Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Pentagram of the Lunar Eclipse

On tonight's Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo, there is a pentagram (5 pointed star) being activated in the heavens above us. The Pentagram is an ancient symbol for the Goddess. In fact, the planet Venus who represents the Goddess, completes a path in the sky in the form of a pentagram every 8 years.

If you watched the movie, The DaVinci Code, you will recall that within the first few scenes of the movie, the character Robert Langdon explains to Fache that the pentagram is an ancient symbol for the Sacred Feminine:
"The pentacle," Langdon clarified, "is a pre-Christian symbol that relates to Nature worship. The ancients envisioned their world in two halves - masculine and feminine. Their gods and goddesses worked to keep a balance of power. Yin and yang. When male and female were balanced, there was harmony in the world. When they were unbalanced, there was chaos". 
Langdon motioned to Saunière's stomach. "This pentacle is representative of the female half of all things— a concept religious historians call the 'sacred feminine' or the 'divine goddess.' Saunière, of all people, would know this."
"Saunière drew a goddess symbol on his stomach?"  
Langdon had to admit, it seemed odd. "In its most specific interpretation, the pentacle symbolizes Venus— the goddess of female sexual love and beauty".
(NOTE: The pentacle is a pentagram enclosed in a circle.)
The 5 points of the star that are being activated tonight are the Sun (Aquarius) and Moon (Leo) opposition, the Uranus (Aries) and Jupiter (Libra) opposition, and Saturn (Sagittarius).

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King

Truly, the Wisdom of the Goddess is being expanded within the Collective Consciousness of Humanity AND the restoration of the balance of power between the masculine and feminine is actively being experienced on the planet.

While those egos that remain entrenched in Patriarchy may find this to be a shocking revolution, those Spiritual beings who incarnated to be in Service to the Goddess are reveling in the Freedom that this Cosmic Revolution of LOVE portends.

In my personal chart, my Natal Mars ~ my Inner Masculine and Sacred Helpmate, is at a near exact (1° orb) conjunction with the Moon.  The Divine Mother (Luna) is pouring Her Illuminating power into my Inner Masculine.  This infusion from the Divine Mother is allowing my Inner Masculine to EMPOWER my Inner Feminine by radiating His creative inspiration and self-confidence to Her. By the completion of this Lunar Eclipse (August), they will walk the "royal path" together, knowing themselves to be Enlightened.  As Enlightened aspects of Divinity, they will pass on their greatest GIFT to Humanity: empowering others with the radiance of who They are.

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Many blessings to you!

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