Saturday, September 3, 2016

Aligning with your Authentic Self

As much as I relish the Lunar Eclipses because of my own personal diverse lunar influences, I revere the SOLar Eclipses!!  For me, Lunar Eclipses allow me to deeply connect my Inner Feminine with the Divine Feminine.  However, I experience SOLar Eclipses through a profoundly distinctive Presence. For me, SOLar Eclipses hold the energy of Sacred Union ~ the merging of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine ~ the Cosmic Coadunation ~ the catalyst for Divine Genesis! This act of Sacred Union is mirrored within my own Heart ~ as above, so below ~ through the merging of my Inner Feminine with my Inner Masculine.

On September 1, 2016, our Galaxy bore witness to such a Divine Genesis in our SOLar System ~ the magnificent coupling of our Sun (Divine Father) and our Moon (Divine Mother) ~ reflected by the SOLar Eclipse at 9° 21' of Virgo.  Their Sacred Union was seeded by the Cosmic Energies of Neptune (10° 40' of Pisces) in opposition. Simultaneously, the SOLar Eclipse and Neptune were being inflamed ~ ignited ~ intensified by the Cosmic Energies of Saturn (10° 3' of Sagittarius) in T-Square.

The opposition of the SOLar Eclipse (Virgo) and Neptune (Pisces) vitally activated the Path of the Help-mate within each us of.  The Help-mate, in the external, is that someone who is either as equally dedicated to their sacred work as you are or who is fully dedicated to supporting you in your sacred work. Within us, this exquisitely illustrates the principles of the Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine. Being in Sacred Union (SOLar Eclipse), the Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine are MUTUALLY dedicated to and support each other's Sacred Work.  Neptune in Pisces is beaming into this Sacred Union the Cosmic Energies of Infinite Potentiality ~ the myriad pathways upon which the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine may choose to journey through YOU!!!  The unbounded ~ inestimable ~ eternal designs of the Sacred Work or Dharma that can be played through YOU!!!

Dharma can mean “law of the universe,” “social and religious rules,” and/or one’s own individual mission or purpose.  On the individual level, it can also mean a number of things. For example, in the Gita, Krishna points out to Arjuna that his Dharma is to be a warrior whether he likes it or not. He cannot escape his Dharma and he must fulfill it. Arjuna is a warrior for what is right and just. He is not just a warrior for fighting’s sake. His Dharma must be grounded in a proper purpose. Whatever role we are fulfilling at the moment is our Dharma at that moment. ~ The Four Core Concepts from the Bhagavad Gita

Saturn in Sagittarius is acting like a laser beam ~ the arrow of fire or light ~ that is piercing into the Truth of  your Heart ~ Soul ~ BEingness: that part of yourself that you "cannot escape."  This Light of Truth from Saturn is breaking down all the barriers that have been created throughout your life to keep you from BEing your most Authentic Self.  These barriers are often created through attachment to roles we choose to take on or perhaps feel have been thrust upon us.

Meanwhile, Mercury (Cosmic Messenger) was in Sacred Union (conjunct) with Jupiter (Cosmic Guru) at 25° of Virgo.  This is the point that was being amplified in last month's Full Moon YOD ~ Finger of the Goddess ~ Expansion of the Cosmic Feminine.  The Sacred Union of Mercury and Jupiter is being magnified by the retrograde energies of Mercury.  Your Cosmic Guru is taking you on an Inner Journey of "Psychic Surgery," and the Cosmic Messenger will be your Tour Guide, narrating (revealing, reporting, recounting) every step of the Journey.

As Saturn breaks down the barriers around your Cosmic Guru, the Cosmic Messenger is communing with your Consciousness the Truths of your Authentic Self:

  • Who am I if I am not a mother?
  • Who am I if I am not a father?
  • Who am I if I am not a daughter?
  • Who am I if I am not a son?
  • Who am I if I am not a ...
    • student,
    • healer,
    • teacher,
    • writer or
    • messenger???

Who are you without these roles???  What is your DHARMA???  What is your own mission or purpose?

  • How can I hold the mother energy without mothering?
  • How can I hold the father energy without fathering?
  • How can I hold the feminine energy without identifying as a daughter?
  • How can I hold the masculine energy without identifying as a son?
  • How can I learn, heal, teach, and express without identifying as a 
    • student,
    • healer,
    • teacher,
    • writer or
    • messenger???

These are the Gifts that Neptune and Saturn are helping you to discover.  This is creative energy that is emerging from the Divine Genesis of the SOLar Eclipse through you.  This is the message that your Cosmic Guru is divulging to you.  This is how the Goddess (Virgo) is expanding through you at this time.  This is the APEX of the Path of the Help-mate that you are reaching.  This is the revelation of a 6 month journey that began in March.

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