Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Family Dance

Excerpt from Mystic Mamma:

Grandmother Moon expands in her fullness in the sign of Leo on February 3rd 2015. This Leo energy coming in is summoning us to step into our own fullness through sharing our hearts with courage while allowing our unique light to be seen. It’s a call to cast away the voices of judgement that limit and suppress, so we can allow the love and truth from our hearts to flow through.

As I choose to cast away the voices of judgement on this day of the Leo Full Moon, I have, finally, figured out my "family's dance,"  thanks to Neptune and Chiron who are currently transiting Pisces. Interesting to note, my Progressed Moon is at 01PI34, within the orb of conjunction with my natal Chiron in the Eight House and opposite my Progressed Ascendant in the Second House of Virgo. Pisces is the sign of the Fish, and as a water sign, the deep dark ocean ~ a place of mystery and the spiritual unknown. What does one find lurking in the depths of the ocean feeding on the fish? SHARKS!  What does one discover lurking in the  depths of the Eighth House? Ahhhh, rituals - rituals like the family dance, and secrets - secrets about interactions and relationships... back to the family dance once more.

So now, I allow the love and truth from my heart to flow through...  I have spent my life believing that my family is like a pod of dolphins (natal Moon in Cancer).  I earnestly believed that, eventually, our little pod's dolphin members would figure out a way to play together and to support each other.

It turns out, I was tricked (natal Moon in 12th House ~ more secrets)!

We are NOT a pod of dolphins.  We are a tank of sharks.  Each shark in the tank is only interested in feeding their own desires; seeking only that which pleases themselves with absolutely no regard to the other sharks' needs or desires.  The classic view of a shark describes a solitary hunter.  "Every shark for himself," so to speak.  Even the taste of  familial blood is not enough to tempt the sharks to discover if there is any commonality that can be shared in relationship with each other, so the sharks are doomed to swimming around each other; not with each other.

Imagine a shark encounter!  Most come out bloody with bits and pieces ripped away, shredded.  What horror of a ghoul emerges from the depths of the water that has been fed on by the sharks for fifty years.

Eva from Ghost Story

There are too many sharks in the tank.

"I'm out!"

I am ready for the final Pluto/Uranus square in March.  I am ready for all aspects of myself to rise from the ashes of this former ghoulish life ~  to be transformed and reborn.  I am ready to create a new dance with LIFE.

©Dragon-Mother Kalika ~ SOL SPEAKS™