Thursday, January 21, 2016

Talitha Cumi ~ Daughter Arise!

The cool thing about dragons is that even when they’re made of fire, they can still fly in the air.
This is the perfect combination to symbolize the [Leo / Aquarius] axis.
~ Alison Gunn, PhD
Sunday, January 24, 2016, is the FULL MOON in Leo!  This Full Moon is just the first sprout of the Cosmic Seed that was planted by the Divine Mother (Moon) within your Soul (Pluto) and fertilized by the Divine Father (Sun) at the New Moon in Capricorn (bringing Heaven to Earth) on January 10, 2016.  This seed will continue to grow and bloom while Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, remains within the fire sign of Sagittarius.  It will be fully manifest in your life when Saturn transitions into Capricorn on December 19, 2017.

At this Full Moon, the Sun is in Aquarius across from the Moon in Leo.  This Aquarius/Leo axis is related to the Relationship Equality between the Personal Self and the Cosmic SELF.  With the ruler of Aquarius being Uranus, and the ruler of Leo being the Sun, this axis has MASCULINE energy on both ends! Oh my Goddess!!  Where is SHE?  She is in Your Heart, and as you move along this Relationship Equality axis, She expresses Herself through You.  When you achieve balance on this axis AND allow yourself to rise up to its apex point, The Goddess is fully Present within You.  The Cosmic Feminine utilizes the energies of the Cosmic Masculine and your Inner Masculine to create your Soul's desire through YOU!

You may be scratching your head and saying to yourself, "But, I don't know what my Soul's desire is!"

Relax!  Let Go!  Your SOUL does know!  And, the Cosmos is now sending you the pieces of this GIFT which The Goddess will be co-creatively putting together with you for the next two years. Your first piece of the gift arrives with this Full Moon in Leo!  What you can be certain of, Beloveds, is that our individual consciousness has now been fully shifted away from the old paradigm of false beliefs ~ beliefs that were created from polarity.  NOW, we are creating new holograms seeded in Truth!  We are NOW creating through our HEARTs.  We are NOW creating the Golden Age!

During this Leo Full Moon, the Divine Mother (Moon) is sitting right on top of Talitha in the front paw of Ursa Major the Great Bear.

Talitha means "daughter of the assembly." ... In Mark 5:22&23, Jairus, one of the rulers of the synagogue (assembly), comes to Jesus and said "my little daughter is at the point of death." So here we have the "daughter of the assembly". Jesus goes to the house of the daughter, and in Mark 5:41, Jesus takes her hand, and says, "Talitha cumi," which means "daughter arise." ~ Talitha

This is a story of healing and compassion by the Father's Son.  Likewise, we can be certain that the Divine Father (Sun) and Divine Mother (Moon) are creating through each of us a GIFT of healing and compassion, for it is only through healing and compassion that the Golden Age can be born. Here, too, we see that our Inner Feminine is the daughter that is being asked to ARISE (Creative Fire, Shakti, Kundalini).

Also during this Leo Full Moon, the Divine Father (Sun) is sitting right on top of Giedi Prima in the horns of Capricornus the Goat.  This demonstrates the Sacred Union between the Divine Mother at the New Moon (in the sign Capricorn) and the Divine Father at the Full Moon (in the constellation Capricornus).  Through Sacred Union, the Creative Spark is unleashed!  Giedi Prima, also known as Algedi, is known for the keyword "love affairs," and portends great good fortune as the horn is seen as a cornucopia, an abundance of gifts.

Today I posted an article in my Facebook group, EVOLUTIONARY Movement: Taking Back our Individual Sovereignty, relative to the American people reclaiming our National SOVEREIGNTY. The article discusses how the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) has usurped our country's National Sovereignty through Congress.  It states in part:
... the RKM is the most sinister organized crime syndicate that has ever existed; and it has infiltrated almost every nation and has tentacles that reach into almost every government. Many leaders are bribed, human-compromised or blackmailed by the RKM. Those who don’t acquiesce are secretly murdered. ...
They capitalize on others’ ability to feel shame and orient much of their engineering of governmental policies to create as much shame in those peoples they are oppressing and asset stripping. They learned long ago that, if they can provoke folks to do things wrong using Hollywood-ism and the controlled major mass media (CMMM), this will help destroy character and moral strength in a people and make it far easier to corrupt them and control them.
In posting this article, I stated:
The RKM is a hologram of abuse of power (bullying) that was created from the energetic frequency of SHAME. People experience this frequency as humiliation. (See previous post re: Monica Lewinsky)  NOTE: I will insert this video below.
We, as Sovereign Beings, can make a HEART choice to transmute the hologram of SHAME, which is created through the false polarity of good and bad. We, as Sovereign Beings, know that there is NO good and NO bad (judgement is the verb of this polarity). Thus, We can CHOOSE to hold the frequency of ABSOLUTE ACCEPTANCE, and then Consciously and FULLY EMBODY that hologram in our HEART. The transmutation is effected. I invite you to dedicate a meditation session to this intention.
I also invite each of you to dedicate a meditation session to this intention at the Full Moon.  I strongly believe that, by each of  us choosing to Consciously TRANSMUTE the hologram of SHAME (healing and compassion), it will create a clear pathway within the Collective Conscious for each of us to Individually create through our Hearts, with pure ease and grace, the Gift that was seeded in our Souls at the New Moon.

