Monday, December 15, 2014

Letting Go to Move Forward

Hello, Beloveds!

It's been awhile since I have brought you a message from The Ancients.  They are here with me now, and letting me know that a message is coming forth with our New Moon in Capricorn on Sunday, December 21, 2014, our Winter Solstice.  It already feels like it will be POWER-PACKED.

Meanwhile, The Ancients have prompted me to share more with you about the lapses between messages that occasionally occur.  That is because They are working with me, AND my Soul has Its own work that It is doing through me too.

I have noticed that some of my posts have become more astrological and or shamanic in nature.  That is because part of the journey that The Ancients desire for me to share is my own journey.  Astrologically, the planets, asteroids, nodes and transits are actual manifestations of Beings who are supporting us in our expansion.  The Ancients feel it is imperative for you to understand this concept, as They, Themselves, are only one source of support for LIFE's expansion, and thus, the expansion of The Frequency of LOVE.  Shamanically, the children of The Temple of Maya who are The Temple of Nature and The Temple of Maya, Herself, are other sources of support for us in our expansion.  When I use the word "us,"  I am really referring to Our Souls.  This work takes place at the level of our True Self, Higher Self, Authentic Self... whichever term you prefer, and yet it is manifesting through The Temple of the Physical Body, which we perceive to be our egoic-selves.  At the level of our True Self, we have a multitude of Beings supporting our individual expansion, and even more so are the innumerable Beings present in support of LIFE's expansion, and thus, the expansion of The Frequency of LOVE (Pure Source).

The Ancients desire me to express that the sharing of my Soul's journey in expansion is also supportive of your own expansion as my Soul's journey in expansion is the lens through which They are able to communicate with me the LIFE Wisdom that supports ALL Life's expansion.

The most important area of expansion at this time that The Ancients desire me to discuss with you from my own journey is related to yesterday's SIXTH EXACT SQUARE between Pluto and Uranus.  For The Temple of Humanity, "this is a time of letting go in order to move forward." ~ Tom "Kaypacha" Lescher.  As Kaypacha discusses, it was also the Third Quarter Moon in Virgo and the Sun trine Jupiter.  This is tremendous celestial support for The Temple of Humanity's expansion.

Also, we must be aware of how these significant celestial Beings are simultaneously supporting our individual expansion.  I choose now to provide you the outline for these celestial Beings' support of me, so that you will be encouraged to dive deeper into the process of your own expansion:
  • Pluto is conjunct my natal Sun
  • Jupiter is conjunct my natal Mars
  • Black Lilith is conjunct my natal Uranus (more about this later)
  • The North Node is conjunct my natal Black Lilith
  • Saturn is conjunct my natal Venus
  • My progressed Ascendant is conjunct my natal Uranus
  • My progressed Sun is conjunct transiting Chiron and transiting Neptune AND It is exactly on my natal Jupiter while conjuncting my natal Chiron
  • My progressed Mid-Heaven is opposite my natal Venus
Our minds need not understand what all of this means for my Soul expansion.  The Ancients' desire for you to be aware of how much support I am receiving to fully integrate at all levels The Frequency of LOVE (Pure Source).  Thus, "downtime" is provided between Their transmissions while They, too, support me with this integration.  Remember that this integration takes place through our etheric bodies, down through our astral bodies, and into our physical bodies.  For those of us BEings within The Temple of Humanity who have transitioned (ascended) into Temples of LOVE, these celestial Beings are supporting the integration of our Temples of the Physical Body with our Temples of LOVE.  This integration of Temples, which are merely different levels of frequencies, will be completed with the SEVENTH EXACT SQUARE between Pluto and Uranus in March 2015.  

Meanwhile, be aware, while the integration will be complete at the 6th sqare of Pluto and Uranus, we will each experience our own new frequency (that of The Frequency of LOVE ~ Pure Source) in our own perfect unfolding.  Every bud on the bush does not bloom at the same time, and yet they are all flowers.

As Kaypacha states, "Pluto is the Kundalini Death Force and Uranus is Trauma, Shocking, Unpredictable Events."  Look closely at your own charts to see where Pluto and Uranus are supporting your expansion.

For myself, I was COMPELLED yesterday (the day of Their SIXTH EXACT SQUARE) to share the following post on my FaceBook page in response to a post Jane Sibbett had made regarding the recent allegations towards Bill Cosby.  (That is certainly Plutonian and Uranian in nature!)

