Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Grounding your Chakra System

Here is a brief excerpt from my previous post that is relevant to the grounding process of the Chakra System that I was guided to do in meditation:

Many of us are already aware from the Abraham-Hicks material and other public/mainstream teachers that to be able to attract something into our external landscape we must be holding its frequency within our internal landscape.  I had been clearly shown through my meditations that the frequencies of our internal landscape are directly dependent upon our personal chakra system. Through my meditation practice, I had been clearing, strengthening and expanding my chakra centers.  At a certain point in my chakras' expansion, I had been guided to assign one word to each chakra that resonates with its frequency.  Later, at another point in my chakras' expansion, I was guided to identify a Goddess for each chakra that embodies the chakra's frequency. 

First, here is a picture of the basic Chakra System that most people work with:

I work with this system as taught by Alberto Villoldo that includes an 8th and a 9th chakra:

The first chakra is the Root Chakra, and the chakra's are numbered incrementally as we move up the Sushumna.  The Sushumna is a central channel through which the Kundalini (Shakti) energy flows.

Here is a list of the seed words that I use for each Chakra:

  • Root ~ Support
  • Sacral (Splenic) ~ Security
  • Solar Plexus ~ Courage
  • Heart ~ Love
  • Throat ~ Compassion
  • Third Eye ~ Vision
  • Crown ~ Wisdom
  • Wiracocha ~  Priestess (Shamaness)
  • Upper-Wiracocha ~ I AM

(Please note that my seed words are NOT seed [bija] mantras which are single syllable SOUNDS for each Chakra.)

Because of my personal affinity towards the Hindu Goddesses, I was guided to choose from amongst them, a Goddess that embodies (again, this is for me) the energy of the seed word.  The Goddesses each have a consort:

Root ~ Support:

Shiva and Parvati

Sacral ~ Security:

Vishnu and Lakshmi

Solar Plexus ~ Courage:


Heart ~ Love:

Krishna and Radhe

Throat ~ Compassion:

Sita and Rama

Third Eye ~ Vision:


Crown ~ Wisdom:

Brahma and Saraswati

Wiracocha ~ Priestess:


Upper-Wiracocha ~ I AM:

Shiva Shakti

When I go into meditation, after stretching, relaxing and dropping in, I create sacred space.  (Alberto Villoldo has written books that describe creating sacred space and working with your chakras.)  Then, I imagine a white light coming from the Upper-Wiracocha all the way down through each of my chakras via the Sushumna into a milky-white pool of water ("leche de la madre") in the center of the Earth.  After flushing and energizing my chakras, I begin at the Root Chakra by stating out loud the seed word (SUPPORT) and envisioning the Goddess (Parvati).  As I stay with the frequency of the seed word and the embodied energy of the Goddess, I actually feel my chakra expanding and strengthening.  I trust and know that everything this relates to that chakra is being attracted to me because I have grounded those frequencies within my internal landscape.  Therefore, they must show up in my external landscape.  For the root chakra, these things can include trust, survival, boundaries, family, grounding and safety.  I personally consider safety different than security.  For me, security is related more to sexuality and finances.  I continue this process moving up to each chakra, speaking out (power of the spoken word) and imaging (imagine = I am a genie).  By the time, I reach the Upper-Wiracoch, the white light that has pouring down on me has been transmuted into gold light.  It is The Golden Ray of Sacred Union.

However, you choose to work with your own chakra system, I encourage you to do so daily. Meditation is the only way "in," and it is by going in that we are able to expand out.

Blessings, Beloveds!

Om Namah Shivaya!!

©Dragon-Mother Kalika ~ SOL SPEAKS™