Friday, September 26, 2014

First Night of the Maha Navaratri

Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati

September 24, 2014

For this year's Fall Navaratri, I am offering a Jharra Sadhana during the Nine Nights of the Universal Mother.  During the course of the few days leading up to Navaratri, which began at sunset on 9/24, I was being significantly impacted by the Cosmic Energies coming through the Autumn Equinox, Pluto turning direct and the New Moon in Libra.  I realized on the first day of Navaratri, that these energies were supporting me in my expansion, particularly through the trine alignment between the Cosmic Blessing Giver (Jupiter) and the Quantum Liberator (Uranus).  This particular expansion that I was experiencing was directly related to this quote from Haidakhan Babaji:

Do you look at something through the filter of past thoughts, or do you look at something as fresh and new without judgment as if the observer and the observed are one?  ~ Babaji

This is precisely what my Higher SELF was desiring from me and directing me towards.  I realized that in every moment, in every experience, in every conversation, in every email, I was allowing all of my unconscious judgments about all of my past experiences create an unconscious filter through which I was observing each new NOW, and each new moment, unbeknownst to me, was being skewed by the perception of the filter.  I was greatly aware that this unconscious filtering system was a tremendous source of pain for me and out of alignment with my intention for nonviolence towards the co-creator of the NOW I was experiencing.

So, that night after the first Navaratri's Jharra Sadhana, I was inspired to offer up all of my realizations around this filtering system and its influence on my environment to my Divine Father, my Divine Mother and my Divine Beloved.  I actually spoke out loud, which is what I always do as I offer up to LIFE, and asked that all of these filters be cleared from me, so that I can "look at something as fresh and new without judgment as if the observer and the observed are one."

That night, the Divine Mother answered my prayer through the following dream:

I was aware that my address book - contact list from my cell phone had been uploaded into a highly sophisticated computer program.  As I was looking at the computer monitor, teaching myself this new "contact list" system, I was aware that I had 10's of thousands of contacts, many of which were quite valuable to me because the information would be unrecoverable if lost.  As I was teaching myself the new system, there were icon buttons down the entire right side of the screen.  Unlike current software systems that bring up a bubble when you put your mouse over it to explain that the icon is to "cut," "paste," "align," etc, these icons did not have a bubble that identified their purpose.  So, I was clicking on each icon, going down the screen, to learn what each icon would do.  Soon, I was very close to the bottom of the icon buttons.  I clicked on the next button, and all of the contact information on the contact page that I was looking at disappeared!  I could not find anyway to "undo" what the button had done to restore all of the contact page's information.  I started to feel a little panic arise in my chest.  Then, I began to scroll forward page by page from where this happened, and all of my contacts, thousands and thousands, after that page were gone!  More panic ensued!! Next, I began to scroll backward page by page from where this happened, and all of those contacts were gone too, until eventually, I came to only one contact page with contact information onit.  It was MY contact page with all the contact information about ME!!  In that moment, I became lucid in my dream, and I instantly realized that my prayer to have all my filters cleared from me had been answered.  They are all gone!!

“My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.” 
~ Marcel Proust

Om Dum Durgayei Namaha!!