Relationships for the SOL™ Journey

Relationships for the SOL
Stepping Into the Greatness of Your Sovereignty to
Create Conscious Equal Partnerships

I recently made the following post on my FaceBook page:
WOW! Ahhhhhh ... I just spent the last 2 hours having drinks with the man who was "the love of my life" for 20 years, and whom I have not seen in 7 years. I'm so at peace to know that whatever kept me bound to him has been healed and let go. There is nothing there anymore, only the warm satisfaction of completion. 
Within 17 hours of making this post, it received 63 "likes" of which 13 were hearts and 10 were acknowledgements from men.  Some of the comments that were made included:
  • "YAY! Cheers to Liberation!"
  • "Love"
  • "So good - Yay You!"
  • "Great feeling."
  • "Great blessing - I know what it's like to feel incomplete with a love."

I knew instinctively that my post had touched a deep wound within the Collective Consciousness. This is the Wound of the Patriarchy.  And, no one on this planet ~ man, woman or child ~ has gone unscathed by it because each of us carry the Masculine and Feminine energies within us.  This wound shows up in ALL of our relationships ~ with our family members, friends, lovers, coworkers, bosses and business partners.

©      Are you unable to let go of a past love ~ "the one who got away?"  Is your inability to neutralize the emotional charge around your memories interfering with your ability to enjoy life right now? 
©      Is it difficult for you to sustain a loving, respectful and supportive relationship? 
©      Do you have trouble allowing people to get to know the REAL you?  Do you feel you will be judged or ostracized because of who you really are? 
©      Is it difficult for you to maintain your sense of identity or balance in a relationship?  Do you find yourself always doing for or giving-in to the other person’s needs and desires? 
©      Are you experiencing challenges at work? Are your co-workers or bosses dismissive of your input?  Do they make deprecating remarks about your skills or contribution?  Are you being passed over for promotions? 
©      Are you experiencing power-struggles with your business partner(s)? When things go wrong, does your business partner "throw you under the bus?"

All of these experiences and others like them are manifestations of the Wound of the Patriarchy.

As we witness the shift in the balance of power from Patriarchy to Conscious Equal Partnership, and eventually, to the Mastery of Relationship Equality, we are all being called into a space of DEEP COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS, so that we can discover our unique piece of the Patriarchal Wound that is being held within our own Shadow. Within this space of DEEP COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS, we can heal the wound, let go of the remnant frequencies of Patriarchy and BECOME READY to receive Conscious Equal Partnerships.

Relationships for the SOL™ ~ Stepping Into the Greatness of Your Sovereignty to Attract Conscious Equal Partnerships is a Sacred Space in which you can allow yourself to be safely supported as you drop into the richly vulnerable place of DEEP COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS. I have been shown a unique way to gain access to the specific remnants of the Wound of the Patriarchy that you hold within your own Shadow that is undermining, sabotaging or wreaking havoc in your relationships.  I do this by focusing on the Father/Daughter Relationship. I have discovered that our father's play a unique role as Wayshowers ~ pointing the way to the remnants of the Patriarchal wound and the false beliefs that we have internalized around it.  This is true whether you were raised by your biological father, an adopted father, a step-father, a grandfather, or any other person that you identified with as a father figure in your life.

The women I am working with are having profound experiences and deeply transformational results from the process that I have created. You can read about some of them on my TESTIMONIALS page.  In fact, my own ability to come to a peaceful place of completion around "the love of my life" is the result of this work that I have been doing for myself.

©      Are you ready to step into the Greatness of your Sovereignty and create Conscious Equal Partnerships? 
©      Are you ready to liberate yourself from self-sabotaging beliefs around your Patriarchal wound, so that you can show up fully empowered in all of your relationships and endeavors? 
©      Are you ready to regain your sense of Self-Confidence, so that you can be fully respected by your family members, friends, lovers, coworkers, bosses and business partners?  
©      Are you ready to receive an income that represents the true worth of your knowledge, skills, talents and contributions? 
©      Are you ready to achieve a whole new level of balance and wholeness within yourself, so that you begin to attract emotionally HEALTHY men who are dazzled by the Authentic You? 
©      Are you ready to be in a relationship with a man that truly values and cherishes you ~ "just the way you are?"

If  your Heart has leaped in response to even just one of these amazing possibilities, this program is for YOU!

Relationships for the SOL
Stepping Into the Greatness of Your Sovereignty to
Create Conscious Equal Partnerships

This NINE (9) month program requires a deep commitment to your Self and the radical breakthroughs that you will be undertaking when you step onto the path of this journey.  The foundation for your personal journey of transformation is built on the following modules:


  1. Excavating your Wound of the Patriarchy and its False Beliefs.
  2. Getting to your Root Source of Powerlessness.
  3. Identifying your Soul's Expression of Freedom and Integrity.
  4. Revealing your Inner Self's mode of connection to the world.

  1. Consciously connecting to the Sophia Christ Consciousness.
  2. Embodying the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine.
  3. Activating your Inner High Priest and High Priestess.
  4. Aligning with the Goddess Aquarian Archetypes.


  1. Installing your Noble Champion at the Gateway of your HEART.

Using your natal astrological chart and the elements of Shamanic Astrology, every month we will focus on the next module in the series to discover which aspects of your multi-dimensional Self are co-creating your clearing and healing process. Each module builds upon the energies of the preceding modules. As an Alchemical High Priestess™ of  the Magdalene Mysteries school founded by Nicole Christine, I will be supporting, guiding and facilitating you as you continuously spiral through the Seven Stages of Alchemy to fully assimilate all of the energies.

Each month, we will meet either online or in person according to this schedule:
  • Two hours around the New Moon
  • One hour of Coaching in the week following the New Moon
  • Two hours around the Full Moon
  • One hour of Coaching in the week following the Full Moon

Because every person's Soul is a unique mandala of cosmic energies, no two experiences are alike.

The more you open your Heart, the more intimate your experience.  

The more you trust your Soul, the more profound your experience.  

You are truly birthing a higher frequency of Presence onto the Earth and into your body ~ your Sacred Vessel.  Your new Presence will be a Master of  Relationship Equality.  You will experience a renewed sense of honor, respect and value in your relationships.

I once was afraid of people saying, "Who does she think she is?"
Now I have the courage to stand and say, "This is who I am."
~ Oprah Winfrey
Having completed this program, you will take your place among the Heroine's of today's age ~ the Aquarian Age.  These Heroine's have taken on the task of healing the Wound of the Patriarchy (the culture of domination) from the inside out for themselves, personally, and for the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, globally. This is a selfless act of Sacred Service. The Aquarian Heroine's are the Cosmic Revolutionaries embodying the contemporary Archetypes of the GODDESS to restore a culture of freedom and equality.

TOTAL VALUE ~ $13,500
    Investment Option #1:

    Invest in Full: $8,100

    Investment Option #2:

    9 Month Investment Plan ~ 9 x $1,008
    TOTAL: $9,072

    Relationships for the SOL™

    Please feel free to call me at 407-451-6902 or email me with any questions you have or any clarification you require about this program.

    Thank you!
    Many blessings,
    Sofia Mona Lisa

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