Monday, February 23, 2015

Prelude to a Kiss

The exact Venus / Mars conjunction of the Cosmic Lovers occurred yesterday on  February 22, 2015. (I love the numbers 2/22 and the conjunction took place at 2° of Aries!)  Here is the prelude to what occurred for me as a result of Their Union which I will share with you in my next post....

Facebook Post of February 21, 2015:

This is a particularly potent time for each of us on the personal level as Mars and Venus are considered "personal" planets. Last night, 2/20/15, at approximately 8:30pm EST, I felt an energetic piercing of my Heart. It became so intense and I became so overcome by grief that my mind prompted me to check in with all of my immediate family members to see if everyone was "ok." The last time I had felt something like that I was notified the next day that my father had been killed. It turns out that it happened as I was having that feeling, so my mind was "protecting" me by pushing me to check in.

Once I knew everyone was fine, I was guided to look at my Self. What was going on in the heavens that was so personally impacting me. Well, here we go....I was already feeling the impact of this Venus/Mars conjunction. As Star Sister mentions here on February 20th, "...the two most fabled lovers in the Cosmos -- are moving together through the first degree of the zodiac's first sign. Their sacred union won't occur here. It's still 24 hours away. At 12:13 a.m. Sunday morning in the U.S. Eastern Time zone, the cosmic lovers will merge their vibrations in the second degree of Aries."  When I look at my natal and progressed charts, I find that these Cosmic Lovers are triggering my natal Vesta (opposition) and natal Venus (trine).

Vesta is particularly interesting to me at this time. "In mythology, Vesta is Zeus's elder sister who never married (hmmmm, sounding too close to home! LOL). She became the protectress of the hearth and the sacred altar flame. The archetypal Temple Priestess, she is a virgin in the original sense of being whole and complete in oneself. In the system of goddess symbols, she represents the principle of spiritual focus and of devotion to following one’s calling... Vesta corresponds to the Self...Vesta uses the fertile sexual energy to deepen a relationship with the Self or with the Divine." (

My Vesta is at the critical degree (29) of Virgo (the sign of the Goddess) and is sextile my Venus at 1°57' (nearly 2°) of Sagittarius. Thus, I realized that for me this feeling was reminding me of the grief of "separation" from Self/Divine and my mission of embodying Sacred Union. On the mundane level, I realized that the deep desire for Sacred Partnership on the human level is still very much alive within my Core, and the grief of past loves lost was being let go. I am in full expectation that all of my conscious letting go is creating the sacred space required for the Seed that the Cosmic Lovers are planting within me to realize both the embodiment of Sacred Union (Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine) and Sacred Partnership in my personal life. Whomever you are, Beloved, I am in full expectation of your arrival! Welcome 
home to my loving arms. I look forward to embracing You with my whole heart. heart emoticon

The very next day, Sunday the 22nd, I was meeting with my Priestess Sisters to perform a sacred ceremony on the beach in honor of our maternal lineage.  Prior to heading to the beach, I went into meditation to integrate with the Field that we had been creating for our Labyrinth Ceremony.  THIS is when something amazing happened for me that will be shared in the next post.

Here is my Facebook post from before my meditation:

In honor of my maternal lineage and all the gratitude I hold in my heart emoticon for the gifts I have received from these incredibly strong women who stand behind me and on whose shoulders I stand....

I AM Linda Eileen Tucker-Taft (Kalika) daughter of

Linda Lucille Catalona daughter of

Lucille Evelyn Glanzer daughter of

Maria Barbara Schoen daughter of

Catarina Leiner

Anna Maria Rupertus

Elisabeth Krauhs (Krauss)

Margareta Glahs (b. 1782)

I love you. Thank YOU! heart emoticon ~2~ heart emoticon

Me and my Mom

Stay tuned for my next post...  SACRED MARRIAGE.

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