Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Initiator of Innocence Wisdom ~ Felicia Mareels

Here is a Skype Conference that I had with Felicia Mareels on September 3, 2015!

This is a discussion between myself and Felicia, an Initiator of Innocence Wisdom, about my passion for creating safety for Truth and the Priestessing in the World FaceBook group that I was inspired to create from that passion.

This is a brief introduction to Felicia:

I am an intuitive multi-modality, integrated, energy worker whose purpose is empowered transformation in the field of psycho/spiritually. I have founded with 30 years of research and practice a profession that is called an Initiator of Innocence Wisdom. This work is dedicated to reawaken and bring to consciousness the original human blueprint. I have created a program that forms a trusted foundation for trauma release and eliminates the co-dependencies that can develop with client/counselor. It is an Integral, evolving approach that provides skills and develops capacities for growth,healing, transformation and mastery of creative freedom through perception, choice and
intuitive intelligence.

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