Saturday, June 4, 2016

Magical Moonbeams of Gemini

A New Moon is a time when the Sun and the Moon are at the same place in the sky ~ they are in conjunction, and so this is a perfect Gemini image for me!

New Moons are traditionally known as the time of planting seeds.  We can use this energetic power in a conscious way through the Magic of Dream Catching.  We do this by wishing our dreams into our physical reality.

At each New Moon, Luna finds Herself in an astrological sign that is richly laden with the Cosmic Nutrients our Heart's Soil requires as the perfect mulch for composting our deepest desires. All energies related to that Sign's rulership ~ physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually ~ can be tapped into to fertilize the planting of Seed Wishes.  These Cosmic energies are available to us up to 48 hours after the exact time of the New Moon. Once we have planted our Seed Wishes in our Heart's Soil, the potent Magic of the Cosmos begins to unfold.

At this New Moon, we can choose to use the Cosmic Nutrients of Gemini to plant our Seed Wishes in these areas of our lives:
  • MOTION ~ automobiles, short trips, transportation, restless energy, excitability
  • LEARNING ~ factual information, formal education, print media, internet, curiosity
  • COMMUNICATION ~ writing, speaking, effective listening & teaching, mental rapport
  • LOGIC ~ options, cleverness, short-term results, ingenuity, variety, handyman skills
  • SOCIAL SKILLS ~ tact, acceptance, quick thinking, enjoying the moment, wittiness
  • RELATIONSHIPS ~ brothers, sisters, neighbors, schoolmates, roommates
  • OVERACTIVE MENTAL PROCESSES ~ nervousness, indecision, superficiality
All things Magical are most effective with the right Spell.  The same applies to invoking the Magic of Dream Catching.  Here are some protocols to keep in mind:
  • Write down your wish list within 8 hours following the exact time of the New Moon to imbue them with the most potent energies.
  • Write your wishes down by hand, rather than typing them out.
  • Make more than one wish and no more than ten.
  • Making wishes for other people does not hold any power.
  • Make separate wishes to conjure the most powerful magic.  This means avoiding the "and" word, so that wishes will come true.
Today's New Moon in Gemini is the perfect time to open your mind to Universal Intelligence and trust your intuition as you create and plant your Seed Wishes.

It is important to know that today's New Moon is conjunct Venus.  Venus is the key to personal self-worth.  She also knows what we love and reminds us of how we love.  As an act of Service on the Planetary Level, now is a good time to consider making a wish for mankind to love his neighbor as himself and another wish for humanity to abide by the Golden Rule.

Today's New Moon is also opposite Saturn in Sagittarius.  There is no better time than now to utilize the polarities of Gemini and Sagittarius to call upon the Cosmic Gatekeeper to support you in magically meeting or rediscovering your perfect Quest-mate to walk beside you on your spiritual path and quest for truth.

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Om Namah Shivaya!!!

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