I believe it is also important to note that both the Sun and the Moon are standing in the first decan of their respective signs during this Full Moon.

Here is a bit about  Leo Decan 1:
Leo decan 1 are extremely dedicated to their field of endeavor. Some may pursue a career for the sole reason of achieving high status. They need to be seen as the boss, the leader of the pack or the queen bee. They do not like to play the role of the underling. However they will doff their hat and play the loyal servant if they have to, anything to get up the ladder. ~ DarkStarAstrology
It is important to keep this energy of the Leo Decan 1 in our awareness as we choose to move into a place of balance along the Relationship Equality axis.  Our Soul's desire is not selfish and self-aggrandizing.  The Cosmic Gift that we are each creating through our Hearts is in service to OTHERS, quite a radical notion (Aquarius - the polarity of  Leo) these days, I know, and yet truly only that which The Goddess will support.  After all, we ARE creating the Golden Age for Humanity (Aquarius), not for ourselves (Leo).

Here is a bit about Aquarius Decan 1:
Uranus’s astrological meaning has far more in common with the myth of Prometheus than it has to the Uranus myth. Prometheus was the hero known for stealing fire from the gods, which in turn enabled civilisation to occur. (This is my emphasis!  The Sacred Flame within us that we know as Kundalini or Shakti is the Fire from the gods!!)
Prometheus’s great hubris was punished however when the gods tied Prometheus to a rock. Each day Aquila, Zeus’s eagle would peck away at his liver, which grew back infinitum to be eaten away all over again. This myth is reflected by the fact Decan 1 Aquarians do become consumed by an idea and they have an insatiable appetite for acquiring wisdom. The rock in the myth symbolises the connection to Aquarius’s traditional ruler Saturn (This is my emphasis!  The rock being Capricorn creating Heaven on Earth!). Decan 1 Aquarius seems to represent the quest for scientific knowledge and advancement (This is my emphasis! Creating the Golden Age!), but also can over-reach itself.
Aquila the Eagle is the largest star in this decan and Sagitta slew it, therefore Aquarians are prone to shoot themselves in the foot on occasion. Aquarius decan 1 can be the lone genius whose best intentions to improve the conditions of humanity can sometimes result in ruin. Frankenstein is a good example. Aquarians can be great humanitarians, but are often accused of lacking compassion. ~ DarkStarAstrology
Here we once again see the importance of the theme COMPASSION.  This is another hologram that requires Conscious attention by Humanity.  Perhaps in your FULL MOON meditation, you will choose to overlay the hologram of COMPASSION over the hologram of SHAME as you transmute it, and then, link the hologram of COMPASSION with the hologram of ABSOLUTE ACCEPTANCE.  Be creative here!  This is just an example.

We also see what can happen to us as we move along the Relationship Equality axis seeking balance. Let's be mindful, so that we do not shoot ourselves in the foot!

By the way, during this Leo Full Moon, Venus will be at 0° Capricorn and Mercury will be at 15° Capricorn.  I would say it's definitely a GOOD time to COMMUNE with The Goddess, for Venus and Mercury have spent the past two weeks travelling towards each other in anticipation of a personal REVELATION for you!  Venus and Mercury will continue to travel closer and closer to each other until January 28th, when they will be at a 10° orb, and then Mercury will go direct to reemphasize their revelation to you.  Venus and Mercury will continue their journey together forward through Capricorn, coming even closer still to each other, until they reach a 4° orb, right before Mercury moves back into Aquarius on February 14th.

The Goddess (Venus) will have a lot to share with you at the Leo Full Moon about the Gift which is being created through your Heart and is UNIQUELY yours!  Allow Her to communicate (Mercury) with you exactly how She desires you to Empower and Promote your Individuality and your Unique Gift.  She is very likely reawakening that which, once upon a time, long ago, you knew about yourself, and is NOW time to remember (Mercury in retrograde) once more!

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