Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Your 2014 GIFT!

Hello, Beloveds!

I am so blessed by The Ancients to receive a HUGE insight today via Them from Beloved Saturn and Beloved Venus!  I AM soooo excited by this message of my PRESENT that I have put everything I was in the middle of doing on hold to share this good news.  As always, I am aware that the messages The Ancients share with me are for ALL of US!

As you may recall, Beloved Saturn moved out of Scorpio, where She has been manifesting through Us at our deepest core level, into Sagittarius on December 23rd.  When She moves from one sign to the next, She leaves you a gift relative to how you have expanded during Her sojourn.

Today, New Years Eve, December 31, 2014, She is exactly conjunct my natal Venus!  I am aware that this is why They have chosen to reveal the Gift to me today!  My Gift, and yours, is related to what WE are most GRATEFUL for from this past year of 2014.

For me, I have Black Moon Lilith in Libra, in my 4th House ruled by Libra.  I also have the Moon and Pallas Athena in Cancer, in my 12th House ruled by Gemini.  Since July of this year, the North Node has been conjunct my natal Black Moon Lilith,  all the while, recall, while Beloved Saturn was in Scorpio (in my 5th House ruled by Scorpio).  What an amazing set-up for me that I did not become aware of until NOW!  I really believe I was unable to be aware of it because soooo much expansion, integration and letting go has been going on within my Core Self.

So......HERE IS MY GIFT:  Beloved Saturn, Venus, Black Moon Lilith, Pallas Athena and Moon have ripped me wide open so that I could KNOW on the deepest levels the GREAT LOVE that my Earthly Mother, Linda Catalona Taft, and subsequently my Divine Mother, have for ME.  (YES! Each one of us is SIGNIFICANT and SEEN!!)  I KNOW this because my Mother-ji has forged the perfect relationship with me to allow me to EXPERIENCE, INTEGRATE and APPRECIATE my own Inner Black Moon Lilith and Pallas Athena Goddess energies (SELF).  What a platinum Gift!!! How can you maintain Sacred Union with your Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine until the Core RAGE of Lilith has been unleashed and Her Power has been Transmuted from Rage to Warrior Goddess?  I am in such AWE!!!

I feel SOOOOOO BLESSED in this moment for the exquisite choreography that these Honorable Feminine Embodiments of LOVE orchestrated for my expansion on this magnificent level.  I bow to my own Mother-ji in GRATITUDE.  From this moment forward, I will always be Joyful that You chose me and I chose You.

So, Beloveds, I invite you to discover Your OWN Gift from Beloved Saturn for 2014.  Happy Treasure Hunting and Happy New Year!  I love each of YOU, Heart -to- Heart!  KALIKA

©Dragon-Mother Kalika ~ SOL SPEAKS™