Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Tale of Pretty Light

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a beautiful baby girl was born.  She had hair so blonde and so fine that, from a distance, it looked like she did not have any hair at all.  But, up close, the baby's hair was so golden with delicate, soft, little ringlets that it looked like raindrops upon  a flower's petals. This was the Signature Mark that would allow those around her to know that she had come from The Land of Illumination, where all of the oldest and most magical Fairies live before floating down to Earth's Garden.  And this baby girl was named Linda Eileen, which in the Fairy language means Pretty Light.  Sadly, though those around her recognized that there was something particularly different about Pretty Light, they did not have the eyes to recognize the Signature Mark from The Land of Illumination.  They did not know that Pretty Light was one of the oldest and most wisest of Fairies who had come to bless them with her magic.  They did not know that Pretty Light was, in fact, the Queen of the Fairies.

As it so happened, Pretty Light's Auntie Fannie was very talented at working with Human hair. Auntie Fannie could design beautiful hairstyles, cut hair into fashionable styles, and even turn hair into different pretty colors.  However, Auntie Fannie was not satisfied with these gifts.  She wanted to be able to expand her talents. She wanted to be able to make straight hair curly and to make curly hair straight.

One day, when Pretty Light was toddler-size, her mother, Nana, took Pretty Light over to her Auntie Fannie's house while she went shopping.  As soon as Nana left, Auntie Fannie thought to herself that this would be a good opportunity to practice making hair very curly.  She decided that she would practice on Pretty Light's fine golden hair.  Because Auntie Fannie did not know that Pretty Light was really one of the oldest and most wisest of Fairies, and not just a Human baby girl, she did not know that she was about to bring great harm to Pretty Light, a wound so deep that it would not heal for fifty years.

You see, the hair of a Fairy is not the same as the hair of a Human.  It cannot endure the harsh chemicals that are used to make Human hair very curly.  Anxious to begin, Auntie Fannie applied all of the chemicals to Pretty Light's fine hair, and then rolled it all up in tiny curlers.  Auntie Fannie waited until it was just the right time to take out the curlers.  As Auntie Fannie began to unroll the first curler, she noticed something strange and unexpected.  The hair that had been rolled-up in the curler fell into her hand!  With each curler that Auntie Fannie unrolled, more of Pretty Light's hair was falling out of her head and into her auntie's hand.  By the time Auntie Fannie unrolled the last curler, Pretty Light had no more hair.  Pretty Light was BALD!

Naturally, Nana was horrified and quite furious with Auntie Fannie when she came back to pick up Pretty Light, and saw what had happened to her.  However, the damage was already done.  What could she do about it now, Nana thought to herself?  Neither Nana or Auntie Fannie realized just how much damage had really been done.  They had no idea just how badly Pretty Light had been hurt by this "escapade."

In The Land of Illumination, all of the Fairies have wings.  Their wings are not like the bees' wings. Their wings are not like the dragonflies' wings.  Their wings are not even like the butterflies' wings.   Their wings are like bird wings!  The older and wiser a Fairy is in The Land of Illumination, the larger and stronger their wings are.  Unbeknownst to Nana, Auntie Fannie, or even little Pretty Light - because she was still toddler-size - Pretty Light, as Queen of the Fairies, was supposed to sprout and grow the wings of a Steller's Sea Eagle, with a wingspan of 8 feet, the largest of any living eagle!!  Only now, Pretty Light's eagle wings would not be able to sprout until she became a young mother because Auntie Fannie had burned all of Pretty Light's hair off of her head with the harsh chemicals when she was practicing making hair more curly.

As the weeks went by, blonde hair began to appear again on Pretty Light's head, but this new hair was not the same kind of fine, golden, magical hair she had had before the "escapade."  This hair was only Human hair.  When the Human hair began to grow on Pretty Light, Queen of the Fairies, she was cast into the mist that one sees from time-to-time in the Earth's Garden... except that now, Pretty Light was trapped in the mist.  She neither knew that she had been cast into the mist, nor that she was trapped there.  She certainly did not know that she would have to encounter many heartaches while trapped in the mist, or that she would have to wait fifty years to be freed from it.

