Thursday, November 20, 2014

Saturn's impending move into Sagittarius

There was some discussion today in a Facebook group that I belong to regarding Saturn's impending move into Sagittarius.  There were curiosities about what this planetary move means, since Saturn generally stays in each sign for 2 1/2 years, and I was specifically asked to comment upon it.  The request of me prompted several impressions for which I was guided to post here in order to be shared with others.

Allow me to remind you at this point, that while Saturn GENERALLY stays in a sign for 2 1/2 years, She may slow down, turn retrograde, and may even cross a particular degree for as many as 3 different times. I will also remind you here, that the generality of Saturn's moving through a a sign for 2 1/2 years, does not imply that She will stay in the same house for this same period of time. You must be aware of how the Signs have laid themselves upon your personal houses.

I will use my personal chart to explain this further.  Scorpio, the current sign Saturn will soon be moving out of, rules my 5th house.  However, Scorpio laid itself upon my 4th house at approximately the 21 2/3rds degree of my 4th house.  Therefore, Saturn's stay in Scorpio, for me personally, has not been a 2 1/2 year stay in my 4th house. When, Saturn moved to approximately 11°36" of Scorpio, She moved into my 5th house, the house Scorpio rules in my personal chart.  Thus, when Saturn moves into Sagittarius this year on December 23, 2014, Saturn will continue to be in my 5th house for approximately 16°s ~ approximately less than half of a year, before crossing over into my 6h house.

The relevance of Saturn's move into Sagittarius, for me personally, is more than simply posing the question, "In which house and sign is Saturn located in my natal chart?"  In addition to that fundamental question, numerous other questions come to mind for me personally, which I am choosing to share here, so that you may ask yourself similar questions as they are relative to your personal chart. Simply put:

  • Where (sign and house) is the ruler of Scorpio (PLUTO) in my personal chart right now?  I ask this because, as I stated above, Saturn is currently in my 5th house, and Scorpio is the ruler of my 5th house.  With Pluto currently being in Capricorn, and the ruler of Capricorn being Saturn, this provides a stronger emphasis on Saturn's current position in Scorpio for everyone before Saturn moves into Sagittarius. Some deeper questions would lead me to:
    • Where is Pluto located in my natal and progressed charts?
    • How are the houses and their planetary rulers of Pluto's current location in my current, natal & progressed charts impacting how Saturn is showing up for me while She is still in Scorpio and located in my personal 5th house?
  • Where (sign and house) is the ruler of Sagittarius (JUPITER) in my personal chart right now?  I ask this because, as I stated above, as Saturn moves through Sagittarius, Saturn will eventually cross over into my 6th house, so therefore Sagittarius, and consequently Jupiter, are rulers of my 6th house.  Both my 6th house and its ruler for me, Jupiter, will have a strong emphasis on how I personally experience Saturn showing up there for me.  Some of the deeper questions could be applied here, too, by utilizing the above 3 questions and substituting Pluto with Jupiter.  NOTE:  The influence of the 5th & 6th houses are personal to me.  You must look at your own personal chart to determine which house(s) are influencing how Saturn is showing up for you right now in Scorpio and will be when She moves into Sagittarius on 12/23/2014.
For now, I will paint for you a backdrop of how I have PERSONALLY been experiencing Saturn in Scorpio as She has moved through my 4th and 5th houses.  My intention is to utilize this backdrop as the canvas upon which I will further paint my personal rendition of Saturn's impending move into Sagittarius.  Through this, I will be responding to the original question posed to me, "What is my take on Saturn's impending move into Sagittarius?"

In order to paint, you require some colors.  Here are the ones I will be using:
  • The fourth house is commonly recognized to be influences that form our foundation which may include our family of origin and our home environment.  I also recognize it to be the foundation of our Core Gifts & Core Wounding as well as how our Inner Child has/continues to run our lives.  In addition, I see the fourth house as having an influence on how our egoic responses have and/or continue to show up relative to our ego's perception of our lives' experiences.
  • The fifth house is commonly recognized to be our creative impulses through life, art and culture. Because the fundamental creative impulse for humans is considered to be reproduction, and many humans consider the sexual act of reproduction to be pleasurable, this house is frequently associated with our personal pleasure.  Thus, the sign that is ruling this house, gives us clues to the things that we like, the type of experiences and/or kinds of things that make us feel good, and from which we derive pleasure.
  • Scorpio is a sign that is commonly recognized to be one signifying "the deep unconscious," ~ that greater part of our consciousness that, like an iceberg, we find below the surface.  Here we can find our deepest unconscious (limiting) beliefs.  Scorpio's planetary co-rulers are, Pluto, a planet that is commonly associated with death and rebirth ~ the transformation process and Back Moon Lilith, deep deep feeling about that part of the Cosmic Feminine that has been rejected. Remember, I have Scorpio ruling my 5th house, so my personal sense of pleasure is innately related to transformational experiences that allow me to bring more and more of my personal unconsciousness into consciousness.  Because my personal sense of pleasure is highly "experiential" in nature, my most innate creative outlet is through communication.  To have an experience requires the presence of an "other," so the foundation of any experience is communication, whether it be personal or trans-personal.
  • I feel it is important to talk a little bit about Saturn, Herself.  Many people focus on difficulties from Saturn and blame Her for "bad karma" showing up.  Because Saturn is the ruler of my Sun Sign, Capricorn (remember: that is where Pluto is CURRENTLY located for everybody), I have an intimate relationship with Saturn, and I have experienced Her differently.  Saturn is the planet that supports us in bringing all that we have created in the unmanifest world into the manifest world. Commonly called The Great Manifestor, I recognize Her as the Cosmic Womb.  Think about the birth pangs that women go through when birthing a child.  Sometimes, we all, too, experience "birthing pains" from Saturn, and just like the beautiful baby to which a woman's focus turns, so must we keep our focus on what we have birthed into the world.  To do this, I think of Saturn as the frame onto which the creation is made: to weave, we require a loom ~ to paint, we require a canvas.  I think of Saturn as that "loom" or "canvas" on/from which we can visibly experience our creative impluse ~ our creation.

