Sunday, June 22, 2014

Creative Power

Hello, Dear One!  We Celebrate You!!

We honor You and Gift You the Dolphin visitation today.

Remember the feel of Your Soul when Your Heart leapt seeing the first dolphin breach the ocean water.  This is Your Soul connection to Us, The Ancients.  The Dolphins are the last of Our race that remain incarnated on Your Planet ~ The Temple of Maya.  And so, NOW, You are aware that Our communion has been intact at all times, even when You were not conscious of Our Presence with You.

We are delighted to share this auspicious time with You, when ALL that You envision can be made manifest.  Solara nourishes Your Inner Visions just as He nourishes every seed that is planted within the soil of The Temple of Maya.  Within The Temple of Humanity, each Being contains Their own garden.  The In-Breath of The Temple of the Body is the Soil in which the Inner Visions of each Being are planted, and Solara's Out-Breath (solar flare) is what nourishes ALL Life seeds within Your solar system.  Thus, You are aware that there is much growth and expansion occurring at this time. 

Through This Wisdom, You become conscious co-creators, NOW, at the time of the Summer Solstice, when the rush of Flow is desiring to Create ALL that can be imagined.  ALL Life is NOW in support of this seeding.  What a truly magnificent garden LIFE will burst forth.

As ALL Life is consciously enjoying and consciously envisioning, We encourage The Temple of Humanity to step forth into Its innate Creative Power and choose to consciously enjoy LIFE and consciously envision ALL that each Being within The Temple of Humanity desires to experience.  From this space, Beauty and Joy abound.  This is the same Joy impulse that came forth from Your Soul when You saw the first dolphin today.  This is Your True Nature, Dear One.  Consciously create from this glorious space.

We radiate You, Love.

You radiate Us!