Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mastery Path of Relationship Equality

This Friday, February 10th, will be a Full Moon in Leo.  We are already within the window of being influenced by its energies.  The impact of this full moon is being highly magnified by the Lunar Eclipse, the first eclipse of this year. Have you noticed any sleep issues over the past couple of nights?  I would attribute them to the intensity of our current full moon/eclipse frequencies.

I imagine the difference between the effects of a full moon and an eclipse as the difference between lighting a match (full moon) versus lighting a blow torch (eclipse)!  When their energies combine, it is like throwing gasoline (eclipse) on a fire (full moon).  WOW!  What a surprise!!!  Yes, eclipses are known to bring big surprises.

Although many people are uncomfortable with the intensity of eclipse energies, the wonderful thing about an eclipse is that it moves us closer to our Soul's Purpose.  It does this by getting us back on the right path ~ the path that our Soul chose to journey to achieve its mission.  This action often exposes some deep Truths that are ready and desiring to be integrated within us.

An astrological axis is like a seesaw. Within a 360° astrological chart, an axis is composed of the two signs that are opposite each other. They are 180° apart.  When the archetypes are out of balance, the axis is metaphorically similar to the first seesaw in the picture above.  Internally, it feels like the archetypes of the two signs are playing a game of tug-of-war! When the archetypes are balanced, the axis is similar to the second seesaw in the picture. Achieving balance between the conflicting archetypes is only the first step.  The Soul's goal is to alchemize their energies to create a higher expression ~ something new.  We can imagine the process like this:

The archetypical energies of  the Leo/Aquarius axis were activated during the Aquarius New Moon (January 27th).  Since then, the energies have been working together within us to find a new equilibrium point. They have created a new consciousness ~ a paradigm shift. Now at our Leo Full Moon, our new consciousness is being illuminated through our relationships.  What changes in your relationships have you noticed over the past two weeks? Prepare yourself for some potential big shifts, thanks to the Lunar Eclipse.

The Leo/Aquarius axis is known as the Mastery Path of Relationship Equality. Leo is the sign of Radical Radiant Self-love.  Aquarius is the sign of  The Humanitarian Visionary. Thus, as we engage with the Mastery Path of Relationship Equality, we are being provided an opportunity by the Cosmos to discover how we can more deeply love our uniqueness and individuality.  This is the work of the personal sign, Leo.  Simultaneously, we are also being provided an opportunity by the Cosmos to discover how we can more deeply empower and promote the uniqueness and individuality of our partner.  This is the work of the trans-personal sign, Aquarius.  Relationships, like a dance, requires two people ~ a partner.  So, while you are discovering new ways to empower your partner, your partner is also discovering new ways to empower you!  I love a win-win!!

In Shamanic Astrology, the relationship axis is determined by the signs in the 1st and 7th houses of a person's natal chart.  It designates how their Soul has chosen to experience, learn and grow through its relationships during this life. Everybody has their own unique relationship path that they are travelling.  If your Ascendant is Leo or Aquarius, then your personal relationship path is going through an amazing initiation process right now.  How exciting for you to get the booster power of the eclipse!

My consciousness has expanded the sacred container for Shamanic Astrology's relationship axis teachings. Humans are fundamentally social beings.  As social beings, we grow and evolve through our relationships. Relationships are necessary for us to be able to know ourselves.  Because of this, I believe that every time a relationship axis is activated by a New Moon and Full Moon, we collectively benefit from the aspect of relationship that is being initiated into a higher expression.  We collectively share in its initiation.

These initiations are experienced on the personal level and the global level.  There are many influences during an initiation. I am choosing to focus on the global wisdom we are receiving from Mars (Inner Masculine/Divine Masculine) and Venus (Inner Feminine/Divine Feminine.)  I am focusing on Mars and Venus because our Souls desire that we achieve Hieros Gamos ~ Sacred Marriage.  Sacred Marriage is the balancing of our Inner Masculine (Mars) and Inner Feminine (Venus).  Sacred Union is the integration of the masculine and feminine aspects of our Self.  Balance comes first, and then we integrate. The marriage occurs first, and then we consummate. When we have achieved Sacred Union, we can express the highest manifestation of our Soul's Purpose.

