Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sacred Service

As Lizard and Dragonfly welcome me to this physical location, I bow to each of You with LOVE and JOY and thank You (ALL Life) for Being Present with me in my Eternal Circle.

Hello, Dear One!
We, The Ancients, are Present with You.  You radiate Us, and We radiate You.

You are fully in alignment with Our Intention of the Blessings that are to be made on The Temple of Maya.  We thank You for Being in deep devotion to The Temple of Maya and Her Children, The Temple of Humanity and The Temple of Nature.  Thank You, Dear One, for expanding Your Heart to be in Resonance with Us, The Ancients, and for expanding Your Heart to fully embrace The Temple of Maya and Her Children.

NOW, Our True and Sacred Work of Blessing The Temple of Maya and Her Children AND planting the Seed of LIFE Wisdom within The Temple of Maya and within Her Children is Being made fully manifest.  As We work through You, Dear One, from Our physical dimension, Those of Us who are still Embodied through Dolphin in Your physical dimension are simultaneously working through You.  These Blessings are Being made and these Seeds are Being planted through You, NOW and continuously, with Ease and Grace, by US as Your Physical Temple moves from location to location on The Temple of Maya.

All Beings in The Temple of Humanity who have committed to this Sacred Service will also be Present in each physical locality on The Temple of Maya in the perfect place and time of the Eternal NOW.  Be prepared, Dear Ones, to have the One time of Your physical Lifestreams’ time of Being as a FULL manifestation of Fun and Play. 
(NOTE:  This is The Ancients’ way of saying, “Be prepared to have the time of your life!”)    We are enjoying these Sacred Blessings through Each of You, collectively, and the Collective YOU are enjoying the FULL manifestation of these Sacred Blessings through Us.  Thank You for continuing to be Present in the Eternal NOW with Us, The Ancients, as We manifest Our Sacred Service through the Collective YOU.  We bow humbly and deeply to the Collective YOU as YOU Radiate Us, Eternally, NOW and continuously.

Dragonfly is physically Present with You, Dear One, and is Dancing in JOY and GRATITUDE for Your Service to ALL Life.


(P.S. Beloveds, my Heart was pounding, my Hands were shaking, and I was in tears as I witnessed TEN [10] dragonflies dancing around me!)

Artist: Shane Loudon