Provided by Ellen in New York:
Sofia Mona Lisa's work with me during our Patriarchal Wound and Father/Daughter Relationship healing session was very powerful. I honestly did not know what to expect before the session. I knew we would rely on my astral chart, but thought the session would be more like a reading. Boy, was I wrong! Sofia Mona Lisa's work was very deep - she initiated a guided meditation which moved to a full regression, covering many spans of life and time. I was not prepared for the intense emotional movement and discovery of gems of truth buried deep in the psyche that were manifesting in pain and limitations in my current reality. I highly recommend working with Sofia Mona Lisa to heal aspects of the mental and emotional pain bodies and raise personal frequency. Fabulous, life-changing session! I am still integrating the many facets of reveal. Sofia Mona Lisa is truly gifted.

Provided by Marge in Nebraska:
I have been made much more aware of the traits, tendencies and patterns in my life that relate to my relationship with my father.  I am grateful for this knowledge as it makes me appreciate even more why I would have chosen my father for this lifetime.  For this life's mission, as I know it, I had the perfect father to bring me to this work I love and to carry on with it.  I also see the influence of my father in the way I have raised my son. Becoming more conscious of all of this is a great help to me in moving forward with more awareness. Thank you so much.

Provided by PC in Florida:
I appreciate Sofia Mona Lisa working with me on resolving old issues between me and my father.  A lot has been resolved in my 70 years but her use of terminology served to trigger memories and emotions that remained sensitive.  Things came up pretty steadily for the first day or two and then tapered off with some light being shed on familial issues over the next couple of weeks.  This was very powerful healing because it brought up my feelings of victim-hood, powerlessness, how  I had to conform to society's norms to survive (like being married).  Very empowering and insightful experience that I would highly recommend to any woman seeking depth of understanding about herself.

Provided by Elona in North Carolina:
Sofia Mona Lisa has developed a fascinating and effective process for discovering and working through Father-Daughter dysfunctional dynamics. She has found a correlation with these patterns with your Sun sign and where Mars is located in your natal chart. Using these tools, she speaks into your subconscious and allows the wounding patterns to emerge. Once they are called into consciousness, she assists you in healing and reintegrating these damaging and inhibiting subconscious thought patterns. This process goes much deeper than you can imagine. I thought I knew some of the obvious ways my relationship with my father had limited my growth and potential. However, it is the 'not- so-obvious' ways which she helps you to discover. Oddly enough, I was mirroring my father's dysfunctional behavior with me in my relationship with my only child.  And, in unraveling that discovery, we were able to find some deeply buried wounds surrounding my relationship with my mother as well. 
What is a critical part of the effectiveness of Sofia Mona Lisa's work is her thorough knowledge of astrology in conjunction with her gifted abilities as a healer. She can deftly draw out the repressed memories and then hold a sacred space for you to find your way to more a balanced perspective. She has a phenomenal understanding of the varied spiritual pantheon of gods and goddesses and archetypal mythologies. Ultimately, your soul wants to heal and Sofia Mona Lisa knows what your soul needs to hear in order to heal.  As emotionally challenging as this work can be, I never felt unsafe or unsupported. I have now been able to take this new thinking and apply it to all other areas of my life. I can see how this will improve ALL my relationships--from family to work to friends. 
Our natal chart outlines our life's work AND our life's challenges. Doing this work with Sofia Mona Lisa helps to uncover some of the fundamental archetypal patterns we are here to shift in this incarnation especially in relation to the patriarchy and our fathers. I highly encourage you to walk this unique road with this incredibly gifted spiritual teacher.

Provided by DT in Florida:
I am always very grateful when I get the chance to work with Sofia Mona Lisa!
I was particularly happy to dive into my childhood memories and discover things abut myself, which I have always taken for granted or considered them as 'my personality,' which after talking to her I was able to trace down and understand how my own father-daughter relationship has shaped my personality and the way I see the world.
Being aware of what I became as a result of my early relationship with my father is helping me rethink and let go of certain habits I have created which do effect the way I am facing conflicts. I have learned that when I am facing a conflict it is safe to be present and not seek detachment, which will put me in a state of aloofness, from which I can not solve a conflict until I directly face it by being present.
Thank you again for the powerful insight, Sofia Mona Lisa!

