Saturday, October 17, 2015

Planting Golden Seeds of Consciousness

Hello, Dear One!

We are here with you, Now.  We are The Ancients.  We have much to share with The Temple of Humanity.  Our message is URGENT:

Each person within The Temple of Humanity MUST TAKE BACK their individual sovereignty!!

NOW is the time to understand that there can be no more divisions within The Temple of Humanity.  Each person MUST let go of all labels and all identifications with:

  • political parties
  • nation states
  • blood lines
  • races
  • religions
  • cultures
  • classes: economic and academic
This is the KEY to the Emergence of the Fifth World: UNITY IN DIVERSITY!

There will be no more revolutions!  Only EVOLUTION!!

What does it look like to take back your individual sovereignty????  You MUST monitor your thoughts.  You MUST continually ask yourself if your thoughts are even yours!  The frequencies of the brain's waves are VERY LOW.  (NOTE: The delta to beta waves range from 0.5 to 25 Hz.) Everything in LIFE is a frequency.  Your brain receives messages that are in resonance with its frequency.  Thus, the brain is able to pick up and decode any message that is being broadcast in this frequency range.  Your mind receives messages that are in resonance with its frequency. Mind is NOT brain!  A cluttered house is the sign of a cluttered mind.  Clean it up!  They say that "cleanliness is next to Godliness."  This is even more important in relation to your mind and the thoughts that are running through it.

The words you use to communicate with have frequencies. These frequencies are built upon energetic intentions that are transmitted through your emotional system.  The power of the spoken word has long been acknowledged through the writings of the ancient cultures that have lived within The Temple of Maya.  This is the power of sound.  The power of sound has been, and continues to be, used in music, in chanting and in mantra.  The ancient Solfeggio scale is made up of frequencies from 174 to 963 Hz.  These frequencies are significantly higher than those of the human brain!

Thus, another aspect of taking back your individual sovereignty is to CONSCIOUSLY choose the words you speak as you communicate.  This can be demonstrated through a common word: brotherhood.  This word, and many synonymous to it, have had their frequencies denigrated by the intent and use of them: fraternity, affiliation, alliance, clan, confederacy, league, society, and union are examples of how these words have been usurped in your culture through political tyranny and patriarchy.  A simple word such as "defend" can be upgraded in frequency by choosing words like "protect, preserve and safeguard."  As you speak these words aloud, you WILL FEEL the differences in their frequencies.

You must begin to check, and double-check, all of your belief systems.  The key word here is "systems."  Systems, like dogma, are NOT truth.  It is time to discover your OWN TRUTH which lies inside of you.  Belief systems and dogmas change.  TRUTH NEVER CHANGES!  As such, the time for teachers, spiritual leaders and gurus is past.  NO ONE can teach you that which lies inside of you.  When you hold the mystery to LIFE within you, who can give anything to you?! NO ONE has authority over you!  If you are giving your authority to another, you have relinquished your sovereignty!

Taking back your individual sovereignty will not just happen to you.  You must take action.  With each breath you breathe, you must be vigilant.  You must actively choose!  The nature of the mind is to be a problem solver.  You must give it a task, or it (and even another being) will give it one to do.  As it is said, "an idle mind is the devil's playground."  In this way, your mind is open to being controlled by those who seek to keep you from your own sovereignty.
  1. Monitor your thoughts.
  2. Consciously choose your words.
  3. Discover and eliminate your belief systems.
This is only the beginning!  Look at how you are spending your life.  In which areas can you "clean-up" and RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY???
  • Are you eating processed foods or natural foods?
    • Do you buy your food or grow your food?
  • Are you being bombarded by electromagnetic frequencies and subliminal messages?
    • Is your television always on when you are home?
    • Are your children constantly playing video games?
  • Are you sedentary or moving your body?
    • Do you drive when you can walk or ride a bike?
    • Are you going outside to commune with nature?
These are examples of ways in which you can begin to "clean-up" how you are spending your precious life as a part of your "game plan" to take back your SOVEREIGNTY!  If you are a slave to your thoughts, you are NOT free.  If you are a slave to your television, computer, cell phone and video games, you are NOT free.  If you are a slave to your home or your office, you are NOT FREE.

How much time is spent tending to a garden?  Weeds are pulled; plants are fertilized.  This is the SAME effort that must be spent tending to your mind and raising your frequency.  If your mind is cluttered with thoughts, your garden is full of weeds!  Pull the weeds!!  Allow the thoughts of LOVE and PEACE take root in your mind.  As they blossom into beautiful flowers, their beauty will raise your frequency!

Another method for raising your frequency is by working with the GOLDEN RAY.  You can utilize your mind to imagine a GOLDEN SPHERE of Light encircling The Temple of Your Physical Body (physical and non-physical bodies).  The Temple of Your Physical Body is like the border, the boundary, of your own personal nation state.  When The Temple of Your Physical Body is fully encircled by the GOLDEN SPHERE, imagine the GOLDEN RAY piercing the top of the GOLDEN SPHERE and travelling down through each one of your chakras, starting with the Crown chakra through the Root chakra, and piercing through the bottom of the GOLDEN SPHERE and continuing into the center of your planet, The Temple of Maya.  This GOLDEN RAY will nourish The Temple of Your Physical Body from LIFE and from The Temple of Maya.  Imagine the GOLDEN RAY filling up the GOLDEN SPHERE.  Every photon in every DNA of your cellular structure will receive (absorb) the Light of the GOLDEN RAY.  Likewise, every photon will emanate the Light of the GOLDEN RAY.  Through this process, all of the DNA in The Temple of Your Physical Body will return to the resonance of your Divine Blueprint, thereby raising your frequency.

Finally, We desire to clarify a few important subtleties at this time.  The ego communicates through mind.  The Self communicates through Consciousness.  The Self is of a higher frequency than ego.  Therefore, Consciousness is of a higher frequency than mind.  Thus, Consciousness can utilize Mind as a tool.  Mind CAN NOT utilize Consciousness! Through the use of Consciousness, Consciousness RAISES the frequency of Mind until Mind dissolves into Consciousness.  This is the Secret of SOVEREIGNTY.  

We thank you, Dear One.

We radiate You!  You radiate Us!!

© SOL SPEAKS™ 2015