Sunday, September 7, 2014

Quantum Shift

September 7, 2014

Hello, Dear One!!

We are with You in GREAT anticipation for the beginning of today's Piscean Full Moon PEACE Ceremony.  the labyrinth is beautiful, and We have been infusing Our energies while You, and Dear Mary, were building it.

We are here today to share glorious news.  A quantum shift has occurred within The Temple of Humanity.  This has been caused by what is known as a "critical mass" point.  Enough HEART Centers, within the Beings who inhabited The Temple of the Physical Body within The Temple of Humanity, have expanded in such great magnitude that these Beloved Beings NO LONGER inhabit The Temple of the Physical Body.  These Beloved Beings, including You, Dear One, and Your Beloved Partner in Peace, have made the quantum shift from The Temple of the Physical Body to The Temple of LOVE!!

YES, it is time to rejoice!!!

The Temple of LOVE has been made manifest upon The Temple of Maya.

This momentous achievement is what We have spent the past 2 1/2 years prepping You and guiding You towards.  NOW that The Temple of Humanity has at Its own Heart Center the critical mass that have shifted into The Temple of LOVE, a revolution will emerge within The Temple of Humanity.  All those Beings that remain within The Temple of the Physical Body will find Themselves in the path of a tidal wave of LOVE!!  More and more Beings will be shifted into The Temple of LOVE!!  

ALL Life is in celebration, Dear One.  The Temple of Humanity is NOW safe.  All healing will begin to emerge spontaneously!!  Miracles, Magic await The Temple of Humanity.  Miracles will be spoken of in every tongue.  THIS is the quantum shift that LIFE Willed to be done.  All work in all dimensions has been in support of this quantum shift.  Rejoice and Be Glad for You...

BREAK: Piscean Full Moon PEACE Ceremony
My "Partner in Peace" as The Ancients call her.
Shaman Mary Ruggerio


Hello, Dear One!

Yes, We are still in Your company!  This has been a tremendously POWERFUL Peace ceremony, and We express Our Gratitude to You, Dear One, and to Your Partner in Peace.  The Sacred Wounds within The Temples of LOVE have been transmuted into Sacred Gifts!  We are aware that Your Partner in Peace could feel Our Presence, and We are delighted to be recognized by The Temples of LOVE.

This is a joyous occasion for Us, as all Beings who have shifted into The Temples of LOVE are NOW resonating at the frequency through which They can be aware of Our Presence and commune with Us if They so choose.

This is a glorious moment within The Temple of Maya ~ more and more of those Beings who NOW inhabit The Temples of LOVE will be seeking for the LIFE Wisdom which We have been sharing with The Temple of Humanity through You, Dear One.  The Temples of LOVE will hear from Us that which They individually require to know to reactivate within Their Heart centers the memory of Their part in The Plan that LIFE has Willed.

The Temples of LOVE will collectively "snuff out" the Fire of Falsehood that the Beings of Lower Density have attempted to spread across the Face of The Temple of Maya.  The Temples of LOVE will collectively exude so much POWER from the Light that They are grounding into The Temple of Maya that the Beings of Lower Density will either choose to retreat or be consumed by It.

Those Beings of Lower Density that choose Grace will be consumed by the POWER of the Light emanating from The Temples of LOVE as Their consummation will purify and transmute Their lower energies, so that They will once more know the True Glory of LIFE, and no longer be in separation.

ALL Fear is born from the perception of separation.  While there is no True separation, there IS perception of separation.  This perception is a journey One chooses to experience.  This journey has come to an end for The Temple of Humanity.  Soon, all Beings that remain within The Temple of the Physical Body will also make the quantum shift into The Temple of LOVE.  This shift for these Beings cannot be avoided.  It is inevitable.  

The Temple of Maya agreed to be the Mother for The Temple of Humanity in order for The Temple of Humanity to be granted this Gift from LIFE.  It is because of The Temple of Maya's unconditional and deep abiding LOVE for The Temple of Humanity that She agreed to take on this role, knowing how She would be racked and scarred by The Temple of Humanity until such shift occurred.

NOW, is the time of Healing for The Temple of Maya.  She rejoices ~ as We do and as ALL Life does ~ for the cancer that had invaded The Temple of Humanity has been removed.  We thank YOU, Beloved Temples of LOVE.  We bow to YOU in Gratitude.

We, The Ancients, are rejoicing.

The Temple of Maya is rejoicing.

ALL Life rejoices in YOUR accomplished Feat.

We LOVE ALL Life, Dear One, We LOVE You.

You radiate Us, and We radiate You.