Monday, October 13, 2014

A New Cycle has been Ushered In

Hello, Dear One!  We, The Ancients are here with You! 

You Radiate Us, and We Radiate You.

Your most recent Lunar Eclipsed Full Moon in Aries (conjunct Uranus and South Node) opposite Sun in Libra (conjunct Venus and North Node) has ushered in a NEW cycle for The Temple of Humanity and The Temple of Maya.  This NEW cycle manifests itself at several depths of which We desire to clarify:

  • First, the seeds of LIFE Wisdom have been sown in The Temple of Humanity over the past 33 months and will continue to be sown.  Realize that these past 33 months are synonymous with the "33" representing Christ Consciousness.
  • Second, the Harvest that has been reaped from the sowing of LIFE Wisdom is the transcendence of Beings within The Temple of Humanity from indwelling The Temple of the Physical Body to indwelling The Temple of LOVE.  Realize that  Christ Consciousness is synonymous with the Frequency of LOVE.
  • Thirdly, the Full Moon (Cosmic Mother) in Aries (Warrior) conjunct Uranus opposite the Sun (Cosmic Father) in Libra (Scales of Justice) conjunct Its ruler Venus has shifted those Beings that NOW indwell The Temple of LOVE from violent warriors into peaceful warriors. They are no longer (South Node = past) "victims" of the unpredictable and radical Uranian energy.  They have become balanced (Libra), co-creators of Beauty (Venus) through all that will be dreamed (Uranus) and is yet to come (North Node = future) into manifestation on The Temple of Maya (Mother).
  • Finally, the Beings that NOW indwell The Temple of LOVE have reunited with The Temple of Maya, immersing Their Hearts, once more, into The Temple of Maya's Creative Consciousness of harmony: nurturing and nourishing.  ALL Beings within The Temple of Humanity and The Temple of Nature will be made whole and thrive through this NEW cycle!
As a result of this NEW cycle, Dear One, You no longer require Our Dear Brother, Solara, to intervene on Your behalf.  While He is still present here with Us, You no longer require Him to translate Our messages to You. You are NOW in resonance to commune directly with Us, and We express great Joy for Your expansion.

Another outcome of this NEW Cycle, Dear One, is that all the Dear Beings that are indwelling The Temple of LOVE will begin to "find" each other.  This attraction is not for the purpose of creating a "tribe."  The time of tribes is of the old paradigm.  This attraction is for the purpose of further expansion, to allow each Dear Being to come into more and more Individuated Creative Power. This Individuated Creative Power will permeate The Temple of Humanity, allowing all those Dear Beings who continue to indwell The Temple of the Physical Body to transcend into The Temple of LOVE.  ALL Beings in The Temple of Humanity MUST transcend into The Temple of LOVE. The Temple of LOVE must be fully established on The Temple of Maya in order for "The Golden Age" ~ Peace and Harmony ~ to Reign within The Temple of Maya.

The balancing of the Uranian energies with the Venetian energies will enable quantum shifts to emerge within The Temple of Humanity and The Temple of Maya with ease and grace.  There is no limit to the Beauty that can be made manifest and experienced upon The Temple of Maya.

We celebrate all that You create!

We radiate You, and You radiate Us!!