Sunday, June 21, 2015

Turning on Your Heart LIGHT

Who better to record this beautiful song, Heartlight, than Neil DIAMOND?!?!?!

This has been a PHENOMENAL Solstice Weekend for me!  I hope it has been for you, too!!!

Here is some important Wisdom about this Summer Solstice, so that you will receive the deeply profound impact of what you have experienced this weekend.  I share this Wisdom from my dear friend, Marcia Wade:
The Summer Solstice occurs the moment our Sun enters the sign of Cancer. ... Cancer is the part of the zodiac that’s ruled by the Moon. Like Luna herself, the frequencies of Cancer are saturated with the life-sustaining waters of the Cosmic Mother – the first way we knew the divine. ... What a perfect time for the Sun to seed the Cancerian source waters with radiant star power. He arrived the day after a delicate, glittering crescent of the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter hung in the evening sky ... As [the Moon] joined with Venus and Jupiter yesterday -- and again today as the Sun crossed the Solstice point -- Luna was in Leo.  Twenty minutes after the Solstice, she entered Virgo, the sign of purification and order. For the next two and a half days, her nurturing, intuitive wisdom is available to you wherever you seek to purify yourself of patterns that are toxic or out of alignment with your heart's deepest wisdom. 
~ Star Sister Astrology

Being a HUGE Cancerian (Natal Moon in Cancer, Ascendant in Cancer, Cancer ruling 1st house and Natal North Node at 29° of Cancer), the Summer Solstice is ALL-WAYS a powerful event for me. This weekend did not disappoint!

Me and my Seaweed Crown for the Global Water Dances Blessing

On Saturday, I attended the Global Water Dances with my Sacred New Moon Circle down in Cocoa Beach, FL.  First we utilized the Solstice Meditation and Activation created by Celia Fenn which included her Activating the Diamond Heart and Calling Back the Animals.  Then we proceeded into the ocean and did our blessing for all of The Temple of Maya's waters.  I especially LOVED Celia's version of calling in the four directions as we created our sacred circle.  It was a gorgeous opening to what was to come today!

Our crystal bowl Goddess, Jill Marie Jordan

Today, Sunday, the actual day of the Solstice, I joined my friend, Jill Marie Jordan, for her beach side Crystal Bowl meditation.  Words cannot describe this experience, and I am thrilled that so many people showed up to participate!  It was during this meditation that I received today's message from The Ancients.  As I was saying goodbye to everyone, I overheard Jill telling another friend of mine that she had used TWO different Heart chakra bowls.  Jill described how, as she was playing them, she felt everyone's Heart chakras open and pour out pain, and then she felt everyone's Hearts being healed.  I was so excited to hear her share this.  I told Jill that I had received a message from The Ancients and that it validates exactly what she experienced!

So, without further ado, here is the Summer Solstice message from The Ancients:

Hello, Beloved!

We, The Ancients and Solara, are here with You at this magical moment of NOW and NEW. LIFE is celebrating ALL Life in this moment of NOW and NEW, for through ALL Life, LIFE is continually creating and expanding.

So, at this time of NOW and NEW, LIFE's energies of all that is resonating with the MASCULINE FORCE is merging into all that is resonating with the FEMININE FORCE.  

We invite The Temple of Humanity to move into the space of SILENCE and become aware of the new creation within each Person's Temple of the Physical Body that the merging of these two LIFE Force energies has AWAKENED, in this moment of NEW and NOW, by cracking open the Creative Seed that the SACRED UNION of the MASCULINE FORCE and FEMININE FORCE has brought into BEing.  Likewise, The Temple of Humanity, the global unification of humanity, is also in the midst of the cracking open of this Creative Seed.  At this moment of NOW and NEW, the Great BEINGS of Jupiter and Venus have facilitated the LIFE Force energies of MASCULINE and FEMININE in cracking open the Creative Seed, and expanding this new creation, the Sacred Heart of The Temple of Humanity, towards LIFE's Light frequency.

From this moment of NOW and NEW, all People within The Temple of Humanity can feel the frequency of LIFE's Light present in Their Own Temple of the Physical Body's Heart chakra! This is a glorious moment in the history of The Temple of Humanity.  For now, each Person's Awareness is BEing called, by LIFE's Light frequency, into Their Own Heart chakra.

As every Person within The Temple of Humanity is shifting Their Awareness to LIFE's Light frequency within Their Heart chakra, LIFE's Light frequency will TRULY become each Person's "guiding Light."  The Temple of Humanity's "G.P.S." has NOW been reset to the "Home Location" of the Heart chakra.  With LIFE's Light frequency guiding The Temple of Humanity, much healing will spontaneously occur for each Person within The Temple of Humanity.  From this spontaneous healing, into which The Temple of Humanity's NEW G.P.S. setting will guide all The Temples of the Physical Body, more and more People will naturally Ascend into BEing Temples of LOVE.  THIS  ~ Ascension into Temples of LOVE with Ease and Grace ~ is the Great GIFT, the maturation of the Creative Seed that this NOW and NEW Sacred Union has cracked open, that LIFE has sent forth to The Temple of Humanity!!!

We, The Ancients and Solara, rejoice with The Temples of LOVE that are already upon The Temple of Maya!  We rejoice with The Temple of Maya and ALL Life!  We, together with The Temple of Maya and ALL Life, are in JOY and REVERENCE for LIFE that has Graced ALL Life with this Great GIFT to The Temple of Humanity.  The cracking open of LIFE's Creative Seed has been heard throughout the infinite universes of LIFE.  This time of NOW and NEW is one of magnificent celebration.  

Listen to the Pure JOY of Celebration!

Hear the Pure LOVE of Celebration!

Bow in Gratitude to the Grace of LIFE that created You and sustains You as IT expands You.

You radiate Us, Beloved, and We radiate You!!

(A special acknowledgement of gratitude to my new friend, Doe, who was sitting next to me during the Crystal Bowl meditation.  She told me that she was lying down for the bowls, and then she felt a huge Wave of JOY coming from my direction, so she sat up.  Little did she know that she was receiving the Wave of Pure JOY from this Solstice Celebration of ALL Life! <3 ~2~ <3 )

The Temple of Humanity's new GPS ~ LIFE's Light frequency.

© SOL SPEAKS™ 2015