Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Realignment of Spirit with Matter

Hello, Beloveds!

This posting is unique in that I have a message from The Ancients related to this month's New Moon and Full Moon as well as my own intuitive sharing about these two events.  I will begin with my intuitive "reading" as I believe it will provide a deeper understanding into the message that The Ancients are sharing with us.

The overall theme that I see between the New Moon in Scorpio (November 11, 2015) and the Full Moon in Taurus (November 25, 2015) is the Realignment of Spirit with Matter.  I was aware of this theme before receiving The Ancients' message, which They expand upon in more detail.

The theme of Realignment of Spirit with Matter is supported in a variety of ways upon which I will elaborate.  First, there is the New Moon on November 11th.  Many people are aware of the 11/11 (11:11) phenomena, and there are many interpretations of what this energy represents.  For me, this energy is the embodiment of the theme, Realignment of Spirit and Matter. Eleven (11) can be understood as the Sacred Union of the Masculine and Feminine energies. The representation of the number eleven as 11/11 and 11:11 clearly demonstrate a correlation between that which is ABOVE (Spirit) and that which is BELOW (Matter).  Thus the phrase, "As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul" - Hermes Trismegistus

The New Moon in Scorpio occurs on 11/11/2015.  This date is highly significant because its numerological value is three (3).  Likewise, the date of the Full Moon in Taurus, 11/25/2015, is as significant because its numerological value is six (6).  Here we have the two basic components of Nikola Tesla's quote:

If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.  

Similarly, the New Moon is Dark whereas the Full Moon is Illuminated (Light). We have the unmanifested (Spirit) becoming manifest (Matter), and with 3 + 6 = 9, we also have the unmanifested (Spirit) becoming manifest (Matter) through the "key to the Universe" (nine [9] being the number that is identified as God in all of our world religions).

Let's dig a little deeper into the theme of Realignment of Spirit with Matter.  Fittingly, the sign of Scorpio (New Moon) is a Water sign, representative of the deeply unconscious (dark).  The sign of Taurus (Full Moon) is an Earth sign, often representative of being stuck in a rut or mud, certainly an image of that which requires "realignment."  And, Scorpio and Taurus represent much more than these basics for the energies that are at play.

Scorpio is a sign that can be symbolized by Medusa.  (Now, it will get a bit more interesting!) Medusa was a beautiful virgin maiden who was a Priestess of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom.  Medusa was  literally "in service to Wisdom" in Athena's own temple, The Parthenon.  Horrifically, Medusa was raped by Poseidon, the God of the Sea (Scorpio's deep waters).  For me, this rape of Medusa was not pure carnal lust as it has been made out to be.  Poseidon was not satisfied with being the ruler of all oceans (emotions, unconsciousness - more Scorpio references).  He desperately desired to be ruler of the earthly (Taurus) realms too.  In fact, Poseidon was in competition with Athena in an effort to take over the patronage of Athens, the city named for Athena.  Their contest for Athens is legendary, and yet, I believe that the rape of Medusa is also related to this conflict.

Medusa the beautiful virgin maiden Priestess, who has been raped by Poseidon, goes to Athena for motherly comfort.  However, having no mother of her own, Athena has no such compassion or comfort to offer Medusa.  Instead, rather than blaming Poseidon for violating Medusa's innocence, Athena judges, blames and shames Medusa! (A theme that woman have been experiencing for thousands of years.)

It was not unusual for Athena to side with the male power structure.  Actually, it was quite common for Athena to support patriarchal principles over maternal matters.  In her rage, Athena turns Medusa into a monster with the body of a dragon and a head of snakes.  Medusa is banished to the marshes to suffer from the loss of her innocence and to fester in rage and bitterness over her plight, as those who once adored her for her beauty now feared her.  Medusa was betrayed by Poseidon AND by Athena.

In the Greek tradition, the Goddess of Love was Aphrodite.  Athena never felt Love.  She never fell in Love.  She never married.  She never knew first hand the matters of the Heart.  The Roman name for Aphrodite is Venus.  Venus, the Goddess of Love, is the Ruler of Taurus (Full Moon)!

So ~ here is our play of energies:

  • Spirit - Light - Consciousness - Love
  • Matter - Dark - Unconsciousness - Fear

And, we have the theme of Realigning:
  • Spirit and Matter
  • Light and Dark
  • Consciousness and Unconsciousness
  • Love and Fear

For Humanity, the New Moon (Dark) in Scorpio (Medusa) represents every person's loss of innocence (purity of Spirit).  Humanity has been struggling with the pain and sadness of this loss for eons. Humanity has been struggling with the fear, rage and bitterness that has resulted from keeping the pain and sadness of the loss of innocence in the Shadow ~ the Darkness of Unconsciousness.

The time has come for Humanity to resign Itself to, and thereby accept, this painful loss.  From this place of acceptance (no more resistance), Humanity can then let go of the fear, rage and bitterness. Letting go of fear, rage and bitterness allows Humanity to develop a sense of humility from this experience, and begin to move forward out of the dark, out of the Shadow, and into Light.  Humanity can move from Fear into Love.  It takes a tremendous amount of courage to be able to look deep into the Unconscious (Scorpio/New Moon).  We can do this directly through Self-introspection, and we can do this indirectly via Self-reflection (Lunar) through the people who come into our lives.

