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Venus Retrograde Vision Quest

Hello, Beloveds!

Much is being shared about our current Venus retrograde cycle.  With my natal Mercury in Aquarius, I have come to trust my innate ability to communicate with the Cosmos on a multi-dimensional level. Thus, what I have to share with you on this cycle may very likely be much different than what others are sharing, as the lens through which I perceive is different. Remember the parable of the blind men and the elephant.  We all receive different aspects of Truth, and all are equally valuable. It is my prayer that my offering will resonate with your Heart and will support you as Venus facilitates your Vision Quest.

Venus retrograde cycles are very unique because we find cycles within cycles.  This is due to the path of the pentagram that Venus traces in the sky, thus the pentagram being an ancient symbol for the Sacred Feminine.  When Venus activates a zodiac sign, She visits that sign every 8 years over the course of 152 years.  During that 152 years, Venus will journey through the sign TWICE, starting from the end of the sign (29 or 28°) moving "backwards" to the beginning of the sign (1 or 0°).  It takes Venus THIRTEEN 8-year cycles to make each journey.  At about the mid-point of the first journey, Her second journey begins, so that for SIX of the 8-year cycles, the two journeys overlap each other.  Venus's activation of the zodiac sign is complete after TWENTY 8-year cycles. NINETY-NINE years after the completion of a zodiac sign's activation, Venus will step into that sign again to begin a new 152 year activation at a higher frequency.

Our current Venus retrograde cycle is activating TWO zodiac signs simultaneously: Aries & Pisces.  

The activation of Aries began back in 1905.

Consider that the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution ~ granting American women the right to vote ~ was ratified in August 1920! The Sun was in Leo. The Divine Father shared His FIRE with the Divine Mother.  Mars was in Scorpio while Venus was in Virgo.  The Sacred Masculine empowered the Sacred Feminine and the Goddess!  This shift in Consciousness was a resounding, "YES ~ the power of the Feminine and the Masculine  CAN co-exist!"

Venus completed Her first journey through Aries in 2001, and She began Her second journey through Aries in 1961. For me, being born in 1963, I am of the generation that came in for Venus's second journey through Aries.  All of us who have been born since 1905 have embodied the Ancient Feminine Warriors ~ the Amazon Women. We are ushering in the higher frequency and the NEW Aquarian Goddess Archetype for Aries ~ the Fierce Safeguarder. In fact, my natal Venus (my Inner Goddess) is in Sagittarius ~ the highest resonance of the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius).  The Aquarian Goddess Archetype for Aries will be fully manifested on the planet in thirty years, 2057.

We are beginning to see more and more glimpses of Her now emerging from our Collective Consciousness onto the world's stage.

The Fierce Safeguarder showed Herself to us in 2016 as the Israeli and Palestinian women marched to Wage Peace.  The Aquarian Goddess Archetype for Aries is not aligned with war, rage and violence. She is the bringer of Peace, Nonviolence and Protection.  She IS the change we have been waiting for!

We have witnessed the Presence of the Fierce Safeguarder at Standing Rock amongst the Water Protectors.  She revealed Herself through both men and women.  Every one of us has an Inner Feminine, and She is reemerging through all of Humanity. The Indigenous People have retained their connection with the Ancient Wisdom.  We can look to them as Wayshowers, modelling to us what it looks like to embody the Sacred Feminine and step out in Dharma, Right Action, from Her space.

Most recently, the Fierce Safeguarder made an appearance on International Womens Day as this "Fearless Girl," a symbol of women's empowerment.   This is another manifestation of the paradigm shift away from Patriarchy into a balanced place where the power of the Feminine and the Masculine are co-existing.  Venus rules money, so this beautiful piece of art, also ruled by Venus, is an auspicious sign from the Sacred Feminine.

In 2009, after 99 years, Venus once again stepped into the sign of Pisces.  As you now know, the activation of Pisces will require 152 years to complete.  Those of us who are incarnated on the planet at this time will not see the full manifestation of this paradigm shift in our lifetimes.  We can, however, tap into it during these retrograde cycles through our vision quests. The last activation of Pisces began in 1758 and completed in 1910.  During that period, Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) ~
... promoted Transcendentalist thought, which emphasized experiencing God through lived experience and intuition ... Inspired by the powerful language of Romanticism, he espoused embracing the Spirit without the rigidity of law ... he believed that life was a miracle and that God dwells in all things. ~ The Association of Religion Data Archives
Emerson's promotion of Transcendentalism is a beautiful expression of the Venus Retrograde in Pisces: letting go of the false power of religious doctrine and law.