For the January ~ February 2017 activation of the Leo/Aquarius axis, we are looking to the Leo Archetype in the Fifth House and the Aquarius Archetype in 11th house.

The Leo Archetype encompasses:
  • the King and the Queen
  • the Leading Man and the Leading Woman
  • the Star
  • Creative Leadership
  • Self-Love
  • Inspires others to love themselves
You're supposed to be the leading lady of your own life, for god's sake! ~ Iris Simpkins, The Holiday
In the Fifth House, Leo is desiring to spontaneously and creatively express its Truth.  Leo honors its partner's creativity and inspires its partner to express his/her own Truth.  Leo stands strong in its personal sovereignty, and honors the sovereignty of its partner.  There is no co-dependence with Leo!

The Aquarius Archetype encompasses:
  • the Cosmic Revolutionary
  • the Visionary
  • the Eccentric Inventor
  • the Eagle
  • Explores all dimensions of consciousness
  • Freedom
  • Unconditional Love for Humanity

    I've learned never to close my mind to in idea simply because it seems miraculous. ~ Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol
In the Eleventh House, Aquarius knows itself as a visionary.  Aquarius desires to make a unique contribution to Humanity, and just any contribution will not do.  It must be a contribution that will uplift the plight of Humanity, so that all are seen as equal. Aquarius is seeking Ascension. Experiencing itself as multi-dimensional, it desires freedom from the physical and emotional planes. Being fair-minded, Aquarius also desires freedom for everyone.

During the Aquarius New Moon, both Mars and Venus were in Pisces intimately connecting with their Divine Selves.  Mars was located at 29° Pisces, the Karmic Degree.  Here the Inner Masculine is learning how to maintain control over his aggression. The Divine Masculine is sending a message that patriarchy is on its way out.  Venus was conjunct Chiron (Shamanic Medicine).  Here the Inner Feminine is being assured by the Divine Feminine that Sacred Union can be achieved no fear of losing its individuality.  For both partners in a relationship, this new Consciousness being received from the Cosmos is preparing the ground for the seeds of Sacred Marriage and ultimately Sacred Union.  The seeds of sovereignty, honor and freedom in Right Relationship have been sown.  Mastery of Relationship Equality is descending from the Unmanifest (Source) to be experienced in the Manifest (our Relationships). The Inner Masculine is leading the way.

During the Leo Full Moon on Friday, February 10th, both Mars and Venus are now in Aries. The shift from the Unmanifest to the Manifest has transpired.  Our Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine have received the gifts from the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  Our relationship consciousness is made new!  A new milestone has been reached in the Masculine/Feminine dynamic on Earth.  Now is the time for us to focus on the freedom that Radical Radiant Self-Love allows. When we truly, madly, deeply love ourselves, unconditional love flows forth from our Hearts as a natural by-product.  Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) is still in Aries. While it is not in orb to Mars or Venus, there is no doubt they are being influenced by Uranus' cosmic reach.  Between the Lunar Eclipse and Uranus, you can definitely expect some some startling reformations.

I encourage you to allow all the information I have shared with you to integrate during this next week.  Be aware of shifts in your inner dialogue and how you express yourself within your relationship.  Take note of shifts in how your partner is relating to you. The keyword is empowerment. Empowerment flowing both ways!  With this Lunar Eclipse, you will experience greater relationship equality throughout the next six months.  If you don't already journal, I invite you to keep a journal between now and August, so that you will be aware of just how much your relationship has transformed.

Remember that I have only highlighted the Global ramifications of the Leo/Aquarius axis initiation. If you would like clarity on how this initiation is refining you, please contact me to schedule a personal Shamanic AstroSOL reading.

I appreciate you taking the time to let me know in the comments section below how this information has been helpful to you.  Thank you!

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