Thursday, March 26, 2015

BETA Testing: Relationships for the SOL™ expedition

I am currently Beta testing a new 30-day program I have developed called Relationships for the SOL : The Art of Rejuvenating and Enriching your Relationships.  This expedition is like a homemade quilt made from all of my shamanic medicine.  As do all quilts, it will embrace you, nurture you, warm you, and comfort you.

  • Do you have trouble allowing people to get to know the REAL you?  Do you feel you will be judged or ostracized because of who you really are or what you are truly passionate about?
  • Is it difficult for you to maintain your sense of identity or balance in a relationship?  Do you find yourself always doing for or giving-in to the other person’s needs and desires?
  • Were your parents poor role models for how to be in a relationship with the opposite sex?  Is it difficult for you to sustain a loving, respectful and supportive relationship?
  • Do the people you attract tend to compliment you on how smart and talented you are, only for you to realize later that they have been manipulating you to take advantage of you?  Have you repeatedly told yourself, “This time I am going to hold strong boundaries!” just to have them subtly demolished by unconscious emotional ties when another person reminisces about “the good ole’ days” you shared with each other?
  • Are you unable to let go of the past or a loved one?  Is your inability to move through your grief or neutralize the emotional charge around your memories interfering with your ability to enjoy life right now?

I am looking for FIVE (5) people/couples to participate in BETA Testing this new powerful program. 

If this expedition resonates with you, please email me to receive the FREE Introductory Report. I am able to work with you locally or remotely.

If you do not feel your heart saying "YES" at this time, please pass along this opportunity to a friend or family member who may be looking for it right now.  Thank you!

This offer expires on April 4, 2015.  
(NOTE:  This program will be going LIVE on June 16, 2015)


You said something to me during my astrology reading that has completely changed my life... The world needs your work, and I will support it in any way I can. ~ BETA Participant K.V., FL

When I read your words [in the FREE Introductory Report], I felt like you had written it just for me. ~ BETA Participant N.C., FL

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