This new activation of Pisces will raise the frequency of the Ancient Compassionate One to the NEW Aquarian Goddess Archetype for Pisces ~ the Heart Healer.  LOVE can not flow through a Heart of stone. The Heart Healer must break open the Hearts of Humanity, so that they can be healed.  Even for those of us who have spent our lives walking the Healing Path, we have places within our Hearts that are still calcified. The Heart Healer will work with us, not on us, to break up and wash away the calcifications.  While this process is unfolding, the Fierce Safeguarder will have shifted from the role of defender under the Amazon Woman to the role of safeguarder and preserver to support the Heart Healer.

Venus as represented by Inanna

On March 4th, Venus began Her descent into the Underworld.  Just as Inanna, Queen of Heaven, made Her descent into the Underworld to visit Her sister, Erishkegal, Queen of the Dead, we too are on a journey into the darkness.  This darkness is similar to the portion of the iceberg that is hidden under the ocean.  It is there, yet we do not see it.  This journey is one of excavation.  What jewels will we find in the Underworld that we can bring up to the surface and into the Light?

During a Venus retrograde cycle, the jewels that we discover are the remembrances of Ancient Wisdom that has long been forgotten. This Ancient Wisdom relates to LOVE (Venus).
  • The truth is that LOVE is GENEROUS.  
  • The truth is that LOVE is expressed through both the masculine and the feminine energies.  
  • The truth is that all of us are on a journey to that place within ourselves where we can once more feel safe to fully stand in LOVE and allow LOVE to express through us.
During a Venus retrograde cycle, we are remembering HOW we are LOVE (Source), HOW we embody LOVE (God/Goddess) and what we truly value (authenticity).

As Inanna descended into the Underworld, She passed through 7 gateways.  For the Aquarian Aries Archetype, this is the third time (the deepest letting go) that Venus/Inanna is passing through the First Gateway.  For the Aquarian Pisces Archetype, Venus/Inanna is the passing through the Second Gateway.  At each gateway, Inanna is asked to relinquish a symbol of Her POWER.  At the First Gateway, represented by the Crown Chakra, Inanna let go of Her Crown.  At the Second Gateway (Third Eye Chakra), She let go of Her necklace of precious stones.  These physical symbols are representations of FALSE power; power that is easily misused and abused.  Power that has been misused and abused by Patriarchy for the past 30,000 years.  We are on a journey to reclaim our AUTHENTIC power and restore the balance of power between the Masculine and Feminine.  When the balance is restored, the Masculine and Feminine can enter into Sacred Union where the fullest expression of LOVE is found.

In Aries (the ruler of the 1st house), these symbols of FALSE POWER are related to the masks we use to project ourselves to the world, so that we can hide our LACK OF:
  • self-esteem
  • self-value
  • self-worth
  • self-confidence
  • self-respect
  • self-love
In Pisces (the ruler of the 12th house), these symbols of  FALSE POWER are related to our:
  • secret motives
  • hidden agendas
  • hidden knowledge
  • hidden personality
  • hidden fears
Ironically, these symbols of FALSE POWER are dis-empowering.  They confine us in ways that prevent us from fully standing in LOVE, which is our only source of freedom.
  • What symbols of your false power did you let go of in April 2009?
  • What symbols of your false power are you being asked to relinquish now?
  • What are you witnessing in regard to the letting go of false power in our world today?

The Goddess is working through each of us to birth Her Aquarian Archetypes onto the planet. The Vision Quest that She is facilitating for us will complete on May 19th.  What will be your new embodiment of the Fierce Safeguarder and the Heart Healer?  How will you allow Them to express Themselves through you?  We are the proverbial "blind men" on this journey.  Please come back here to share your experience of these Aquarian Goddess Archetypes with us, so that we can have a more expansive understanding of Their Presence.

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Many blessings to each of you!

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