The years came and went, and Pretty Light grew from toddler-size to child-size, and eventually, to young girl-size.  Through all of these years, even though Pretty Light could not always see the mist, she knew that it was still there.  She could feel its presence with her where ever she went, what ever she did, whether awake or asleep.  Pretty Light just knew.  Pretty Light felt very isolated in the mist, and so even though she could rarely actually see the mist, she tried and tried to make friends with it, so that she would not feel so alone.  To her constant dismay, this never worked for Pretty Light. Every time she would gather up her courage to once more befriend the mist, she would be left feeling abandoned, betrayed, judged, misunderstood and shamed.  All of these feelings would leave Pretty Light feeling more and more disconnected from the mist and more and more unloved than ever before.  She could not figure out why she was in Earth's Garden.  She could not figure out why it was so painful to be in Earth's Garden.  She thought for sure that there must be something terribly wrong with her.   She could not remember that she was the oldest and wisest of the Fairies from The Land of Illumination.  She had absolutely no idea that she was the Queen of the Fairies!  She could not remember that she had to come to Earth's Garden to share her magic with the Humans.  She could not know that her problem was that she had been separated from her True Self - from her powerful eagle wings - when she had been toddler-size.  She did not even remember the "escapade."

In her heart of hearts, Pretty Light really believed that she could win the mist over as her friend. The years continued to pass by.  With each passing year, more and more difficulties arose between Pretty Light and the mist.  However, something else began to happen too.  When you are the Queen of the Fairies, no matter what happens to you in Earth's Garden, you can never be completely separated from your magic!  Thus, through these same passing years, from time-to-time, some of Pretty Light's magic would trickle into the mist.  When her magic would show up, Pretty Light would have all manner of different mystical experiences.  There was no one in the mist for Pretty Light to share these beautiful experiences with.  She tried to share them with the mist because she really wanted to understand WHY she was having these beautiful experiences, and she really wanted to understand WHAT these beautiful experiences meant. Although the mist had convinced Pretty Light that it was all-knowing, whenever it would provide Pretty Light with an explanation, the explanation did not feel right in her heart, but Pretty Light would accept it anyway.

One day, like a bolt of lightening, Pretty Light's Heart began to give her insight after insight into the different mystical experiences she had had.  Sure enough, all of these insights were very different from what the mist had told her.  Still, she could feel the Truth of the insights because the insights had come from her own Heart, which is where Truth lives.

The years in the mist continued to come and go.  Pretty Light grew from young girl-size to teenage-size to young adult-size.  Through these years, Pretty Light's magic continued to trickle through into the mist.  The best part was that, as the years passed, more and more of Pretty Light's magic was able to trickle through, so her beautiful, mystical experiences were happening more and more often, even though her struggles with the mist had become harder to manage.  By now, the mist had become so thick in an effort to keep Pretty Light's magic from trickling through. The thicker the mist became, the more it became an enemy to Pretty Light.  At every opportunity, the mist would try to hurt Pretty Light by making her feel unwanted and unloved ... excluded ... all alone.

Even so, the mist was unaware that the time was soon coming for Pretty Light to become free from it. And, all the while that the mist made very effort to wound Pretty Light, Pretty Light was becoming stronger and stronger.  Pretty Light had continued to listen to her Heart to learn about all the wonderful things the mystical experiences had to teach her.  By the time Pretty Light had become young adult-size, she had nearly mastered having full trust in her Heart.

The mist was determined to have Pretty Light succumb to all of its lies.  As Pretty Light grew from young adult-size to young mother to experienced mother, the mist grew thicker and thicker, so that it could come up with better and more subtle lies with which to trick and deceive Pretty Light.  The thickness of the mist caused Pretty Light to begin to doubt her Heart.  It also began to impede Pretty Light's magic from being able to trickle through.  The mystical experiences were happening less and less frequently.  Remember though, once you are Queen of the Fairies, you can NEVER be completely separated from your magic, no matter what happens in Earth's Garden!  The mist did not know that its time was almost up.  Now that Pretty Light had become an experienced mother, her magic was so strong that it was able to once more make it into the mist. Pretty Light's magic had become so strong that it did not matter matter how thick the mist became, the magic would be able to make it through.

Suddenly, Pretty Light began to have the mystical experiences again!!  They began to come more and more frequently.  The were becoming more and more extensive because they had so much to teach Pretty Light before her powerful eagle wings would be ready to take flight.  The mist was so thick by now, that neither the mist nor Pretty Light could see that her eagle wings had sprouted when she became a young mother.  Now, as an experienced mother, Pretty Light's eagle wings had grown large and powerful.  They were almost ready to take flight and free her from the mist FOREVER.