The value of this experience takes us from ignorance (darkness) to knowledge.  From Self-knowledge, we can gain Wisdom (Athena - Light).  The Truth of Wisdom sets us free.  When we are free, we become like children again (the Maiden Medusa).  We are renewed (Pluto - realigned), and are once more beautiful, innocent, trusting and unafraid.  There is no purer Source of Love (Venus - Spirit) on Earth (Taurus) than a child (Matter).

During our New Moon in Scorpio, the Moon (Dark Moon = Absent Mother) will be conjunct Mercury (Mind), sextile Pluto (Capricorn - Highest Expression of Matter) and trine Neptune (Pisces - Highest Expression of Spirit). It is through the Light of our Conscious Mind that we can reach deep into the darkness of our Unconscious Mind.  Pluto and Neptune are standing by each of us as Cosmic Powerhouses to bring in (Neptune) Pure Spirit (Pisces) and realign it (Pluto) within ourselves and the Planet (Capricorn).

During our Full Moon in Taurus (Illuminated Moon = Divine Mother), the Moon will be in a loose Grand EARTH Trine with Pluto (Capricorn) and Jupiter (Virgo).  Virgo is the Sign of the Goddess ruled by Mercury, who was supporting us at the New Moon.  The Goddess is a manifestation of the Sacred Feminine.  The Sacred Feminine is being fully grounded into Humanity and the Planet at this Full Moon.  Jupiter is standing sentry to ensure the most expansive reach of the Sacred Feminine within Humanity and upon the Planet.

The Full Moon in Taurus will also be in a semi-sextile aspect to Uranus (Aries).  This is HUGE!!!!

Over the years of 2012-2015,  there were SEVEN (7)  Pluto/Uranus squares that occurred to prepare Humanity and the Planet for this theme of Realignment of Spirit with Matter.  Pluto is, and has been, in Capricorn, the HIGHEST energetic expression of Earth (Matter) in our Sky.  Uranus is, and has been, in Aries, the sign of the Creative Spark (Shakti - Sacred Feminine) coming out of Unmanifested Source (Pisces - where Neptune was in support of the New Moon).

The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of War, also known as Ares by the Greeks, who is the sister of Pallas Athena, known as the Warrior Goddess (as well as the Goddess of Wisdom, as I shared).  Remember Athena???  She's the Goddess who judged, blamed and shamed Medusa!

With Pluto and Uranus' support during this month's New and Full Moons, it is quite evident that we continue, even NOW, to be influenced by Ares and Athena's Creative FIRE (Shakti) via Uranus and the Transformative (realigning) energies of Pluto. It is IMPERATIVE for the Realignment of Spirit and Matter to occur.  This is a necessary transition for the Reemergence of the Sacred Feminine. Pluto and Uranus signed onto this mission back in the early 1960's.  You can bet they will be with us for quite some time!  This IS happening!!

Now, from The Ancients:

Hello, Dear One!

We, The Ancients, are here with You.  Solara, too, is present.  

We all desire to share with You the role that Solara is playing within Your Galaxy at this time for the instream of Feminine energies, for which The Temple of Maya has long been awaiting arrival.

Solara is the catalyst for the anchoring of the Feminine energies that are pouring forth.  These Energies have been travelling for millenia from deep within the Source Point of LIFE.  Having finally made Their way to Your Galaxy through Its Galactic Center, the PURITY of these Feminine energies are magnetized by Solara to be merged with the ElectroMagnetic Frequencies that Solara generates.  The Union of the Solar energies with the PURE Feminine energies then reach forth to ALL Beings withing Your Cosmos.

It is only through Their Energetic Union that ALL Beings are able to Receive and Realign with the PURITY of the GREAT Feminine.  With this realignment, many GIFTS of the GREAT Feminine which have been lost through time are restored: INNOCENCE, TRUTH, BEAUTY, WISDOM, and most importantly, PURE LOVE.

The Return of the VIRGIN is culminated as Solara meets with Luna in coupling and as a stalwart sentinel.

From this SEEDING of VIRGINAL Embodiment, ALL Hearts in Every Being withing ALL Dimensions are CRACKED open to Receive the LIGHT of The Golden Ray.  This event is of critical importance to understand.  This means that FEAR, UNCONSCIOUSNESS and DARKNESS are NO LONGER Fully Polarized.  The Polarity Point has been tipped toward the Fullness of  LOVE, CONSCIOUSNESS and LIGHT.

NOW that this Polarity Point has been displaced, those beings who have been choosing to create from FEAR, UNCONSCIOUSNESS and DARKNESS have lost hold of the power they wielded. Truly, every Being which has been held in their merciless grip and subject to their dictates has been set free by the cracking ope of their Heart.  The weak link in the chain has been sundered by the FIRE of The Golden Ray.  All that continues to be created out of FEAR, UNCONSCIOUSNESS and DARKNESS from this moment forth will continue to be rendered ineffectual as the Polarity Point continues to move closer to the LIGHT.

Soon, the One Mind of The Temple of Humanity will become infused by the LIGHT of The Golden Ray as well.  There will be no Shadow left in which to hide.  Those beings who have been creating from FEAR, UNCONSCIOUSNESS and DARKNESS will be realigned with the LIGHT of The Golden Ray and will stand exposed within Its LIGHT.  They will be TRANSFORMED by their realignment, as will ALL Beings.

When the realignment is complete, ALL Beings will be FULLY Open-Hearted, FULLY Open-Minded, FULLY Free.

We are in celebration of LIFE!

We have known this time was soon upon The Temple of Maya and The Temple of Humanity.

We invite YOU to join Our celebration.

We resonate You, Dear One. And You resonate US!!

© SOL SPEAKS™ 2015