For those who do not recognize Jane Sibbett's name, she is the actress who played "Carol" on the hit series FRIENDS (Ross' lesbian ex-wife).  Jane is also an avid supporter of The Vagina Monologues, and is helping men and women to be able to talk about their intimate violence and heal from their intimate violence.  Here are Jane's remarks about the Bill Cosby issue:  

While it wasn't Cosby who slipped something into my drink and assaulted me 30 years ago, the story is horribly, horribly similar -- except, the detective to whom I reported after months of my perpetrator's threats and stalking, was the one who convinced me I didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell and I should drop anything further beyond getting a restraining order --especially when my apartment was broken into without a trace and all evidence stolen. She told me that no one would believe me, and that I'd ruin my career before it had even started. We ALL need to stand up now together and voice these transgressions against us, our sisters, mothers, and friends so that this won't happen to our daughters, our nieces, or anyone else. And for the record, this is happening to men at close to the same rate as women and even more under-reported for so many fear the stigma against them. Not matter what your sex or your sexual persuasion this is horrible crime against humanity and it needs to stop now. Drug and alcohol-related offenses are rapidly increasing, but the statistics on reporting are grim. This is part of my new campaign and what I'm working on with 1736 Family Crisis Center - 1736 FCC and the Dane Williams Memorial Foundation and if you go to the 1736 Family Crisis Center FB page you can see more of the statistics to which I'm referring.I hope that you will share this post and share encouragement for those who are bravely stepping forward. Thank you for your compassion and support for this journey that none of us wanted to take, but must now for those we wish to protect ever after and around the world. Peace.

And here is my FaceBook posting:

Thank You, Cosby, for making it okay for me to finally share my secret:

I wasn't having something slipped into my drink. I was actually being ignored or picked-on by my older cousin, making me feel more unwanted than ever, and then at night, while my sister and his brother were asleep in sleeping bags on the floor next to us, he would come over to me and start sexually molesting me. I was afraid to say anything because my dad was very violent and I was always being blamed and punished for what everyone else did wrong. So, I kept my mouth shut. This started at about the age of 5 or 6 and continued through high school. I remember running to my mother crying, "It hurts when I pee pee." We were at my Pa's house, and I had never felt anything so excruciating. Now, I know why. Over the years, he became more and more audacious. My dad actually found him on top of me in the early hours of one morning. My dad didn't come in and stop him. He just turned around and walked away. The next thing I knew, I was in the doctor's office with my mom. The doctor put a sheet over my head and examined my "private parts." To this day, I don't think it was ever discussed or that anything was ever done about it. I was 8 or 9. When I was about 12, my cousin put his hand under the bedspread on my bed while I was lying next to my mother's best friend. I was frozen. I was so afraid she would realize what he was doing to me, and I would get beat for it. Later in high school, while my Nonie was sleeping in her bedroom, my cousin told me he needed to "teach me how to make love to a man." By then, I was so shut down from his sexual advances, that I couldn't stop him.

Later, when my cousin's brother was getting married, I told my family I was too sick to go to the wedding. I didn't want to see my cousin. Of course he would be there. And then, when his brother had a daughter, I prayed and prayed she would be okay, and not become her uncle's victim too.

Why didn't I say anything then? I had. I had told his mother years before what had happened to me, before I became pregnant with my own son. She told me that she called him and confronted him. He told her, "She is just a whore, and she deserved it." That's why I never spoke about it again. Until years later, when my niece started exhibiting behaviors of being sexually molested. I spoke to my sister about it and confessed to my sister what our older cousin had done to me. It fell on deaf ears.... for me and most sadly, for my niece.


Again, I remind you that intimate violence is very Plutonian and bringing it out of the shadows and the area of the taboo is very Uranian.  This is just ONE AREA in which Pluto and Uranus are supporting a GLOBAL Revolution.  Intimate violence is steeped in secrecy because it flows through Ancestral lines.  Sometimes, in an effort to survive, the wounded suppress their memories of their experiences, and so may not even be aware that they were violated.

As Jane wrote to me this morning:
The thing is, Kalika, it IS ugly. It is taboo. It's a horrible act and we should be outraged this happening to one out of five women & girls in our country. We should be furious it happened to us, to my sisters, to my mother. But first we talk. We share. We help ourselves heal. And then we help others if we can. I hope you sleep tonight. Peace.
Recall.... Black Lilith is conjuncting my Natal Uranus.  Lilith is at 2° Virgo and my natal Uranus is at 4° Virgo in my Second House.  Virgo is the sign of the Cosmic Goddess.  Lilith is that part of the Cosmic Goddess that is traumatized, taboo.  The Second House is the house of that which we Value, tangibly and intangibly.  Things like our feelings, emotions, which are often tied to experiences, are considered intangible.  Our entire internal landscape is intangible, especially our needs and wants.  These are things we value.  When we own a traumatic experience, when we speak up about it, we are actually valuing our greatest possession, our Self.  Speaking up allows us to reclaim ownership of our Self, to re-empower our self.  So, Beloveds, this is why The Ancients allowed my Inner Goddess to take center stage in this posting.  What is YOUR Inner Goddess desiring from YOU?

If intimate violence is an area where Pluto and Uranus are pushing you to OPEN UP, so that you can finally LET GO and MOVE FORWARD, know that I am always here to be in support of you.  In the meantime, here are links to two gifts that Jane Sibbett has offered,  Please accept them, and listen to them, as your Soul has led you right to them because It requires them NOW:

Streaming For The Sou! TV ~ Mas Sajady
SUPERPOWERS want to engage yours?

Finally, I would like to wish each of you a:




I am so grateful for our connection. 

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