Monday, June 8, 2015

Coaching Call and Life Story Process™ TESTIMONIALS

Here are two new TESTIMONIALS about two of tools I utilize in my Relationships for the SOL expedition: Coaching Calls and the Life Story Process

Both tools are very powerful ways of creating a Sacred Vessel in which I am able to support my clients with their personal expansion.  Coaching Calls allow my clients to effortlessly move into their dark nook and crannies to discover what is being activated and is ready to come into Consciousness. The Life Story Process is a creative and effortless way for my clients to receive Authentic Wisdom from their Higher Selves about the Truth of their personal LIFE path.

For more information about the Relationships for the SOL expedition, or to schedule a Coaching Call, please send an email inquiry to Dragon-Mother Kalika.

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Coaching Calls Testimonial provided by Claire B. ~ Southampton, England

Life Story Process™ Testimonial provided by Claire B. ~ Southampton, England

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