Provided by GF in Georgia:
The source of a disturbing lifelong thought pattern I have been questing to find was revealed in the father-daughter relationships session I had with Sofia Mona Lisa recently.  The disturbing thoughts that have been boiling just beneath the surface of my conscious mind are embarrassing to admit to anyone because they are met with such disdain.
Memories that came up for me during my session were not something that I had suppressed or forgotten long ago.  However, during the session, they were more personal.  I felt as if I was reliving the events in that thoughts came up in my mind relating to how I felt at the time.  That is not something that I usually have done when remembering those times, instead, in the past, I had stopped short of getting in touch with my feelings about the happenings.
Here are some of the memories that came up during the father- daughter relationship session with Sofia Mona Lisa.  My dad falling asleep reading fairy stories to me at bedtime because he was so tired.  I was thinking how much I appreciated him reading to me and he must be very tired.  Another was my dad after coming home after more than a year stationed overseas, upstairs in the living room drinking a beer while mom, my 2 sisters and me were down in the kitchen getting ready for dinner. I went up to see him, curious about his routine separate from that of us girls in the kitchen.  I took a sip of his beer. Then repulsed, a little shocked at the flatness and acrid taste and wondered why he would want to drink that.
The most revealing memory came next.  I was lying in bed and woke to the sound of my mom and dad yelling at each other and hearing him throw my mother up against the washing machine.  He had expressed rage this badly before at my oldest sister.  My mom and me and middle sister were at the other end of the hallway then and I remember thinking,"He is going to kill her."  I remember feeling small and helpless except for my determination and my voice. I screamed, "Please make him stop!" That was then, this was now, and only my mom and me were in the house with my father this time and she was the target. I only wanted to save myself. I covered my head with the pillows and blankets and pretended I couldn't hear them.
This is where it gets deep. Why didn't I want to save my mother? Day in and day out, my parents' relationship was crap.  Mostly misery.  Lots of withdrawing, cheating and complaining on his part.  Lots of snarky comments, cold shoulder, pouting and evil eyes from her.  I wanted her to leave him.  I wanted it all to end.  It made no sense when she explained to me that "she had made her bed, and now she had to lie in it."  Why on earth would you choose such a life day after day?  Clearly she had her own free will and this is what she was choosing.  I could not move her.  The only one left I could save was me.
How does this all relate to my disturbing thought pattern?  First, let me admit what that was.  I didn't like women in general.  Just beneath the surface lurked thoughts like "prissy."  I felt mostly like an outsider at any all girl event.  From a young age, I wanted to be a boy, play with the boys.  As I got older, the pattern stayed fixed.  I was far from feminine.  I could dress the part once a year like acting a part, but I didn't learn the dialogue.  My hairdresser on one of these occasions said making me pretty was like making a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
I have tried to find the source of my negative thoughts about women and femininity in researching the roots of history and religion.  I found it in this session on father-daughter relationships with Sophia Mona Lisa.
The answer to my negative thoughts about females and femininity isn't as one dimensional and simple as this, but this is definitely at the root:  The feminine cannot protect me from sadness, betrayal and violence.  I can either be a victim (feminine) or pose as a perpetrator (masculine). My world is not the same one my mother endured.  I no longer need to pull on a masculine mask to protect myself. (Weird how masculine and mask sound alike.)
Sofia suggested I start praying to the Goddess for assistance.  This goes deep I tell you!  I could write all day, but let me sum this up now. I had to jump a mental hurdle when Sofia asked me to pray to the Goddess.  My mind immediately told me that was rebellious against the masculine, so instead I would just have to pray to myself because no one else was there for me, meaning no Goddess. In my heart, I know the Goddess is there for me. Still the path to Her is littered with those obstructive thought hurdles to overcome.