Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Priestessing in the World

Hello, Beloveds!

I invite you to a closed group on FaceBook that I have created, called Priestessing in the World.

I did not realize when I was inspired to create this group that it was only the first step towards a much larger and greater purpose. I have been processing, transforming, clarifying and refining the vision that is unfolding from my passion to create safety for Truth. Thus, the group's "Description" has been revised multiple times since its inception yesterday. I invite you to check-in with the group's new description to determine if you are in resonance with its currently defined purpose and intention. Meeting you in the LOVE frequency! Thank you.

Priestessing in the World:

My primary intention is to support the Re-Emergence of the Solar Feminine. The effect that I envision from this is a balance between the Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine within each person on the planet to create Sacred Unity.

My second intention is to create a safe space for people to share their authentic Truth. The effect that I envision from this is the grounding and expansion of compassion which enables us to connect as individuals from a place of trust.

My third intention is to hold a safe space of compassion for pain/trauma without speaking to the pain/trauma. The effect that I envision from this is initiating us into an awareness of our Greatness by discovering the “Golden Eggs” hidden in the experiences of contrast that are wounding to us.

My fourth intention is to contribute to Conscious Awareness through Conscious Language. The effect that I envision from this is that Conscious Language will raise and expand our frequencies of Conscious Awareness, expanded Conscious Awareness will align us with Integrity, alignment with Integrity will enable us to deconstruct systems steeped in Patriarchy, so that we can Consciously re-imagine and rebuild them from a foundation of Sacred Unity.

My final intention is to redefine “Spiritual Authority” and “Spiritual Leaders” as “Guardians” and “Wayshowers,” respectively, and to focus on supporting the Natural Rite of Passage of the Elders that are currently in the roles of Guardian and Wayshower for passing their wands/sticks onto the next generation. The effect that I envision from this is that Integrity and Wisdom will become re-established in the Psycho-spiritual and Transformational field.

If your intentions resonate with mine, I invite you to join the group!

Goddess Inanna

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