Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Today is all about the Cosmic LOVERS, and how They are showing up within YOU!  With Mars (Inner God/Masculine) and Venus (Inner Goddess/Feminine) both being in the sign of Aries today, this Valentine's Day is truly about your Inner Relationship. Ultimately, since Aries is the ruler of the First House, the focus for the Cosmic LOVERS on this Valentine's Day is your capacity for Self~LOVE,  Self~LOVE is THE greatest gift we can give to Humanity because when we LOVE ourselves, we are transmitting a kind of permission to the Collective Consciousness for others to love themselves too.

Our ability to LOVE ourselves is often influenced by the inner wounds we carry.  For both men and women, the past 6,000 years of the Patriarchal Warrior defending all that he has claimed for himself as he has plundered and pillaged through families and communities across the planet has left DEEP Patriarchal Wounds within the Feminine.  We each carry the Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine principles within us, so all people ~ men and women ~ are uncovering, healing and transforming the Patriarchal Wounds.  

Mars and Venus in Aries is the perfect occasion to restore the balance between our Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine.  Aries/Libra is the Path of Conscious Equal Partnership.  We must be conscious of ourself (Aries) before we can become conscious of our partner (Libra).  Mars is the Ruler of Aries, and Venus is the Ruler of Libra.  The Cosmic LOVERS are GIFTING us with a beautiful opportunity to consciously bring our Inner Masculine and our Inner Feminine into balance ~ into Equal Partnership.  The Inner Masculine has chosen to step up and take Its place as a Sacred Warrior.  It has turned Its back on the Patriarchal Warrior.  Being the Sacred Warrior, defending the Cosmic Order, is the Noble Cause It now fights for.  The Inner Masculine will protect the Inner Feminine as Their partnership is reestablished in Equality through collaboration and cooperation. Together, They will level the playing field of Hierarchy. The Inner Masculine will safeguard and preserve the non-hierarchical Realm of Relationship in which the Cosmic LOVERS will initiate mutual honor, empower equal value, promote peace and rediscover personal truth.

With Jupiter (Cosmic Guru) in Libra, Humanity has stepped into The Golden Age of Relationship. Jupiter is beaming across the sky at the Cosmic LOVERS to support them in conscious-equal-partnership and to expand the conscious ways of engaging relationship. Jupiter is now in retrograde, providing the Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine the time and space required to reveal to Them just where within your Inner Relationship the weeds of Patriarchy continue to undermine your capacity for Self-LOVE. Your window for Self-Discovery will remain open until approximately March 10th when Mars will move from Aries into Taurus.  Look to February 23rd to March 4th for some revolutionary insights and inspiration for committing to your REAL Self, living an authentic life, reclaiming your Sovereignty and stepping into Radical Self-LOVE.

If you desire insight into the Patriarchal Wounds that are impeding the expansion of your Self-LOVE, I invite you to schedule a Shamanic AstroSOL™ reading with me. 

Many blessings to you upon your journey!

©SOL SPEAKS™, 2017

My Soul Brother ~ Wyn!