There was only one more thing for Pretty Light to do before her eagle wings could free her from the mist.  She had to learn to fully trust her Heart once more.  Pretty Light's magic flowed as quickly as it could into the mist, so that Pretty Light could continue to have more and more mystical experiences. At one point, Pretty Light had gained so much trust in her Heart again that, she began to have mystical experiences AND shamanic experiences!!!  The shamanic experiences were very different from everything Pretty Light had encountered in the mist before. She could sense that the shamanic experiences had lit a fire in her Heart.  The fire felt vaguely familiar and very ancient.  Pretty Light believed that there must be something that she was supposed to do with the fire, but try as she might, she just could not figure it out.

Finally, one Leo New Moon, Pretty Light's Spirit was taken on a journey.  While her Spirit journeyed, her body remained in the mist.  Soon, Pretty Light's Spirit found Herself in a large circular field in the middle of a forest.  Her Spirit was standing in front of a large roaring fire.  She immediately recognized the fire.  It was the fire that had been lit in her Heart.  She was in awe of how large it had become.  In her awe, Pretty Light's Spirit saw an Elder Woman appear in the middle of the roaring fire.  It was Grandmother Moon.  Grandmother Moon spoke to Pretty Light. She told her, "Now, it is your time to take responsibility for Her.  Take good care of Her, and protect Her."  Without another word, Grandmother Moon dissipated into the smoke of the fire. Pretty Light's Spirit journeyed back to Her body that She had left behind in the mist.  As Pretty Light's Spirit journeyed back to Her body, She knew in Her Heart that Grandmother Moon had been talking about the Earth's Garden.  She also knew that, through this journey, she had grown from experienced mother to wise woman.

When Pretty Light's Spirit landed safely in Her body, she opened her eyes.  She still felt the awe of being in front of her Heart's fire and of seeing Grandmother Moon.  Because the mist had become unbearably so thick, Pretty Light felt that the task that had been passed on to her by Grandmother Moon to protect and take care of Earth's Garden was too heavy of a responsibility for her.  Pretty Light doubted whether or not she could meet her new responsibility, and she had no idea how to even start.  Nevertheless, Pretty Light was a wise woman now. Being in the thickness of the mist, she did not know that as a wise woman, all manner of magical events would spontaneously show up to guide her out of the darkness of the mist and into the light.

Another six months passed by.  The magical events had been spontaneously showing up, one right after another, just like each firework in a fireworks show.  The time had arrived in the show for the Grand Finale'!!  This spontaneous magical event was so stupendous that it gave Pretty Light's eagle wings the final thrust of power that they required to free her from the mist.  This spontaneous magical event was the Shamanic Priestess Process™.  To Pretty Light's amazement and delight, her eagle wings spread open for the very first time.  She could not believe that these wings were hers.  They were truly magnificent. With the force of a storm, Pretty Light's eagle wings began to take flight.  As Pretty Light moved through the thickness of the mist towards the light, her head became dizzier and dizzier.  It was quite a ways to go, and she was not quite used to flying yet.

Before she knew it, on a Leo Full Moon, Pretty Light's eagle wings broke her out of the confines of the thick dark mist into the light of the beautiful blue sky!  Pretty Light's eagle wings brought her alight on a soft, fluffy, white cloud.  As Pretty Light looked around her with wide sparkling eyes of disbelief, she noticed that the cloud was in the shape of a ring.  As she blinked her eyes to take in all there was to see, Pretty Light found herself surrounded by her Sister Priestesses. They were all sitting in a circle on the soft, fluffy, white ring cloud, their Hearts open and glowing, welcoming her to the circle.  As she received the Love from her Sisters, Pretty Light remembered that she is the Queen of the Fairies and that she had gone to Earth's Garden to share her magic with the Humans. She was overcome with gratitude for being free from the mist and for remembering her True Self.

Then, the High Priestess came and stood before Pretty Light.  The High Priestess bowed to Pretty Light and said, "Welcome, Priestess Pretty Light.  We have been waiting for You.  We are so delighted You have finally arrived."  All of Priestess Pretty Light's Sister Priestesses stood up and clapped with Joy.  As Priestess Pretty Light basked in the warmth of the Joy she felt coming from the Priestess Circle, She smiled to Herself.  Now, She knew She would be able to take on the responsibility Grandmother Moon had passed to Her, and although She still did not know quite where to start, She did know that She could fully trust Her Heart to guide the way.

This is not the end.  It is only the beginning!

©Dragon-Mother Kalika ~ SOL SPEAKS™

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