From these "colors" of the fourth house, the fifth house, Scorpio, Pluto and Saturn, I will now "paint" my personal experience of Saturn as She has moved through my 4th & 5th houses while in Scorpio:

My core wounding (4th house) which I experienced over and over again within my family of origin (4th house) was one of being disposable, unseen, unloved,  & unworthy.  Many people relate those feelings to the experience of abandonment. Because my Inner Child (4th house) equated those feelings with my Ego's perception (4th house) of being unlovable, throughout my life I attracted some relationships in which that egoic perception of being unlovable continued to be mirrored to my Inner Child, reinforcing my Inner Child's understanding of those feelings of being disposable, unseen and unworthy. 
While Saturn was moving through Scorpio in my 4th house, Saturn was moving me deeper and deeper into my Core/Unconciousness to be able to birth the Consciousness of my Core Wounding by bringing back into my life several relationships that had ended.  When I chose to leave those relationships, my Inner Child's perception of the relationships attached the "judgement" of being unlovable by those people to them.  In this instance, Saturn is utilizing my past relationships as the frame I discussed above.  
Then, Saturn moved into my 5th house, where my personal creative outlet is through communication.  Thus, while Saturn has been in my 5th house in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto/Scorpio), I had the experience (5th house ~ my personal sense of pleasure) of communicating (Scorpio ~ my personal creative outlet) with these individuals about our past relationships (Saturn's frame for my NEW creation) .  Through our communications about our past relationships, Pluto (the transformation process) & Saturn, together, enabled me to birth a transcendent understanding (Pluto & Saturn) of the dynamics of our past relationships (Saturn's frame) allowing my Inner Child to create a new perception of being deeply-lovable by these individuals (Scorpio &5th house) because they chose to show up on my path and mirror my Core Wounding back to myself (4th house) so that I could heal it (Saturn's NEW creation).  I can even take this a bit further by stating that Core Woundings create Deeply Unconscious (Limiting) Beliefs.  Thus, the Deeply Unconscious (Limiting) Belief of being unlovable was birthed into my Consciousness so that it could be Transcended, thereby healing the Core Wounding.

Before utilizing the background I have created as a canvas upon which to paint how I perceive Saturn's impending move into Sagittarius, I must first call your attention to Tom "Kapacha" Lescher's discussion of this from his recent Pele report (November 18, 2014):
0° of Sagittarius is where this New Moon is happening (Saturday November 22, 2014). Venus is in Sagittarius... this edge - let's look at it, we come out of the Underworld of Scorpio.  It is the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes, is the basic symbol that we can give for 0° of Sagittarius, as we come up out of the depths of Underworld of transformation...
And, to paint upon the canvas that has been created, I require some more "colors."  Let's take a quick look at Sagittarius and its planetary ruler, Jupiter:
  • Sagittarius is a sign that is commonly recognized to be one signifying our cultural, governmental and religious laws, all of which, create deep-seated belief systems.  Because the symbol of Sagittarius includes an upwards pointing arrow, it is also commonly signifies our cultural, governmental and religious leaders: gurus, teachers and even seeking higher understandings (what is the meaning of Life?) through such experiences as vision quests or searching for "the Holy Grail."
  • Jupiter is the planet of EXPANSION!  Where ever Jupiter is visiting your chart, what ever is going on there, it will be EXPANDED, and for the good!  Thus, Jupiter is also associated with good luck and good fortune.
Now, I can paint upon this background canvas of: the Deeply Unconscious (Limiting) Belief of being unlovable was birthed into my Consciousness so that it could be Transcended, thereby healing the Core Wounding.  As Saturn remains in my 5th house of the creative impulse (my personal way of feeling good ~ through experiences ~ and my personal creative outlet ~ communication), the question that becomes obvious to me as She shifts into Sagittarius is, "What will be the new frame upon which the new creation will be made manifest?"  Thus, what will Saturn choose to use from the realm/colors of Sagittarius and/or Jupiter to manifest a new creation that will represent "the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes?"  For me, how will the new core belief of being deeply lovable rise from the Underworld and create expansion in my life?  What new experiences will come to me to create a new and deeper Trust in LIFE?  How will my new and deep belief of "I AM LOVABLE!" allow the Goddess within me to RISE UP as a Priestess to provide meaning and healing for others?  What will THOSE creative experiences be, and how will I communicate them? What new truths will I discover in the process?

I invite you to take the background that you have created from your personal astrological chart, and use it as a canvas, so that you can come to know the questions to ask of yourself when you apply the new colors of Sagittarius and Jupiter to it.  The important thing to remember here is that Saturn is the constant.  She will use something from where She is located in your chart right now as the frame for birthing the unmanifest to the manifest, for creating something NEW in your life.

Blessings to all of you.  These are exciting times for all of us! Kalika