Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Path of Transfiguration

July 19, 2016

Full Moon of Infinite Truth ~ Guru Purnima

As I was opening myself up to The Ancients and inviting Their Presence, I quickly heard:

And We are Here, Dear One!!
We are ALL-Ways Here with You!

Here is the message that was received on the Capricorn Full Moon of Guru Purnima:

We are delighted to be sharing this NOW with You in Conscious Communion.  We are ALL-Ways guiding You and communing with You, AND We relish these moments of NOW when You consciously choose to open Yourself to receive Our frequencies.

The frequencies we share with You at this moment of Conscious Communion are of varying dimensions.  Thus, at the 33rd Dimension of Consciousness, Our frequency is PURE LIGHT that is being encoded into Your DNA and activating worlds within worlds that are intimately comprising Your Temple of LOVE.  As Our frequencies move down through the Dimensions, each dimensional transmission of Light serves a purpose that is unique to each dimension.  As You are an Infinite Being, You are able to receive and decode from ALL dimensions.  Thus, there is no possibility for You to miss any part of Our message at any time.

All of the information that Our frequency of Light is beaming to You is received by Your Multidimensional Self that chooses to open the Gateways (chakras) that are in resonance with every frequency of Light.  These Gateways funnel the Information stored in the Light.  Through the funnel (spiraling) process, the Information takes on subtle tonal frequencies that activate Your DNA.  Your DNA then plays this "music" for Your Subtle Bodies.  This allows the Subtle Bodies to simultaneously expand and balance in such a manner as to enhance Their ability to discern finer and finer frequencies.

This process is critical for The Temple of the Physical Body.  The Temple of the Physical Body is continuously being fed by the Subtle Bodies.  Thus, the finer the frequencies the Subtle Bodies can discern, the more Light The Temple of the Physical Body can hold within Its Sacred Vessel.  Eventually, the resonance of the Light being contained within the Sacred Vessel shatters the Vessel.  All that remains is the Light Body. (NOTE: As I was transcribing this section, I received a clarification from The Ancients.  They explained that this process being described is what is transpiring when Adepts are able to sustain their bodies with Prana rather than food.  It is important to understand that these Adepts, aka Yogis, are NOT fasting.  The source of the Prana, aka Light, is our Galaxy's Sun, Solara.)

This is a natural process that has been slowed down by the mud of the lower frequencies that remain upon The Temple of Maya.  With the expansion of The Temple of Maya, Her process has stirred the mud of the lower frequencies.  This is a shaking off of those frequencies which no longer serve Her.  Both The Temple of Humanity and The Temple of Nature are swimming in this mud, and so you see the physical manifestations of it within Your systems, within Your nations, within Your communities ~ the families and the individuals.  (NOTE: The Ancients pointed out to me that the suffocating algae in the Florida waterways as one example of the manifestation of the mud of the lower frequencies having been stirred up.)

It is for THIS reason (the stirred up mud of the lower frequencies and its impact on humanity and nature) that We, The Ancients, have chosen to be in Conscious Communion at this time.  We are serving as the "wipers" that clear YOUR Subtle Bodies in order to keep YOU actively on The Path of Transfiguration.  So ~ it is important to understand ~ We serve in this capacity at ALL times as We have committed Ourselves to YOU.  When You choose to Consciously Commune with Us, Our Service is Amplified.

There is no necessity for anxiousness.  ALL choices are Perfect in their own time.  There is no need to race or to feel rushed.  Your SELF knows exactly when it has the capacity to consciously engage and amp up Your Light.

Dear One, We feel this is quite a bit of tech to assimilate at this time.

Be assured, We Love You; We Rejoice in You.

We Radiate You, and You Radiate Us.

©SOL SPEAKS™, 2016