Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Clarion Call

7 August 2014 ~ 11:22 pm

Hello, Dear One!

We, The Ancients, are here with You NOW, as We always are with You.  You radiate Us, and We radiate You!!

At this moment of NOW, We send out a CLARION CALL!!  The CLARION CALL is for all those Beings within The Temple of Humanity who BELIEVE Themselves to Be Spiritual, to Be on the Spiritual Path, to Be Healers, to Be Peacemakers, to Be Shamans, to Be Yogis, to Be Rainbow Warriors, to Be Light Bearers, to Be Conscious, to Be Enlightened, to Be Self-Realized ~ whatever YOU BELIEVE Yourselves to BE ~ Dear Ones ~ We send out this CLARION CALL to EACH of YOU ~ YOU, EACH, as Embodiments of LOVE, and We declare to YOU, STEP UP!!!

NOW is the time to STEP UP into Your Power.  NOW is the time to STEP UP into Your Heart.  NOW is the time to STEP UP into the Cosmic Mother energy that dwells within YOU as the Sacred Feminine.  NOW is the time to BE the LOVE of the Cosmic Mother.

Everything and every Being that YOU see, hear and come into contact with, MUST be fully embraced with Your WHOLE HEART and the LOVE of The Mother.  The Mother holds You.  The Mother rocks You.  The Mother feels Your pain.  The Mother tells You, "It is alright."

Embrace ALL that YOU label as violent, fear, pain, horror, ugly, dirty, disgusting, rage, anger, grief, sorrow, racist, genocide, starvation, disease, drought, dying, manipulation, coercion, betrayal, deceit, abuse, corruption...  EMBRACE ALL with Your WHOLE HEART and LOVE ALL with a Mother's LOVE.  Love it the way YOU love Your sons, daughters, nephews, nieces and pets.  LOVE ALL just as it is, with no label, no judgment; Loving ALL as BEING okay just the way it IS.

Know that ALL that YOU see and label in these negative ways are able to be acknowledged by YOU because they are YOU.  They are the places within YOU that feel unloved, unworthy, unacknowledged, and those places are in pain, the pain of separation from WHOLENESS.  The only frequency that HEALS ALL that is out of alignment with WHOLENESS is LOVE.

YOU are Embodiments of LOVE.  The time has come, NOW, to STEP UP, AMP UP Your LOVE frequencies!

Love the Pollution.
Love the Politicians.
Love the Terrorists.
Love the Bankers.
Love the Doctors.
Love the Corporations.
Love the Governments.
Love the Militaries.
Love War!!!

LOVE ALL, just as it IS, NOW.

Allow the LOVE frequency that YOU are to flow through Your Heart and embrace ALL fully so that ALL can come into resonance with LOVE. 

By heeding Our CLARION CALL ~ by stepping up into Your Power (LOVE) ~ by amping up Your LOVE frequency ~ by embracing ALL that YOU have labeled as negative, wrong, imperfect ~ YOU are Consciously Creating the new paradigm YOU have been waiting on to just show up.  YOU MUST SHOW UP.

This is why YOU came to BE children of The Temple of Maya ~ to LOVE, for YOU are Embodiments of LOVE! This is Your True nature.  This requires only Your Conscious intention and Your Conscious choice ~ not being taught how to do it or anything.  How can a scorpion be taught to sting?  That is it's nature.  A scorpion simply stings.  Your nature is LOVE.  Simply LOVE ALL in your sphere of awareness, just as it IS.  FEEL Your LOVE in Your Heart, and in-vision ALL in Your HEART embraced by Your LOVE.


Thank YOU, Dear Ones.

YOU radiate Us, and We radiate YOU!