth. SHE is dedicated to you knowing your Truth, to becoming a Sovereign Being.  SHE is as equally dedicated to your Sacred Work as your Soul is, and Jupiter takes his lead from Her on your behalf!

Over the next six months, while the Moon (Divine Mother) journeys from Pisces to Virgo, you will have the opportunity to discover, through the Wisdom of the Goddess, your personal TRUTH for the following (Jupiter in retrograde):
  • how will you express your generosity and tolerance?
  • how will you trust others?
  • how will you improve your life?
  • where do you look for Wisdom and understanding?
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The Cosmic Dance


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